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$252,000 Gross First Year! Trademark , 3 Moving Trucks Included! Great Branding!

Worlds first shirtless moving company! Our branding is amazing! All our business is from online marketing that you can do instantly for free at any location in the USA! We are selling all rights!

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Feb 17 683 1,916
Jan 17 925 3,384
Dec 16 3,054 6,056
Nov 16 1,154 3,878
Oct 16 1,256 4,651
Sep 16 1,169 3,470
Aug 16 1,035 3,398
Jul 16 933 2,926
Jun 16 806 2,743
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Mar 16 699 2,461

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Organic Search 1,097 57%
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United States 1,625
India 108
Brazil 60
Philippines 25
Canada 11

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Mar 16 $23,000 $2,500 $20,500
Apr 16 $26,000 $2,500 $23,500
May 16 $19,000 $2,500 $16,500
Jun 16 $22,000 $2,500 $19,500
Jul 16 $28,000 $2,500 $25,500
Aug 16 $16,000 $2,500 $13,500
Sep 16 $17,000 $2,500 $14,500
Oct 16 $17,000 $2,500 $14,500
Nov 16 $21,000 $2,500 $18,500
Dec 16 $28,000 $2,500 $25,500
Jan 17 $14,000 $700 $13,300
Feb 17 $12,000 $700 $11,300

Seller's Notes

I personally love creating concepts and selling them! simple name says it all and man does it spread like crazy on Facebook and social media! is the worlds first shirtless moving company! You can choose shirts on or off! 

We are selling all rights, all shirtless movers assets, which means the entire country, everything.

Our branding is so good when you see our moving trucks, you remember it for life! Kids go crazy and adults to when they see our trucks. Other moving companies know about us all over the country and we get emails from potential customers that want us in California and through out the united states. We had people that work at Google in Texas interested in buying a franchise. People constantly take pics of our truck and post it on Facebook / instagram #shirtlessmovers all the time so this brand is a marketing machine!

This business will work in any state using our fast online marketing tactics that's pretty much free! One great website we use for example is!

Since I started this moving business in 2015 it has really enriched my life, I was able to buy a new 2017 car, fix my credit, get my dream website finished and now its time to pass the baton to someone else to help them grow their dream business. 

Income & Expensive 2016
Our first full year from Jan 2016 to Jan 2017 we did $252,000 gross income, if you count cash direct deposited into our bank account plus monthly storage stripe merchant we did $270,000. I attached our monthly storage merchant account which is stripe. I attached a square image of our sales that does not show our cash income deposited in our bank account. The expenses is up to you, we have spent $30,000 in a year in gas (2016), $27,000 in truck repairs in 2016. All our trucks are good to go.The engine has been replaced in 26fter GMC.  The image attached of square shows sales run through credit card and the recorded cash income

We have made the radio here in MN.  From being on the radio someone posted our brand on Instagram and Facebook and we received 450 views in a day for free, just because the radio host 107.1FM saw my car which had shirtless movers graphics on it and we don't even have a store front yet. 

I make passive income from Arizona jobs and I run the business here in MN as well.

Some jobs we make $300 - $400 cash in 1.5 hours. You can make passive income around the nation if you do your onsite seo right and hire movers off that are good. 

People are also buying our clothes! All our gear looks super cool and is super athletic. 

-Our biggest local move job was from Facebook. It was $4,200 in 1 sale, 1 day! The customer order 7 guys and $350.00 an hour, for 12 hours!

-Our biggest out of state move was $9,000 that's where you can make some serious profit. 

What you get!

-What you will be getting is all 3 moving trucks and 26ft enclosed trailer! These are real assets. All our trucks were properly maintained.
- Full rights to the entire country
-All rights to logo and brand name. 
-Training for life ad business set up!
-300 moving blankets
-5 All dollies , 10 floor dollies 
-2xEasy Packs , speed packs , ratchets straps , rubber bands 
-Everything is ready to rock and roll. 

Our trucks - all run great and are passable by DOT!
26Ft 2000 gmc c6500 170,000 miles 
17ft  2000 ford e350 190,000 miles
22ft 2002 ford has a lift gate and its a diesel - awesome truck manual transmission, the best truck out of all of them.  175,000 miles, this truck rocks it's a cummins engine . 
26ft cargo mate trailer 2017 - normal wear and tear. 

The 26fter and 22 foot truck are fully wrapped, the 26ft trailer has our huge 1800 number on it and logo. 

This is your chance to buy the next Two Men and A Truck! 

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Google Analytics Detected ? Yes
More info: BuiltWith

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Domain Registered ? 18 July 2012
Registrar ? 1&1 INTERNET SE
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

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Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
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Pages In Google ? 133
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Alexa Rank ? 8,539,637
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Px48x48 avatar 1391635995.937652f2ae1be4e836.29692941
jordan4604 ( | $26.9K )
Wed, 22 Mar 2017 07:31:18 AEDT

All you need is trucks and website to make money that's all we have!;)

Thank you ;)

floptuf ( | $722 )
Wed, 22 Mar 2017 12:47:55 AEDT

That's something unique, good luck!

butlerfuqua ( new )
Sat, 25 Mar 2017 10:05:43 AEDT

Wonderful Brand idea! Congratulations on your success! I see that you say this provides passive income. How so? Does the owner of the business only monitor the website? How does the business transaction work from the time the customer orders online, to the customer getting his/her stuff moved. Do you have any employees?

