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Strong one word .coms like don't come to market often. It is a rare asset, and once it's gone it will likely be off the market for a very long time. 

One of the biggest factors about having a domain like, alongside all the other benefits -it’s memorable, it’s industry defining, easy to spell, and so on – is the fact that it lets you punch above your weight. So if you're looking to sponsor something, or if you're looking to work with another company, or even from the customer’s point of view, having a domain like adds a lot of legitimacy to the brand that you wouldn’t have if you had a relatively generic brand name.




Peter Ulander from 

“It has had a significant impact on the growth of the business as we came out of stealth mode. For one, having a top level domain brings instant traffic, awareness and, in many cases, credibility in a market place. We quickly went from unknown to a top of mind provider in the cloud computing space. Additionally, as we launched the company, the excitement around the space coupled with the strength of the domain led to a significant amount of coverage in the press, which we never could have expected as a small company just launching a product.”

Howard Yeh from

“From that experience, I understood the value of a premium domain is huge, particularly in the early stages when you’re hustling to gain credibility. At, we were able to get meetings early in our company history which led to substantial business development deals with large companies such as AOL Health, and Everyday Health. Also, when you made customer calls, I can’t quantify it but the phone calls returned and emails opened is going to be higher. From an online marketing standpoint, a premium domain will help your paid search click-through rates, which yields a positive impact on quality scores on both the Google Adwords and BingAds SEM platforms. And I didn’t even mention the traffic implications, which most domainers understand really well.”

Steven Newman from 

“The name has opened up a lot of doors. It has opened up a lot of conversations, talking to people, where they might not normally give you the time of day, but really and truly, because you own such a key generic name, for those players that are in the space, it gives you instant credibility.”

Jon Yau from (domain acquired on Flippa for $250,000)

“I slapped a MailChimp landing page on it and started taking email addresses basically, because I knew I probably had a budget for a sort of six-month development period. So, the domain would probably be dormant and I thought: “Oh, well, what is the most effective way of utilizing the value?” I think we collected, in a four or five-month period, just under ten thousand subscribers.”

Mike Faith from

“The web site is significant because it gives us credibility. We get a lot of type-ins who are directed right to us. Also people remember it. We have a very high retention rate.”

Edward Sloane from 

“As I highlighted above, the main issue with a small business like mine is competing with larger established retailers. The issue is NOT on price or service; however, it is on visibility on the web. A new kid on the block like me when launching HomeLife needs a foot in the door, and that is exactly what gave me. Not only is it a powerful domain name and long established, but it also tells the potential customers exactly what I sell. This impacts conversion rates in a positive way and gives the customers reassurance that we have spent huge amounts of money developing and investing in the website and that we know what we are doing.”

Samuel Wagreich from 

“When Jesse Stein first purchased in 2006, it wasn’t much more than a parked domain with sponsored links netting its previous owner a couple hundred dollars a month. In just six years Stein turned it into a recognized retail brand with more than 450,000 products from across 13 sports–taking in $19.5 million in 2012 and earning a three-year growth rate of 270 percent.”

Monty Bates from

“I started about 10 different Internet businesses including resume writing, want-ad listings, tool sales and sporting goods sales to name a few. All of them flopped except one – selling camera filters. It took off like a rocket, all because I purchased the domain I paid $10,000 for the domain. Looking back, it was the best money I’ve ever spent.”

Vincent James from

“What I usually tell folks is that for the price I paid for I could have gotten a brand new compact car… The difference is 10 years later the car would probably be gone and 10 years later the domain is still going strong earning revenue.”

Raj Beri from

“It was a six figure price we paid for, and it was what we thought was a good fair price for it and one that we thought: ‘Hey, if we build this out, it will be great.’ And if we do not, like you said, the value of the name itself we felt was worth it.”

Want to see more successful business owners talk about the importance of their industry defining domains? Visit the blog HERE.


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