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This is the most profitable app in my iTunes portfolio. Please read details below to learn about the app marketing and monetization strategy and to learn how I can help your business.

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Financials ?

Monetization Methods

  • This app earns revenue with Advertising and In-App Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue and Profit

Revenue Costs Profit
Aug 16 $104 $31 $73
Sep 16 $104 $31 $73
Oct 16 $104 $31 $73
Nov 16 $104 $31 $73

Seller's Notes


In the last 4 months, I have produced 20 slot games. None has performed as well as Magic Genie's Casino Slots Jackpot.

The game has been downloaded 950 times. With $415 in revenue, $124 in marketing costs, it has netted a gross margin of $291.

This means that, over a 4 month period, the app has earned a 134% Return on Investment. The app has more than doubled the money that I spent marketing it.

Perhaps best of all, the marketing is completely automated through Chartboost.

Test the app now on the App Store!

What Is The Strategy?

The app monetizes with Chartboost and AppLovin ads, and in-app purchases.

The app is marketed exclusively using Chartboost static interstitial ads. The winner of the auction will receive the original artwork that I use to promote the app on Chartboost. These ads are all that you need in order to continue promoting the app to get more downloads and more revenue.

What Is So Great About This Strategy?

Chartboost revenue is designed to recycle. If you invest $100 in marketing the app on Chartboost, soon you'll make $120 on Chartboost in revenue. Chartboost will automatically re-invest this money to promote the app again for you. So now you're investing $120 to market the app, and you might make back $145. As this cycle continues, your Chartboost account can increase in value.

In this way I've been able to spend less than $100 promoting my apps, but it appears that I've spent much more... When Chartboost recycles earnings, your advertising budget grows like the "principle" in a traditional financial investment. At some point in the future, you can "cash out" by either selling your app, or by taking your money out of your Chartboost account. It should be significantly more than the money you started with.

The app also shows AppLovin ads. These ads are designed for your personal profit. Every month, you'll receive a payout to your PayPal account from AppLovin, which I recommend keeping as profit.

As your Chartboost advertising account grows, you'll be able to bring in more users, creating more revenue. This helps your AppLovin and Chartboost earnings to get increasingly larger over time.

Technical Specifications

Magic Genie's Casino Slots Jackpot has been optimized for all iOS 10 and iOS 9 devices including iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini. It is also 64-bit compatible.


To win the auction by BIN, click the "Buy It Now" button instead of the "Place Bid" button.

The following bonuses are available exclusively to BIN buyers:

  1. 2+ hours of free consulting. While a student during my senior year of college I made $60k working part-time developing apps. If you purchase by BIN, I will consult with you 1-on-1 on Skype in order to share my best information about succeeding in the app industry. I know specific techniques for boosting your eCPM on Chartboost, ranking higher in App Store search results, and more, and I am willing to disclose these to a BIN buyer. I know great people who you can add to your app development team, and can refer them to you directly. I also have particularly good information to help you get inexpensive installs with Facebook ads and Apple Search ads (as low as $0.10/install), and to drive traffic in partnership with social media stars without any upfront payment. While you can continue earning money just using Chartboost ads, additional marketing channels can help you further increase the profitability of this app. Overall, I have accumulated a number of "secrets" that are not commonly known, that can give your app business multiple competitive advantages. I am willing to share this specialized information if you are willing to pay the premium BIN price to help out my business.
  2. A free walk-through of the code. I will show you how to edit the graphics to make new apps similar to this.
  3. 2+ hours of free development time. My team can use this time to update your ad ID's or provide other assistance.
  4. A thorough business plan. I will provide detailed advice on how to monetize this app and source code to the fullest. As you can see from my $50,000 of sales on Flippa and other revenue from my apps, I have built a decent side-business making and marketing apps, and I will detail exactly how you can do the same or better.
  5. My commitment to your success. Because you're paying a premium price to purchase by BIN, and you're helping me greatly with my business, I feel a duty to ensure that you are also successful with your business. Our relationship does not expire after a week or two... I look forward to sharing advice and input on this and your future endeavors for months and even years into the future. I enjoy helping, and really do care about your long-term success.

If you follow my recommendations, you should be able to create a profitable app business, or enhance the profitability of your existing business. We all know it is easier to work together, and relationships can make a huge difference in business. The higher price of a BIN offer helps me to offer my absolute best service to help you succeed with this and other apps.

Bid Now, Set Up Your Developer Account Later

To publish this app, you will need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program. With a $99/year membership, you can publish an unlimited number of apps to the App Store. If you aren't a member yet, you can sign up here. I recommend "Enrolling as an Individual," since it is the fastest sign-up option, and you can always convert to a Business account later.

If you don't have a developer account yet, it might take a couple weeks to finalize. You can set up your developer account after the auction, so long as you send payment for your app within 2 days of the auction ending. Payment is needed in order to lock in the sale, but I am happy to hold onto your app for even a couple of months so that you have plenty of time to set up your developer account.

Auction Details

This auction may end at any time, whenever someone uses the "Buy It Now" button. If you think the BIN price I am offering is what you would be willing to pay, you may want to purchase the app now to avoid abruptly losing this opportunity.

Apps are a $50 billion/year business and provide a means of developing passive income streams.

This is THE MOST profitable app on my personal iTunes account. Since I can only sell my most profitable app once, this is a unique opportunity for someone looking for a solid opportunity to begin or grow an app portfolio.

I have set the app's reserve to $800. The auction will run for 30 days. I am not in a hurry to sell this app, and so am not willing to sell at a negligible price.

Why Am I Selling?

This auction can be a win-win for both of us. The auction price should help me to fund my Chartboost advertising account, so that I can promote my apps to more users and net more monthly income from my other apps. In exchange for your investment, you'll get a high-performing app and information about a business strategy that can benefit you for years to come.

If you choose to accept my "Buy It Now" (BIN) offer, you are basically investing in a relationship. For people who pay the BIN premium price on my apps, I am very open about the strategies that I know about, and I enjoy discussing other ideas and opportunities that you bring up whenever we talk. I deeply appreciate when someone trusts and invests in me, and so am very committed to ensuring that you are not disappointed. Please check reviews from other buyers.

Priced Out?

If this app is beyond your budget, I can reskin an app of your choosing from Chupamobile. Please message me to get a quote. If you prefer, you can also visit to commission quality reskins of my hit apps like Birdie BoStupidFox and Dot Dodge. My clients’ apps have been featured in Fortune Magazine and Yahoo News. They also regularly receive 5-star averages with tens and even hundreds of app reviews. I offer affordable app reskin and marketing packages ranging from $299 to $1,299. 

Please Conduct Due Diligence

Only serious investors and buyers should make bids on this auction. Full payment must be made within 2 days of the auction finishing.

Make An Offer Now!

Thank you for reading this listing. Regardless of whether you bid, I wish you the very best with your app business. Should you wish to place a bid, thank you for your trust. Should you wish to accept the "Buy It Now" offer, I look forward to working with you. On the same day of your purchase, I will e-mail you some great information to help you get started.


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