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After a long decision, we are considering to sell our flagship internet marketing website, is one of the most established publishers of affiliate marketing resources, software and instruction. 

This website brought in over $400,000 in the last 8 months through Clickbank.  

The high-end membership-based site provides users with authentic pay-per-click campaigns, software and tons of instructional videos. It is a very high-demand website and it makes a MINIMUM of $35,000 a month from Clickbank, and another STABLE $20,000/monthly from the leads it generates. 

All of the sales come steadily from natural traffic and has hundreds of affiliates. was established in November 2008. This is the source of its stability overall.


Our company was planning to invest in some massive projects in software and real estate. This is why we are seeking a lump sum through a fit acquisition of one of our flagship businesses.



*Top 10 Clickbank account producing a minimum of $35,000 net revenue a month (Yes! This is after deducting refunds, allowance, bonuses, affiliate commissions, and promos)

*$20,000/Month from the leads the site generates

*Monster traffic, Blazing hot alexa (12,400)- keep in mind not only is this a status symbol in the online world to many, but also it means you can monetize this site’s hits in an infinite amount of ways – some which we have not even discovered!

*Very original concept and exclusive products

*The new owner (purchaser) will INSTANTLY become platinum status in the online marketing world. This means if you want to establish partnerships, it will be very easy. This alone is a priceless asset to have, within our experience.

*We are all over the net: We have hundreds of affiliates found through Clickbank, natural traffic, reviews, buzz in online forums and it indeed does keep growing bigger without input.

*Huge growth potential into the millions because you can monetize not only our existing high traffic but also monetize our customer base. This is what we were planning to do anyways - if we do not see a fit acquisition here. If we do see a fit acquisition, we will show you pointers on how to really double or triple the revenue generated from the customer base. This is the real potential of the site that is not seen.

*We will associate with you personally. You can ask us for help anytime in the future. We are confident to say that this alone is an extremely valuable relationship or connection.

*We are a reputable seller and well-known in the internet marketing world.

Who is our target buyer profile? An ambitious individual or company who wants to run one of the biggest business opportunity websites on the internet, gain instant status amongst all the other top marketers, webmasters and earn a lot of money from it on autopilot.

Although you do not have to be savvy in internet businesses, we are looking for someone who is serious and truly desires to own a very profitable e-commerce site with this potential. This is because our reputation has been tied to it and we want to maintain our reputation, even when you are the new owner.

Common questions:

1. Why are we selling? We are looking for a lump sum to finance other investment projects.

2. Where does the traffic come from? Free search engine organic listings, affiliate partners, articles, reviews, forums, banners, social networking, TV, Cable, radio, webinars, YouTube and more. Overall, very stable and diversified for the benefit of this business to stay on-going in traffic.

3. Does the site require any hands on work? Hardly. The $35,000 from Clickbank is fully automatic.

If you want to make the $20,000 monthly from the leads, all you need to do is email the leads weekly in an excel file. The customers are given their passwords and access the database/membership/tutorials/software. 

About the site & product:

The membership to CopyNProfit includes our actual PPC advertising campaigns, an instructional video library, our e-book and a niche database. We also host a VBulletin forum exclusively for members in our members section. It has worked out great for support and consultations. We invested in the production for one year, creating the most unstoppable marketing machine with top of the line technology and cutting-edge software technology. The site has exploded with traffic and sales continue to grow. The site is a monster and it will not stop.

This sale / acquisition: We are presenting you with a one time opportunity to acquire our site from us via Ebay – given that you fit our buyer profile in your goals.

We have been in the internet marketing business a long time and our sites continue to dominate the Clickbank marketplace. CopyNProfit makes money from membership sales and "video upgrade" sales. 

Additional Revenue Details


Gross sales: CopyNprofit sells 900 memberships a month. The memberships sell for $77.00 and the backend upgrade sells for $197, so the site generates around $100,000 gross revenue a month.

Net Sales: We have been paying out 70% to affiliates for almost a year now. This payout is adjustable through Clickbank. You can shape the business model however you see fit. has been paying us $10,000 to $20,000 a week since the start. The individual credits range from $28.00, $70.00, and $180.00.There is a front-end product that sells for $77.00 and a $197 backend product. There is a 70% payout to affiliates.

