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Brand New App / Great Quality / Brain Training Game/ Game Won't Last Long

Like classic Simon Says, challenges your memory by generating a growing pattern!

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*About the Seller

Name: Taylor Martinez

Location: United States

Description of app

Simon Says - Brain Memory, Attention Training Game is a simple and addicting memory game! Remember Simon Says? It's just as crazy-fun but with a twist! Watch the square light up and try to repeat the sequence in this action-packed, super-challenging way! The pattern sequence will get longer and faster with each round, so use all of your senses and be careful not to run out of time, or else the game is over.

How good is yo memory? How about your reflexes? Find out now playing Simon Says - Brain Memory, Attention Training Game! Match up against the computer now.

Perfect for on-the-go gaming and improving your memory!

- Simon Says gameplay you know and love!
- Train your brain while you play!
- Frozen Power Up to Freeze the Clock!
- Replay the Pattern back with a Power Up!
- Test and improve your reflexes!
- High Quality Graphics
- Amazing Game Play
- Color Says Switch Patterns Are Entertaining!
- Leaderboards
- Earn Achievements
- Compare your scores with people around the world.
- Better than shooting a brick shot at a basketball court!
- Also better than shooting a brick shot in a video game!

Each level in the game consists of the a bunch of color says switch on the squares. Yo will be randomly given different squares that will light up that yo have to memorize! Yo must be able to remember the pattern and reproduce that order by pressing on the square. Then the game will do another color says switch and the game progresses. Each level increases with more patterns to remember! Don't come up a Brick Shot in this new highly addictive game.

Not a lot of people forgot about the classic game Simon Says so we brought it back to you guys with a fun twist! We hope yo enjoy the game as much as we do and improving your memory while playing Simon Says - Brain Memory, Attention Training Game

Download Here:


Google Play:

Why the game is being sold?

This is a steal for any person that wants to buy it because this game has incredible keyword search and people love playing it. I am selling the game because I do not have time to keep updating the game and want to focus on other games that I want to develop. I only want to sell this to a person who will take this in with pride and update the game on a constant bases. This game I believe can be on the top of the charts someday. 

Are you going to reuse or resell the app’s design or source code after this sale?

No, the new owner will receive all rights of the code, sketch design and Impossible Rolling Road brand.


Brain Memory was developed from the ground up using Unity 3D. We do not use any server for the game. The crash rate on the game is very good and don't have many fixes for the game. Test out the game yourself :)


There is no server cost or anything. 


  • In App Purchases 1.99 (To remove Ads & Unlimited Lives) (In App purchase comes up after your 10 balls are up. Once your 10 balls are up the game asked you if you want to buy 'Unlimited Lives')
  • AdColony Video Ads (Every 10 Game Overs a Video Ad comes up. You get sent to a clock screen with the clock counting down from 90 seconds you can watch a video ad to get 10 lives or you can sit there and wait for the 10 lives to come back)
  • Chartboost Ads come up after every 6th game over and every time you click 'Pause' and Retry
  • Unity3D Ads come up when you want to earn more coins. You can watch a Unity 3D ad to get 20 coins. Every time you watch the video ad you get 20 coins. 


I have not done any marketing for this game. All the downloads are organic downloads from IOS & Google Play. 


(Purchaser has to switch out the codes for all the below items to update the features to work on your features)

Push Notification from OneSignal: Installed 

Leaderboard & Achievements

Google Analytics 

AdColony Ads

Chartboost Ads

Unity 3D Ads

App Stats:

Brand New Game. I have not promoted this. Game has around 1k downloads right now

What is being included in the sale?

Full Rights, Unity 3D Code IOS/Google Play, Sketch Design (Sending the code VIA & Sending the Sketch Design in Sketch Format)

Future Opportunities:
There is so many different things you can do to this game. You can make it multiplayer, add more levels, etc. The opportunity for this game is endless. 


Other Brain Training and Simon Says games. There is no other game that is this quality on the app store or google play for Simon Says. 

Post Sale
I am not a Unity 3D developer so I will not be able to help you. I will send you the Unity 3D code VIA and send you the Sketch files in Sketch format. I will transfer you the game on ItunesConnect & Google Play. Once you have it I won't be able to help anymore. 


Any Questions More Please Ask. I have put ALL the information about the app I can think of in the attachment folders.


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