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Bundle of 24 One Word Keyword Domains!! READ about recent growth of .IN ccTLDs!!

Seller's Notes

India has over a 1.3 billion people, and most speak English as a first language.

Because there are thousands of Indian dialects, and 44 official Indian languages, English is the universal language in virtually all parts of the country and the only language used in business.

India has now surpassed the USA in having the 2nd MOST internet users in the world, with 300 million users! English keyword domains are as popular with the .IN extension in India as their .COM counterparts in the States.

The .IN extension is the most trusted and popular used in the country and with over 20 million .IN registrations, there are no more keyword domains available.

Because of recent growth in internet users (30% in just the past year!), this is an exploding market which will see exponential growth in the next 2 years.

Here is a unique opportunity to get in on the action with an investment portfolio which also has great relevance in the US because of the extremely catchy and brandable nature of the wordplay created by the .IN extension


1. bashing.in

2. bursting.in

3. charging.in

4. charged.in

5. clueing.in

6. colored.in

7. crashing.in

8. eased.in

9. easing.in

10. framing.in

(SPECIAL NOTE: Just in January 2017, framer.com sold for $250,000)

11. given.in

12. glide.in

13. headed.in

14. leaping.in

15. loaded.in

16. popping.in

17. ringing.in

18. sticking.in

19. thriving.in

20. throwing.in

21. thrusting.in

22. turned.in

23. tying.in

24. wrote.in

Estibot appraises these collectively at around $15K based essentially on keyword usage alone. However, the brandable nature of these phrases makes them much more valuable! Imagine....

A builder's website at www.framing.in

A children's activity website at www.colored.in

A shipping website at www.loaded.in

A caller ID site at www.ringing.in

A homework study website at www.turned.in

A soccer website at www.throwing.in

A climber's website at www.tying.in

The possibilities are truly endless!

Here are completed sales of very similar matches using action words, as reported by inform.in:

tune.in $4000

link.in $3300

leap.in $3000

tuned.in $2000

leasing.in $1436

tuning.in $1170

Other notable larger .IN sales:

poker.in  $60,000

sportsbetting.in  $42,300

domains.in  $40,000

hike.in  $32,000

angel.in  $30,000

itjobs.in  $25,846

mails.in  $24,000

searching.in $22,000

budgetair.in  $20,000

linkshare.in  $19,865

Please also note that all of these sales have occurred PRIOR to the recent explosion of the investment in, and use & trade of the .IN extension domains. The domains for sale in this package are MORE valuable.

For each domain in this package I have found a related .COM domain with matching search term currently listed for sale or at auction:

1. fashionbashing.com  $2795

2. burstingbubbles.com  $4688

3. roadsidecharging.com  $10000

4. powercharged.com  $7627

5. clueing.com  $3000

6. coloredpaper.com  $7499

7. crashingwaves.com  $4788

8. greased.com  $5788

9. ceasing.com  $4488

10. framingservice.com  $3888

11. communitygiving.com  $4388

12. gliderchair.com  $7500

13. bullheaded.com  $7588

14. leapingcomputer.com  $6199

15. loadedmovie.com  $3495

16. poppingmama.com  $10000

17. ringingusa.com  $2395

18. stickingpoints.com  $3288

19. thrivingchild.com  $10000

20. throwingmud.com  $2695

21. thrustings.com  $2521

22. overturned.com  $8000

23. tyingmachine  $3800

24. seocopywriter.com  $6300

These listings alone represent a staggering $120,000 of sales targeting these keywords!!

Please bid with confidence. I have over 15 years experience and am liquidating some parts of my portfolio. Here's your chance to get in on savings with a true package deal.

Remember, you get not just one, but ALL 24 names in this package for the price!

If I listed these separately, I would be placing minimum offer prices of $2000 per domain, for a combined total of close to $50K.

Here's your chance to get a giant running start as a new domain investor or to boost a larger portfolio's value proposition!

Please have a GoDaddy account so that these may be pushed to you immediately upon confirmation of payment.


akaetg ( new )
Mon, 27 Feb 2017 11:49:02 AEDT

WINNER'S SPECIAL: I will give the winning bidder a FREE 4L .com as a bonus!

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