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(MPU) Short acronym for example

  1. Microprocessor Unit    
  2. Memory Protection Unit (ARM processor core)       
  3. MIDI Processing Unit (Roland)    
  4. Médecine Préventive Universitaire (French: University Preventive Medicine; various universities)    
  5. Multi Purpose Unit    
  6. Mycoplasma Pulmonis    
  7. Mid Page Unit (online advertising format)    
  8. Message Plus Unit (online advertising)    
  9. Mobile Power Unit    
  10. Mediterranean Phytopathological Union (plant pathology)    
  11. Metal Pop-Up    
  12. Multi Processor Unit (Army Airborne Command and Control System hardware)    
  13. Mobile Production Unit    
  14. Main Power Unit    
  15. Message Processing Unit    
  16. Magnetic Pickup Unit (used to sense engine or motor speeds)    
  17. Medium PRF Upgrade (SPS-49 radar)    
  18. Male Parental Unit (father)    
  19. Motor Protection Unit    
  20. Merchandise Pickup    
  21. Mobility Processing Unit    
  22. Multiple Port Unit    
  23. MCS Packet Upgrade    
  24. Mission Processing Unit    
  25. Mixing and Pumping Unit    
  26. Manpack Unit    
  27. Medizinisch Psychologische Untersuchung (German: Medical Psychological Examination)    
  28. Minimum Publishable Unit (academic publishing)    
  29. Must Pick Up   


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