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3 APPS BUNDLE - LOW RESERVE!!! Make passive money day and night from these apps!

Become an instant t-shirt designer! Now you can create and design your own shirt with a few taps on your mobile phone! People of all ages will truly enjoy!

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1) TEENINJA - Android version (revenue from Tshirts sold + admob ads)


2) TEENINJA - iOS version (revenue from Tshirts sold + admob ads)


3) FLYING ZOMBIE game - iOS version only (revenue from Chartboost ads)



Teeninja Tshirt Designer. Design your own shirt with a few taps on your mobile phone! So easy. So fun!

Tap into the multi-million dollar industry selling shirts. This app will make awesome personalized gifts. An app for all ages. Even your grandma can design her own shirt! A business that never goes out of season!

This app was built from scratch. You'll not find its source code anywhere. It's feature-rich and user-friendly.

What's included in the sale of TEENINJA?:

- Android version - Transfer to your developer account

- iOs version - Transfer to your developer account

- Backend server (already paid for 1 year) -> Here you can access your members' usernames and emails. Thus, this app also builds your email list. You will also be able to upload / add / remove tshirt designs from Teeninja album and ready to use tshirt designs album. You will also be able to change/adjust the shirts' prices and the shipping prices.

- I will teach too where you will have the shirts printed

- Admob ads integration


- We just updated the app. This app does not have any ads before. We added admob on the recent update (Jan 27, 2017) and it already generated $0.13 in ad revenue from the current users. Thus, you make profit even if the users do not buy shirt but just enjoy designing and creating their shirts!

- Profit per shirt sold is between $6-$18, depending on style. But sometimes, users buy more than 1 pc (for their friends and families too). 

- App has a share feature. So if a user shares his work to social media, messenger, etc, it can be viral and they can order as well.

Please test the app to see it in action.



Teeninja needs more exposure. But once it gets the right exposure to the right audience, it will surely hit the market. There's a huge potential for this app, as everyone wears a shirt. And it's really fun to wear something you designed yourself. There's not much apps listed in stores in this category, take advantage of this offer now.

If you have a huge network or groups, I recommend you grab this before it's gone!

PS. Again, this app was made from scratch. Apps like these will cost you $10,000+ to build per platform. So think before buying any app on marketplace. This is a real business in a box! 


Also included in this auction is a great game with great concept: FLYING ZOMBIE! (A combination of Flappy Bird and Temple Run style games!)

If you're looking for a Game that will fund your Indie Game studio for the rest of the year, check this out. This is an iOS reskinned game, that is developed with upgrading the character as the 1st priority. The game requires players to start each level in the easy-to-use upgrade menu. This allows players to upgrade platforms, players, dragons, and power-ups and will allow you to monetize more easily without interrupting the player.


- Chartboost

- Adcolony

- Facebook integration

- In App Purchases (Upgrades + Characters)

Please check out and test the game: 


This game is suitable for both young and adults. You will get the source code upon buying this app, allowing you to reskin it as many times you want and dominate the appstore for bouncing games..

Apps like these are selling like hotcakes in Chupamobile for $2000 or more. Check out this similar game they have listed:


What you'll receive:

- app transfer to your account

- app source code

- ad codes changed to yours

- Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/flyingzombiegame/

(it is also currently being promoted and pinned post on FB Group with more than 10,000 members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/561392604045140/)

Why am I selling:

I do not have the marketing budget. This game will surely be a hit if proper marketing is implemented. It's a combination of Flappy Bird and Temple Run. Players are hooked and aim for the top score. As you may know, the key to successful app isn't only the number of downloads but the quality of players. Endless games like this has high retention and keeps players playing to reach the highest score.. Grab this opportunity now to get a high quality app making you money every single day..

PS.. Just get a bunch of review sites to write about this app and you'll surely get thousands of downloads and players.. 

Again, this game is highly addictive and has cool features unlike most apps being released each day on stores...


*** Please please please bid accordingly! After sale, I still need to pay the Flippa success fees and developers to change ad codes and resubmit on stores. I am not a developer. If you are and can do these yourself, PM me and we can discuss.

If you have any question or concerns, please PM me!

Thanks for checking! Happy bidding! :) Don't forget to click on WATCH SELLER to be updated for more of my listings!! :)



- Concept, design, and development:

Teeninja was built from scratch based on my ideas. It has unique features and fully functional.

