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High Ranking Online Adult Store - Magento eCommerce + Drop Shipping - 5 Yrs Old

A fantastic opportunity for any serious entrepreneur or business person looking to jump right into the online retail space with a ‘ready to go and grow’ business, set up by a digital marketing agency.

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Site Age
5 years
Net Profit

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Page Views
Unique Visits

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Gross Revenue
Net Profit

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Uniques Page Views
May 17 747 2,529
Apr 17 627 2,108
Mar 17 661 2,201
Feb 17 716 2,605
Jan 17 897 3,609
Dec 16 830 3,382
Nov 16 875 3,381
Oct 16 1,173 7,366
Sep 16 1,207 6,933
Aug 16 2,722 9,106
Jul 16 1,437 8,619
Jun 16 1,606 7,914

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Avg. Session Duration
Bounce Rate

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Page Views % of Total
Organic Search 1,608 64%
Direct 700 28%
Social 124 4.9%
Referral 92 3.6%
Paid Search 5 0.20%

Top Countries ?

Page Views
United Kingdom 1,408
United States 505
Canada 78
India 58
Germany 42

Seller's Notes

Tempt Me Tease Me is a Magento eCommerce based drop shipping business. The domain has been established for 5 years and has strong organic rankings in Google and has massive potential to compete with the leading online retailers - This is a fantastic opportunity for any serious entrepreneur or business person looking to jump right into the online retail space with a ‘ready to go and grow’ business.

The business has been set up and managed by a reputable UK based digital marketing agency after acquiring the main domain in 2012. The venture was as an experiment to demonstrate to existing SEO customers how a new website in one of the most competitive market places could grow and perform well with the right digital marketing strategy.

Five years later, the decision to sell has been made based on the level of resourcing and commitment needed to make the business a success. All of the groundwork has been done, but our main day-to-day agency operations have meant that we haven’t been able to dedicate the required time to Tempt Me Tease Me, so have made the decision to sell.


The project to date has received a vast level of investment from us, both financially and resourcing – please see the below breakdown:

Branding and design

A brand identify exercise and creation of brand/design works such as the logo, website design and social media graphics are available. The decision was made to focus the business around a catchy brand name as opposed to a more keyword-led name to ensure it would be more memorable and favourable to Google. The branding has undergone several iterations and has been applied to the website and social media channels.

Website development

The website was set up using Magento eCommerce, the Idweb Ltd drop shipping supplier and their X Trader interface (http://www.xtrader.co.uk). A number of useful Magento extensions and tools have been added to enhance the website’s functionality, SEO and marketing. There is also a more modern v2 version of the website available which we have not yet rolled out but comes packed with several new features and design enhancements.

SEO and marketing

The goal from day 1 was to ensure the website would fall foul of any Google penalties like many other online adult shops and sex stores have. A combination of solid on-site SEO and active promotion of the website using smart Google-safe strategies has been carried out.

The website has been architected to ensure it performs well (speed/performance wise) and there is zero duplicate content from the drop shipper/manufacturers, a typical flaw with many drop shipping businesses that can cause them to be subject to Google Panda penalties. Thorough keyword research has been undertaken and copywriting has been carried out for all key categories to ensure they each have 400+ words of unique meaningful content, optimised around the focus keywords.

Off-site SEO and link building has been carried out based on a quality/research driven approach as opposed to high volume tactics which are usually subject to Google Penguin penalties. As can be seen in the backlink profile provided, content and links have strategically placed on the highest authority sites, such as Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Engadget, Elite Daily, and more. To do this a mixture of research, infographic design/promotion, blogging, online PR and social media marketing has been undertaken. In addition, two corporate/promotional videos for YouTube have been scripted and animated but have not yet been made live.


Main domain - http://www.temptmeteaseme.co.uk

Domain Age – 5 years old

Domain Authority – DA16 and PA 27

Domain Traffic in 2015-16 -

40K+ visitors over the 2015-16 year with strong bounce rate and time on site metrics. Visits over the Christmas period ranged between 100 - 1.3K per day. Website visitors have fallen over the last 12 months to 17K visits (less than £5K turnover) while we have been deciding whether to continue with the business or sell. During this period, the decision was made to deactivate the eCommerce and suspend all marketing efforts, which accounts for the unfinished v2 website design and YouTube videos.

Number of registered customers - 100

Other domains registered by us and available (many 5 years old):

temptmepleaseme.co.uk - registered on 19/04/2012
temptmepleaseme.com - registered on 19/04/2012
temptmeteaseme.co.uk - registered on 19/04/2012
temptmeteaseme.com - registered on 19/04/2012
fetishwear.shop - registered on 17/01/2017
fetishwear.stor - registered on 19/09/2016
fetishwearuk.co.uk- registered on 10/04/2012
fetishwearuk.com - registered on 10/04/2012
eroticlingerieuk.com - registered on 19/04/2012
exoticeroticlingerie.co.uk - registered on 19/04/2012
adultsextoys.shop - registered on 17/01/2017
adultsextoys.store - registered on 19/09/2016
adultstore.shop - registered on 17/01/2017
onlineadultsex.store - registered on 19/09/2016
adultsextoys.shop - registered on 17/01/2017
adultsextoys.store - registered on 19/09/2016
onlineadultsex.store - registered on 19/09/2016 1
sexshopuk.store - registered on 19/09/2016
sexstore.shop - registered on 17/01/2017
sextoysuk.store - registered on 19/09/2016
sexygoods.shop - registered on 17/01/2017
uksexshop.store - registered on 19/09/2016
uksextoys.store - registered on 19/09/2016

