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Albumm - Collaborative Photo Albums in Real time

ALBUMM is the simplest way to create a collaborative photo album with your family and friends shared in real time. With ALBUMM… 1. NO Manual Sharing 2. NO Full Memory 3. Secure and Safe

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Number of installs
50 - 100
App Age
1 year
6 reviews
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Net Profit
$26 p/mo

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Financials ?

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Aug 16 $38 $12 $26
Sep 16 $38 $12 $26
Oct 16 $38 $12 $26
Nov 16 $38 $12 $26
Dec 16 $38 $12 $26
Jan 17 $38 $12 $26

Seller's Notes

Albumm is a native android app which enable people to create a collaborative photo album with their family and friends shared in real time. It's as simple as 

1. Create an Albumm
2. Invite family or friends to join
3. Now when anyone takes a photo it automatically syncs into the albumm in real time.

This app has a lot of potential to spread to millions when an extensive marketing is done. It is best for events like weddings, parties, graduations etc. to collect all photos into one albumm by all the guests, colleagues and mates.

The app also has a content management backend system.

Why I'm I selling?

This is a pretty new app I started last year but before I could publicly launch it I got involved in a startup "" which is taking all my time and I don't have time for albumm anymore. I don't want to abandon it either since I have done that for sometime but now I need a new owner who can take this app to the next level, It has a lot of potentials and if it gets into the right hands it will be very successful.

What is included in the sale?

1. The Source code for the app and backend

2. The Domain

3. The Website

4. The social pages and

5. All Graphics 

6. The Explainer Video

Is this app monetized?

- Yes

How is it monetized?

You can make money with this app in 3 various ways.

1. Users can can choose an upgrade package to increase increase their limits

2. Anytime an albumm is created an alphanumeric key is generated where users can share to their friends to join that app. Users can edit this key to make it personal by paying $19 which can easily be shared verbally as well at any occasion.

3. Users can also order a custom design right from the app for $10

I will suggest you download the app and explore all the features and see how it set itself apart from its competitors.

If you have any questions you can leave it at the comment section or PM me. 



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Terry Down ( new )
Fri, 03 Mar 2017 15:57:51 AEDT

Terry from Flippa here. More bids needed to reach reserve. Keep the bids coming!

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aplus2k ( | $10.5K )
Thu, 16 Mar 2017 06:04:56 AEDT

i would like to know that:
1. what language was used to build the backend and website? which type of DB is used?
2. could you add some screen shots of the backend admin interface?
3. what is the monthly cost for?
4. Is it a full right item?
Thank you!
PS. please pm me the bin if i could have. thanks.

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 07:06:32 AEDT


1. PHP , MySQL
2. 3 Screenshots added
3. No monthly cost at the moment because I don't have time for it and its just sitting on my dedicated server. I didn't get the time to promote it eventhough I have about 5000 email optin from the prelaunch/comingsoon page but I haven't even gotten the time to email them about the launch . I have been looking for the right time to do that which I haven't done yet. I can include the email list to the sale for the new buyer to relaunch the app and email the list.
4. Yes you get a full right to everything.

BIN sent to PM

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 10:30:01 AEDT

Reserve has been reduced. Keep the bids coming!

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 23:34:48 AEDT

I have added a BIN price, The BIN purchase comes with over 5000 optin email list to market the app to, ready for download.

Aj77 ( new )
Tue, 21 Mar 2017 15:01:20 AEDT

I would just like to know why there isn't an ios version? I'm interested but both platforms seem required to me.

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 20:36:52 AEDT

@Aj77 There is currently no iOS version. I was in the process of getting that developed but didn't get the time to get it done.

ssachin01 ( new )
Thu, 23 Mar 2017 00:37:37 AEDT

DO you have a method to restrict users from missing using the invite code ?

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 00:44:19 AEDT

@ssachin01 not clear about your question but anytime a user joins an albumm created by you, you can grant permissions to those users to invite other users or add photos. Without that permission they can't do anything than only view the photos in the albumm. You can also remove users in an albumm if you don't want them to view your photos.

ssachin01 ( new )
Thu, 23 Mar 2017 00:48:05 AEDT

Yes. This is what i wanted to ask, regarding user management on the dashboard.

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 00:51:47 AEDT

@ssachin01 OK but albumm owners can manage their own albumms right from the app.

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sunrizers ( | $13.3K )
Thu, 23 Mar 2017 09:55:23 AEDT

I think Bidder1 is fake. Let's see if it sells.

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 10:03:55 AEDT

@sunrizers bidder 1 is currently negotiating with me on the price and to reduce reserve which doesn't work for me.

Px48x48 avatar 77f26897 aeb7 4afb a9cb 975401be926a
sunrizers ( | $13.3K )
Thu, 23 Mar 2017 10:05:01 AEDT

@[email protected] Yeah well good luck. I bid my max.

Px48x48 avatar 9b5547a3 2f6b 4142 936e 773e72709330
Terry Down ( new )
Thu, 23 Mar 2017 11:01:27 AEDT

Auction extended. 20 hours to go. We are getting close to the reserve. Please keep your bids coming!!

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