Languages used in the development: Objective C (iOs) and Java (android); Flying Zombie was build with XCode (Version 6.0.1) for iOS SDK 6 or later. It is a reskinned game I purchased on Chupamobile.

- Will I get exclusive rights to the codes?

No. I have a very low reserve price and I cannot give the full rights to the buyer. I have spent a lot more than what I am asking now.. Therefore, I will need to build a few more apps similar to this to sell again to make a profit. However, you can reskin and sell the reskinned apps.  

If you want an exclusive right, please contact me.

- Why the app business is being sold?

I am selling my 3 apps, for my maternity and pregnancy costs. I am an expectant mother and I need time and money for the growing family. I don't think I will have the time in the next months or years for marketing the apps and growing the userbase. Teeninja is my dream app. I was inspired to have an app created because I saw the demand for shirts, as I sell on Merch by Amazon and make passive money. I didn't realize the app business is a different story. I need to market it to gain exposure and success. I believe there's someone who can take care of this better than I do.


Current server cost for Teeninja is $78.88/year, which I will also cover (March 2017-March 2018). This is a Professional Shared Hosting on Namecheap. You will need to upgrade to a bigger disk space as you grow your users. Teeninja order notifications are received through email. It's up to you if you want to contact them or not (like provide them a final mockup via email). Once order notification is received, you will need to send the design file to the printshop, following the printshop's design file requirements.

Flying Zombie does not have maintenance costs.


As mentioned in the above description, I haven't monetized the apps before and they were just sitting on the stores for months.. But primary sources of revenue include:

TEENINJA - selling shirts, admob ads

FLYING ZOMBIE - Chartboost ads 


I haven't used marketing for the apps. I don't have the time and budget to do so. Probably the new owner can get blogs/review sites to write about Teeninja and make more people know about it.

What is being included in the sale?

- Teeninja iOs/Android apps with source codes

- www.teeninja.website domain

- Hosting server

- Flying Zombie iOs with source code

- Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/flyingzombiegame/


Snaptee. Zazzle. CustomInk. FYI, Snaptee got $600k in seed funding!! That's how investors believe this business could be profitable..


How long is the support period?

I’ll provide 14 days support period after the purchase date to answer all questions regarding these apps and the codes. New owner will get the contacts of developers who built the app.

The code is sold as is on the sale date, with no further fixes or improvements.


iOS Stats: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6xhlSDix1dxQVBqUk5ZLU9BTm8

Teeninja iOs Stats and App Units By Territory: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6xhlSDix1dxOWVmcGRlY3ctckU

Teeninja Android Stats and App Units By Territory: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6xhlSDix1dxNWVYRW1ZRWI0X0k

ADMOB: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6xhlSDix1dxNVN5QllqY043UmM

Flying Zombie Stats and App Units By Territory: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6xhlSDix1dxOWREVXJJUUNTbXc

Flying Zombie _ Chartboost earnings: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6xhlSDix1dxazhPV2M5U0pHRDA

The development team of these apps can answer any questions. Please get in touch :)

Please test the apps. Everything SOLD AS IS.


ty06974 ( | $221 )
Tue, 25 Apr 2017 08:49:12 AEST

i noticed that when clicking a buy now button for one of the shirts, after selecting the country of shipping, the shipping price comes up but not the total and then "buy now" doesnt drive the user to a new page is this because things are on hold? did these mechanisms work before?

ty06974 ( | $221 )
Tue, 25 Apr 2017 08:50:25 AEST

for Tee ninja specifically

Px48x48 avatar 8471927a d17c 43a2 bb59 d5dc89c621ef
Nathpal ( | $3.65K )
Tue, 25 Apr 2017 11:52:38 AEST

@ty06974 I am not sure what you see, but it's perfectly fine on my end. When you click the ORDER NOW button you will see the price of shirt, you can update the size and quantity, then choose the country for shipping price. Once you have chosen the country, size and quantity, you'll see the total price (item + shipping)

Px48x48 avatar 8471927a d17c 43a2 bb59 d5dc89c621ef
Nathpal ( | $3.65K )
Tue, 25 Apr 2017 11:58:19 AEST

2 days left. If someone is interested and can take care of these apps, you can have the 3 for $4500. That's $1500 per platform/app! Reskin the code and resell for whatever price you want!! PM me, if interested!

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