Social channels available:

https://twitter.com/temptmetease - 2059 followers
https://www.facebook.com/temptmeteaseme - 736 likes
https://uk.pinterest.com/temptmeteaseme - 347 followers
And others

Example keywords ranking on pages 1-3 of Google.co.uk:

Nipple Arouser (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Roxana Lingerie (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Joya4U (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Roxana Lingerie Collection (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Birmingham Adult Store (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Leather Basques (100 - 1000 monthly searches)
Edible Sex Treats (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Rends Sex Toys (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Sex Store Birmingham (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Buy Latex Stockings (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Cottelli Lingerie Collection (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Sex Toy Shop Birmingham (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Girl Guide Spanking (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Rimba Lingerie (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Lingerie Cottelli Collection (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Adult Store Birmingham (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Vibratex Sex Toys (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Rubber Suspender Belt (100 - 1000 monthly searches)
Sexshop Birmingham (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Leather Basque (100 - 1000 monthly searches)
Zini Sex Toys (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Pvc Bikini Set (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Love Ring Vibrator (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Adult Shops Birmingham (100 - 1000 monthly searches)
Adult Sex Clothing (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Rubber Trousers (100 - 1000 monthly searches)
Toy Joy Sex Toys (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Rubber Bra (100 - 1000 monthly searches)
Cottelli Lingerie (100 - 1000 monthly searches)
Edible Sex Foods (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Metal Worx Sex Toys (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Erotic Body Chain (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Ovo Sex Toys (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Buy Sex Costumes (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Sex Toys Birmingham (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Buy Fetish Wear (10 - 100 monthly searches)
Ohmibod Sex Toys (10 - 100 monthly searches)

During the most active year (2015-16), the website has ranked on page 1 of Google.co.uk for the following keywords, which have monthly search volumes up to 100K:

Sex Shop
Sex Store
Adult Shop
Adult Store
Online Sex Shop
Online Sex Store
Online Adult Shop
Online Adult Store

Backlinks – 129 linking domains according to A Hrefs with authority backlinks (Domain Authority 60-100), including the examples below, many of which are almost impossible to acquire within the “adult retail” market place:


Social links and referring traffic reported in Google Analytics:


Site Info

Site Established ? April 2012
Built With ?
Google Analytics Detected ? Yes
Alexa Rank ? 5,005,362
More info: BuiltWith

Domain Info

Domain Registered ?
Registrar ?
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape


Px48x48 avatar fa551a9f 32de 4d3e 9084 89a88f0d88db
davejbryan ( new )
Fri, 19 May 2017 23:00:16 AEST

I've just been asked about the view/traffic drop-off in November 2016. It was around this time that we decided to halt operating business while considering whether to continue or sell. We disabled e-commerce and paused any marketing (social media and SEO) which is the reason for the decline in traffic.

Streamr ( | $1.45K )
Sat, 20 May 2017 08:41:24 AEST

How do you pause SEO? Did you reverse all seo work on the site to reduce organic traffic?

76% organic and 5.8% social traffic doesn't explain the immediate nose dive, although I may be missing something..

Px48x48 avatar fa551a9f 32de 4d3e 9084 89a88f0d88db
davejbryan ( new )
Sat, 20 May 2017 22:04:59 AEST

I’m positive this is due to the fact we stopped trading and actively maintaining the website at that time. You can see using the Wayback Machine links below that in October the site was still trading and by 2nd December we had added the message “Please note: Product ordering has been temporarily disabled” at the top. There will have been other technical changes made by the developers as well as I know checkout was disabled checkout across the site and we stopped synchronising updates with the dropshipper.

Wayback Machine links:

Oct 5th 2016:
Dec 2nd 2016:

I’ve gone through Google Analytics and Google Search Console in detail and can’t see any errors or warnings. I can see that returning visitors dropped off almost immediately and have been slowly declining since, which makes sense given they can’t purchase. Previously we had been generating good referrals through content marketing and social media, the blog had been kept very active until around March 2016 and we were actively updating the site by adding new products, stock and writing category/product descriptions. The period of 2015-2016 was our most active year (see attached screenshot) and we started to wind down activity throughout 2016 until we switched off the e-commerce at the end of the 2016.

My feeling is that the drop-off is due to a combination of the above factors. It’s also possible that a Google update has detected that the site isn’t being maintained, but the domain hasn’t been penalised which can be verified using a range of third-party tools, e.g. https://ismywebsitepenalized.com/temptmeteaseme.co.uk.