Px48x48 avatar 1391635995.937652f2ae1be4e836.29692941
jordan4604 ( | $26.9K )
Sun, 26 Mar 2017 09:27:08 AEDT

@butlerfuqua the passive income can get bigger as you do more onsite SEO as well "adding content to your blog". We get leads from Arizona mainly and across the USA. We are on first page of Google for keyword "tanning bed movers". How do we do jobs out of state when we are located in Minnesota? Well its really simple basically we charge $119hr and most companies that we find charge $79 to $99hr across the USA so well charge the client over phone $119hr when job is done and pay the moving company that does the job $79hr when the job is done in any state. If the job is here in Minnesota then we have our own movers that we hire to do the job and our own trucks. There's lots of profit, we charge $119hr here in Minnesota for two men and pay our guys $13hr each guy so $26hr for two men. Most jobs need two movers.

thekingandqueen ( new )
Wed, 29 Mar 2017 16:08:40 AEDT

Your only Yelp review is a scathing one star review.

The reviewer states "Shirtless movers in Minneapolis, Minnesota sucks!!! " and for some reason, Two Men and a Truck replied to the review taking ownership of the problem. Do you sometimes use Two Men and a Truck's movers to do the jobs?

Px48x48 avatar 1391635995.937652f2ae1be4e836.29692941
jordan4604 ( | $26.9K )
Wed, 29 Mar 2017 17:38:37 AEDT

@thekingandqueen yes for some jobs we contract out to movers if we don't have time to get to them. Some jobs don't go smooth no matter what ya do for customer but we try a lot more now to make every customer happy by offering free moves and coupons on top of it to keep reviews in good standing our thumbtack reviews rock the house our lowest is 4 out of 5 and newer Facebook reviews are awesome.

Px48x48 attachment 1314833056.50944e5ec2a07c5ea8.92521908
IMIMedia ( | $17.2K )
Thu, 30 Mar 2017 15:59:49 AEDT

Looks like many other reviews on yelp (There are 18+ which are hidden and require you to click a link to see them) under that recommended review have similar bad experience. Since this is more like a local business, have you tried selling it using other sources like a broker or in local community?

I like the brand idea but the brand reputation has been hurt a lot, atleast in your local market. The only way to make this work is to start over in a new city. Why not just sell the brand without all the tangible assets (trucks, supplies, tools etc.)? Would you consider doing that and if yes then what would be the minimum (reserve) you are willing to accept. Feel free to PM me the answer if you do not wish to disclose the reserve in public. Thanks

Px48x48 attachment 1314833056.50944e5ec2a07c5ea8.92521908
IMIMedia ( | $17.2K )
Thu, 30 Mar 2017 16:02:59 AEDT

Also, what about franchise? Have you ever had any interest in that. Are there any current franchisees and what are the terms with them?

Px48x48 avatar 1391635995.937652f2ae1be4e836.29692941
jordan4604 ( | $26.9K )
Thu, 30 Mar 2017 16:13:15 AEDT

@Jaree yes people that work at Google showed interest in Texas pretty cool :) Minnesota is only running location, I still get leads around the nation including AZ that I just make passive income contracting it out

Px48x48 avatar 1391635995.937652f2ae1be4e836.29692941
jordan4604 ( | $26.9K )
Thu, 30 Mar 2017 16:19:07 AEDT

@Jaree yes we could sell just the brand name and website sent you more in privately

Px48x48 avatar 1391635995.937652f2ae1be4e836.29692941
jordan4604 ( | $26.9K )
Thu, 30 Mar 2017 16:29:02 AEDT

Just sold two out of state move jobs yesterday to California and did two move jobs locally here in MN. So we took 2 deposits for the out of state jobs plus our local sale so we did $2250.00 in sales yesterday wish I could upload the screen pic to here;) and we're fully booked rest of week;) plus we have move jobs everything day this week except Sunday ;)

Px48x48 avatar 1391635995.937652f2ae1be4e836.29692941
jordan4604 ( | $26.9K )
Thu, 30 Mar 2017 23:56:02 AEDT

@Jaree to answer more your questions we will list this with a local broker in a week , the new buyer will get a better deal on flippa

You would want the trucks as that's 40k right there in assets you could flip and sell and profit off of.

Px48x48 avatar 1391635995.937652f2ae1be4e836.29692941
jordan4604 ( | $26.9K )
Thu, 30 Mar 2017 23:59:50 AEDT

@jordan4604 another reason why you would want the trucks is so you can make extra money right away locally. We have move jobs in May and June all ready as well in MN so you can make passive income right away you don't need to be at any location just hire good contractors off of thumbtack and control the money.

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