The site is heavily affiliate-driven so there is in return a lot of $28.00 of $70.00 amounts in the transaction reports. The site has also a ton of potential since there is a lot of ground to be dominated.

Here are some of the 2009 stats: July 1st to July 31st : 798 front end sales, 154 backend sales: $43,840.34 June 1st to June 30th : 878 front end sales, 174 backend sales: $48,582.38. The Clickbank account has paid us out $390,000.00 in 8 months. 

Add a bonus in Leads of $20,000 a month to the net sales! We are paid weekly from

*All figures are 100% accurate and verifiable.

We will disclose everything to the buyer and explain all detail before transaction is completed. CopyNProfit in fact gets 350,000 hits a month of "Internet Marketing" traffic and converts that traffic into sales. CopyNProfit is a great tool to have in the trillion dollar Internet Marketing industry. 

Additional Traffic Details


Uniques: 350,000 uniques a month   600,000 CB hops a month

Our main keywords  are: *make money online *work at home *internet marketing *affiliate marketing

Our site receives up to 16,000 uniques a day! How does get this much traffic?
We have a lot of organic blogs and search listings. We also have hundreds of affiliates found through the Clickbank marketplace. People keep talking about it, and the internet buzz is heavy and the talk in online forums is out of the ballpark.

After creating the CopyNProfit software in 2008 and launching the site, it quickly became the most popular internet marketing resources online, dominating the marketplace with help from all of the thousands of Clickbank affiliates.
For more information, ask us! 

Buyer information and instructions: We are selectively looking for a new buyer, someone who is qualified to inherit one of the biggest internet marketing websites on earth.

We are SELECTIVE about who we sell it to. Ideally we want someone who plans to take this site to a new level – so that not only does their investment pays itself back as quick as possible – but also want someone who can grow this to a new level of profits. It would really mean a lot to us to see such a success continue at the pace it is under the new owner. 

If you do nothing, the traffic will stay the same and grow some. However, if you place in more energy, there is the potential to double or triple the current revenue. We can give you pointers with this if you need down the line.

Update: Currently, we are getting some private offers but wanted to let a marketplace like Flippa see if we can find the most fit acquiring person or company that will really enjoy owning such a profitable business. We’re not in a hurry to sell - and would actually be continuing to keep this business on auto-pilot if we do not find someone who fits our buyer profile.

Purchase, inspect the site, accounts, finish the escrow transaction and the site is yours. Initiate an escrow transaction at and we will transfer the domain, files and Clickbank account to you.

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Site Established ? November 2008
Built With ?
Google Analytics Detected ? No
More info: BuiltWith

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Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
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MajesticSEO Inbound Links ? 0
SEOmoz mozRank ? 0.0
Alexa Rank ? 12,218
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


The seller deleted a comment from websiteplanet25 ( | $22.5K )
Px48x48 avatar 1376965520.80275212d390c3fb52.95956829
JamieLewis ( | $411K )
Wed, 02 Sep 2009 13:26:47 AEST

Hi WP,
Yep, all the videos are included. :)
Thanks for the bid.

The seller deleted a comment from flippasux ( suspended )
Px48x48 avatar 1376965520.80275212d390c3fb52.95956829
JamieLewis ( | $411K )
Wed, 02 Sep 2009 13:38:11 AEST

Yes, $2000 in the first 10 minutes. :) 9 days to go.

gcashhome ( | $150K )
Wed, 02 Sep 2009 13:49:28 AEST

What do you say about the staff requirement to run it ?

Px48x48 avatar 1376965520.80275212d390c3fb52.95956829
JamieLewis ( | $411K )
Wed, 02 Sep 2009 14:15:17 AEST

Honestly, the customer service is not much. Everything can be handled by a single customer service agent ($300 a month for example)

Px48x48 avatar 1376965520.80275212d390c3fb52.95956829
JamieLewis ( | $411K )
Wed, 02 Sep 2009 14:45:00 AEST

That is if you weren't going to want to do it yourself, which would only require a few minutes everyday. I have two or three customer service reps at any given time that answer emails for 10 to 20 of my most popular sites combined.

Px48x48 attachment 1314824767.50834e5ea23f7c1a19.93952504
AnakGila10 ( | $1.66K )
Wed, 02 Sep 2009 16:31:32 AEST

Hi Jamie Lewis, I will send a PM, please reply that one. Very interested on this but won't make a bid until you answer my questions in PM.