I’ve added an attachment to show the Google Analytics summary for 2015-16 which shows strong data prior to us stopping activity on the site. I’ve also just re-run a ranking assessment on the website which tracks over 500 keywords and can report a few example keyword positions below:

“Sex Shop” (27,100 average UK monthly searches) is currently ranking at position 24 in Google.co.uk and 18 Google.co.uk (Mobile)

“Sex Toy Shop” and “Sex Toys Shops” (2,400 average UK monthly searches) is currently ranking at position 14 in Google.co.uk and 16 Google.co.uk (Mobile)

“Leather Basques” (320 average UK monthly searches) is currently ranking at position 11 in Google.co.uk and 9 Google.co.uk (Mobile)

With the right resource and commitment behind the website, it won’t take too much to get the website performing very well and simply enabling e-commerce and maintaining the site/blog on a regular basis should be enough to achieve this.

reed33 ( new )
Tue, 23 May 2017 22:38:03 AEST

Why dont you provide any sales data? Why would you just shut down the store?

Px48x48 avatar fa551a9f 32de 4d3e 9084 89a88f0d88db
davejbryan ( new )
Tue, 23 May 2017 22:59:47 AEST

There is very little sales data for past last 12 month. As mentioned in the above description and comments, we closed down trading at the end of 2016 while deciding what to do with the website. We weren't able to run the business with the commitment it needed to become more successful and felt that a dedicated business owner/team could do a better job. My main business is running a digital marketing agency, Tempt Me Tease Me was was set up as a more of an experiment for us to see how well we could get a domain within a competitive industry like this to perform in Google with the right kind of marketing activities.

Px48x48 avatar fa551a9f 32de 4d3e 9084 89a88f0d88db
davejbryan ( new )
Fri, 26 May 2017 19:54:49 AEST

For anybody interested, here's a link to our v2 'in development' site, which we've temporarily hosted on the .com domain:


It's not complete as we only got part way through the development before we decided to sell the business.

Px48x48 avatar fa551a9f 32de 4d3e 9084 89a88f0d88db
davejbryan ( new )
Fri, 26 May 2017 21:43:39 AEST

I've just uploaded the animated promo video, which can be viewed below:


This has never promoted or shared and we still have the source files, so the video can easily be edited.

Ahmad Younis ( suspended )
Sun, 28 May 2017 07:04:28 AEST

@davejbryan wait, does the .com come along with this .co.uk site? or would we only be buying the .co.uk domain and site? plus do you provide full supplier details etc? thanks in advance

Px48x48 avatar fa551a9f 32de 4d3e 9084 89a88f0d88db
davejbryan ( new )
Sun, 28 May 2017 19:44:22 AEST

Hi Ahmad, the new v2 development site was just hosted on the .com temporary so potential buyers could see both versions available. But to answer your question, yes, the .com and all of the other domains listed will be made available to the successful buyer. This includes both websites, the promotional video, social media accounts and anything else listed in the description. Can you confirm what you mean by full supplier details please?

Ahmad Younis ( suspended )
Sun, 28 May 2017 21:57:02 AEST

@davejbryan I see, in terms of the supplier, I'm assuming the site would run without any inventory and would dropship the goods? - do you already have a supplier on board.

Px48x48 avatar fa551a9f 32de 4d3e 9084 89a88f0d88db
davejbryan ( new )
Sun, 28 May 2017 22:46:16 AEST

We didn't hold any inventory, we used the Idweb (X Trader) dropshipper and all of the products listed currently (around 5-6K in total) are from their stock.

For more info, see - http://www.xtrader.co.uk/catalog

The successful buyer could continue to use Idweb or move to a different supplier/dropshipper or potentially list their own stock. Before deciding to sell, we were considering adding multiple dropshippers to provide a greater range of products.

fetkingdom ( new )
Thu, 01 Jun 2017 18:01:29 AEST

Do all of the domains listed come with the purchase - adultstore.shop, sexstore.shop etc? I'm guessing fetishwear.stor a typo and you're also providing fetishwear.store?

Px48x48 avatar fa551a9f 32de 4d3e 9084 89a88f0d88db
davejbryan ( new )
Thu, 01 Jun 2017 18:13:00 AEST

Yes, all of those domains will be transferred to the successful buyer including fetishwear.store. We have both fetishwear.store and fetishwear.shop.

dHk4dw ( new )
Tue, 13 Jun 2017 04:57:44 AEST

Who do use drop ship? Please send me this info over PM, I want to review prices, etc.

Very interested in the whole package, all domains, whole brand.

Px48x48 avatar fa551a9f 32de 4d3e 9084 89a88f0d88db
davejbryan ( new )
Tue, 13 Jun 2017 18:10:15 AEST

@dHk4dw, No problem - I'll PM this info over now.

fetkingdom ( new )
Wed, 14 Jun 2017 17:02:17 AEST

Are you prepared to offer a Buy Now option?

Px48x48 avatar fa551a9f 32de 4d3e 9084 89a88f0d88db
davejbryan ( new )
Wed, 14 Jun 2017 23:48:42 AEST

I would prefer to let the auction run its course for now.

Px48x48 avatar fa551a9f 32de 4d3e 9084 89a88f0d88db
davejbryan ( new )
Sun, 18 Jun 2017 01:37:12 AEST

Less than one day to go.

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