$6000 monthly revenue, 665K total install

Good Business for interested buyers.

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Number of installs
500K - 1M
App Age
2 years
37,259 reviews
App Store Price
Net Profit
$2,171 p/mo

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Gross Revenue
Net Profit

Financials ?

Monetization Methods

Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue and Profit

Revenue Costs Profit
Dec 15 $1,500 $600 $900
Jan 16 $4,223 $1,689 $2,534
Feb 16 $4,315 $1,726 $2,589
Mar 16 $5,934 $2,373 $3,561
Apr 16 $6,712 $2,684 $4,028
May 16 $7,337 $2,934 $4,403
Jun 16 $6,161 $2,464 $3,697
Jul 16 $5,648 $2,259 $3,389
Aug 16 $2,584 $1,033 $1,551
Sep 16 $2,435 $974 $1,461
Oct 16 $3,677 $1,470 $2,207
Nov 16 $4,741 $1,896 $2,845

Seller's Notes


Q. What is an app for ?

A. Generally its rewarded base incentivise, User signup with google account , earn coins by completing offers, giving online survey and watching video.

Collected coins will be redeem to Free Gift  Vouchers, Mobile Recharge and Paypal Cash

 Q. How you make money from app ?

A. When user complete offers,survey,videos from affiliate ad networks we get commissions which is define by us.

Q. what is feature of app ?

Total Install : 645407  (100% organic)

Daily new Install : 2500 +

Current Install :36000 (36K)

Average Rating : 4.3

Highest install by country : India, United Stated, UK

Facebook Page Like : 105,565 (

User Database of 600K users

We have use 13 Affiliate ad network in app.

We have already developed admin panel to manage app.

Q. Why are you selling app ?

A. We cannot monetize app properly.E.G. We can only manage ecpm of every ad network around 2 while average ecpm others get is around 6 to 14.

plus we don't have experience people with us. so we cannot convert user to revenue.

Thats why our Active user is very low.

Q. What is future of app if we buy it ?

A. App have high potential to generate high revenue in sort time.Because App's rank is already high in play store.

Q. How you manage app ?

A. We have already developed admin panel to manage app easily.

Its only take few hours to manage app.

Q. What is actually include in Expenses ?

A. Backend(server) cost per month is $30, We use Back4App backend in app.

We have to give user reward, so other expenses for buy rewards.

Our mail reward in app is PayPal, Amazon, Steam.

So we buy all vouchers from amazon website directly.

Q. Whats does include in deal ?

A. Full source code, app transfer, app admin panel, backend transfer, Facebook page and other resources with associate with app.

Q. App has very low current install, why ?

A. As mention before that we have not smart team, so we can not properly monetize each users.

Q. There are bad review on Play store about app, why ?

A. This type of rewarded app provide virtual currency to user which is actually credit by ad network.

so some time late credit to user account , so user immediate give bad review on app. By the way avg. rating is 4.3

Q. Why there is suddenly decrease in revenue to few month ?

A. During Aug 206 to Sep 2016, we face some problem from our server. so app frequently down. But we then fixed the issue and now all running well.

Q. How you consider the app selling price ?

A. App sell price is based on following :

    - App development cost (as per current market it cost around $30K for develop this kind of app)

    - All resources & assent cost like UI design,Logo Design etc.

    -  Running app which generate around $5000 + revenue

    -  600K organic install ( ad per current market it cost $0.3 per install)

    - 600K user database (which is use full for app promotion)

    - 100K + Facebook page like

* For more questions Skype : gohil5395 

   [email protected] 

   please include your name,company name, company website on skype request or mail.


srlodhi ( suspended )
Tue, 20 Dec 2016 04:55:00 AEDT

why someone will install the app just watch movie or add?

gohilsoftware ( banned )
Tue, 20 Dec 2016 15:02:31 AEDT

@srlodhi Watch videos and complete offers lead to earn coins which is redeem for recharge,vouchers.

srlodhi ( suspended )
Wed, 21 Dec 2016 04:48:19 AEDT

Then whole team is required to manage this operation and payment to users
Who initiate the offer?
How payment is managed ?

gohilsoftware ( banned )
Wed, 21 Dec 2016 15:24:01 AEDT

@srlodhi No need to whole team for manage app, because offers are manage by third party ad network like nativex,adxmi etc.
and payment to user is made automatic by our server.
E.G.when user have enough coins in their wallet, he redeem the reward, while our cloud server code check users coins and give the the voucher from our database.

For more help skype me : gohil5395

Px48x48 avatar 1665d9fe e068 4e2f 8f32 5d58553d9b39
motiongames4 ( | $1.65K )
Fri, 23 Dec 2016 14:55:32 AEDT

Hello, I like to your project but how long does supersonic ads take for an app to be approved? Quick response would be great.Thanks.

gohilsoftware ( banned )
Fri, 23 Dec 2016 15:26:55 AEDT

@motiongames4 No need to approved!

abilash333 ( new )
Mon, 26 Dec 2016 23:15:38 AEDT

Hello I like the app. I was on hunt of something similar. How do you do the tax for this ?? and how much percent ???

tonmoy6794 ( new )
Wed, 28 Dec 2016 20:18:59 AEDT

Please PM me the reserve.

Px48x48 avatar 1665d9fe e068 4e2f 8f32 5d58553d9b39
motiongames4 ( | $1.65K )
Mon, 09 Jan 2017 22:06:09 AEDT

Which web hosting cloud server you used in your app & how much it cost?

gohilsoftware ( banned )
Mon, 09 Jan 2017 23:06:55 AEDT

@motiongames4 we use back4app backenf for our app which cost $35 per month

ItsAshes ( new )
Sat, 14 Jan 2017 06:16:33 AEDT

Is there anyway this can be put into IOS also? or is it strictly Android?

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