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Highly Brandable Domain in the Hottest Niche for Audio & Video "Low Reserve"

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"For Sale" Exclusive 100% Original Domain in a Hottest Niche –Electronic, a topic researched by millions of people around the world for finding Audio and Video related stuff.


Domain Details:

•Ultra-premium Domain

  • High keyword ranking in Google
  • Domain:
  • SLD: audiosize
  • Keywords: audio size
  • Language: English        
  • Category: Electronics, Audio and Video
  • Registrar

Search Overview:

  • Avg Search Results (keyword): 106,000
  • Avg Search Results (sld): 23,000

Average Monthly Search Stats - Broad Match - audio size

  • Monthly Searches: 49,410
  • Cost Per Click: $0.96 USD


Comparable Sales:

  • - $1000 USD - 19/10/2006
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Videos/Audio Niche has great market and potential, below is the few Statics and Potential of Videos Niche

  • 93% of marketers are using video in their campaigns
  • 84% are using video for website marketing
  • 60% are using video for email marketing
  • 70% are optimizing video for search engines
  • 70% will increase spend on video
  • 82% confirmed that video had a positive impact on their business
  • Clearly, video marketing works. Or at least marketers think it works.


The term "Videos and Audio" receives millions of searches all over the world each and every month. Guess what they're seeking? Explanation, products! The information visitors want includes examples of different types of Video/Audio related to any niche.

Here is the overview of the Keyword you can rank; these are not the exact match domain keyword but the basic niche of the site is related to video and Audio, so these keywords can easily rank, but proper SEO is required.

  • "Electronic Parts" receives 13,650 searches per month with $1.50 CPC
  • "Electronics Supplies" receives 7,060 searches per month with $1.87 CPC
  • "Online Shopping For Electronics" receives 7,610 searches per month with $0.57 CPC
  • "Video Sites" receives 6,350 searches per month with $1.36 CPC
  • "Online Audio " receives 1,110 searches per month with $0.85 CPC
  • "Audio Bible" receives 67,810 searches per month with $0.67 CPC
  • "Audio Recording" receives 940 searches per month with $0.40 CPC
  • "Listen Audio" receives 200 searches per month with $2.58 CPC
  • "Audio Music" receives 12,570 searches per month with $0.36 CPC
  • This ultra brandable domain name is perfect for anyone and everyone desiring to make it big in the Electronics Audio and Video Industry. Create your own line of products and more, and start selling them all over the world!
  • Not interested in making your own brand? Choose to resell. You can find third-party manufacturers on sites like Alibaba or Ebay and start reselling or drop-shipping! You can start an Amazon affiliate site on it and earn huge affiliate revenue. We're not talking about just hundreds, we're talking about earning thousands here!
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg which would give you an idea as to how big this industry actually is!

Not an end user?

  • Make huge money by buying this domain as a perfect investment opportunity available! The penultimate potential of this domain is limitless as there are hundreds of businesses already using domains with 'menz' in them and many more popping up every day.
  • Here's your chance to cash in huge bucks with low investment cost! If does not meet reserve, we are working to develop it ourselves. However with past and recent inquires this domain is going to be available for purchase for limited amount of time. This domain will not be sold for cheap, please only serious offers, as this domain has HUGE opportunity! absolute premium top level virtual estate! is one of the rarest and most valuable domain names on the market today. This is due to its inherent monetary value for any company, its uniquely short name and its potential.

The term is easy to remember. The easiest domain names to remember tend to be those that consist of a single real word or a popularly-used expression. Because "Audio and Video" is a common real term, this domain has the potential to capture user mindshare with only minimal marketing support.

Legal Situation

The domain name can be categorized as a generic or descriptive name. Because trademarks granted on generic terms are less restrictive than those granted on unique terms, generic domain names are generally less susceptible to ownership disputes arising from a trademark conflict than are brandable, non-generic domain names.

International Usage

A domain’s ability to be used internationally is a valuable asset. Though not imperative, it does considerably increase the value of a domain. Both language and TLD influence the suitability for international usage. Due to its .com ending, is suitable for international use. .Com domains are used not only in the United States, but also in many countries around the world where use of the country-TLD is restricted or uncommon. This ending has a very favorable effect on the value of a domain name. The .com TLD has achieved great recognition around the world as a symbol for the Internet.

Branding and Advertising Potential

Ideally, a domain name is identical to the brand or company name it represents in purely Internet based businesses. Thus, for an Internet-based business, the domain name is especially important. The use of domain names by conventional companies also creates a positive image for the company and its products and/or services, as it implies the company is on the technological forefront. A strong brand identity helps to build a successful website. This applies to both internet-based businesses and conventionally-established companies. Although opinions vary as to what makes a good brand name, many experts suggest considering the memorability of a name; phonological characteristics, different qualities the name can evoke, uniqueness, and easy spelling. In addition, a brand name can be valued highly if it uses a .com extension in the Internet. has excellent advertising and branding potential for the following reasons:

1) Short and easy to spell

2) Prestigious .com ending

3) A descriptive and memorable term

Better Search Ranking

Many Premium names like have exact match and authority in the keywords of the domain allowing you an opportunity to rank faster and better than less premium names.

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