The seller deleted a comment from howard42 ( new )
howard42 ( new )
Thu, 03 Sep 2009 04:36:43 AEST

What is the average refund rate? It appears one of the attachments was deleted since my last comment. Hmmm.

Px48x48 avatar 1440266856.024855d8ba68060e55.43333415
tsturdivant ( | $8.29K )
Thu, 03 Sep 2009 06:30:43 AEST

Hi, I've checked out the website and I think the product is great! Is your emailing list included with the sale?

The seller deleted a comment from howard42 ( new )
chet548 ( new )
Thu, 03 Sep 2009 18:45:20 AEST

What is the deferent between Copynprofit and Profitmiracle are these site the same?

scriptsart ( banned )
Thu, 03 Sep 2009 23:17:16 AEST

nice site...just make a bid.

Px48x48 avatar 1376965520.80275212d390c3fb52.95956829
JamieLewis ( | $411K )
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 00:49:09 AEST

No they are not "the same" They are entirely different websites and products.

scriptsart ( banned )
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 01:24:43 AEST

what is bin?

Px48x48 avatar 1376965520.80275212d390c3fb52.95956829
JamieLewis ( | $411K )
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 04:45:21 AEST

No reserve, it's up to you.

Px48x48 avatar 1333573219.31614f7cb6634d2bc1.31653564
chatyak ( | $4.7K )
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 10:33:34 AEST

Not sure what your ideal candidate is, but I have my own affiliate site I setup as well and am passionate about it. Been doing it for a few years and haven't stopped, even though it's no where near your success.
Certainly don't have the upfront cash to make the bid in the amount that the site needs, but I thought I would do a stab in the dark here... nothing to lose right?
Would you be willing to let someone "own" the business for "x" amount of time, but simply give you 95% or some % of the profits, until it added up to the amount you originally asked for?
Just thought I would throw that out there.. what can I say.. business is about taking chances.
Anyways all the best to you.

The seller deleted a comment from jimkarter ( | $22.4K )
The seller deleted a comment from AnakGila10 ( | $1.66K )
The seller deleted a comment from optimus_prime ( suspended )
jimkarter ( | $22.4K )
Fri, 04 Sep 2009 21:25:51 AEST

Jamie, do you have any idea how much of these sales (what %) is coming thru PPC (your own PPC or PPC by your affiliates?). That would be a major factor in deciding the price.

The seller deleted a comment from JamieLewis ( | $411K )
The seller deleted a comment from JamieLewis ( | $411K )
Px48x48 avatar 1376965520.80275212d390c3fb52.95956829
JamieLewis ( | $411K )
Sat, 05 Sep 2009 01:04:04 AEST

Ordinary affiliates become super affiliates, it's certainly an extraordinary thing. Take a look at the Referred rating on your analytics. Then look at the ratio of affiliates amount of sales. It's a phenomenon I am most proud of. Also, regarding your question about our own PPC, we do not do any promotion ourselves, this is autopilot while we vacation. P.S: There is an $11,000 check for the last week coming in a couple days. :)

Px48x48 avatar 1376965520.80275212d390c3fb52.95956829
JamieLewis ( | $411K )
Sat, 05 Sep 2009 01:14:13 AEST

Note: If you have any questions at this point, please PM me.

Px48x48 avatar 1376965520.80275212d390c3fb52.95956829
JamieLewis ( | $411K )
Sat, 05 Sep 2009 01:22:07 AEST

Jim, after speaking with you extensively in PM's during the last auction you had stated you "wanted to call it off" and you abruptly ended our conversation. This is a serious website and I don't see the need for your emphasis of questions that I have already answered (And corrected you) in PM's. Thanks for your interest.

Px48x48 avatar 1376965520.80275212d390c3fb52.95956829
JamieLewis ( | $411K )
Sat, 05 Sep 2009 01:40:52 AEST

Regarding affiliates, there are 20 super affiliates, another 20 moderate affiliates, all consistent. Some use PPC, some have us in their auto responders, some have organic pages.

Px48x48 attachment 1314819164.35974e5e8c5c57d257.64895099
leperrine ( banned )
Mon, 07 Sep 2009 03:26:24 AEST

What a great opportunity! Wish I had the cash upfront for such an awesome investment!

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