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Newly-launched speech-to-text iOS app with built-in social network platform

Next Speech creates users' beautiful voice diary posts with voice memo capacity, its speech-to-text transcription (powered by Nuance’s Dragon© Naturally Speaking®) and its built-in social platform.

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Next Speech is a native IOS app which enables the creation of beautiful voice diary posts with both voice memo and its associated speech-to-text transcription (speech to text technologies are powered by Nuance’s Dragon© Naturally Speaking® technologies).

The app has the potential to expand to millions of users with a more extensive marketing capability under the new ownership; it can be marketed as a voice-based social media platform (Think Instagram, or Spotify, for voice memos)

This sale also includes the sale of the beautifully designed website and its domain, as well as other associated social account (Nextspeech on Facebook and @nextspeech on Twitter).

The content management system is with to Backendless service, which enables the new owner to manage existing and future contents and users easily.

The storage of data on this app is sourced to Amazon Web Services which is top of the class in speed and at the same time, very cost efficient.

The app has won funding from the LSE Generate Funding competition in 2016 (See link) As I have raised funding for this app, I believe the app is fund-able and you shouldn't have any issues raising funding to grow this further.


- Speech-to-text transcription: You no longer have to type your diary
- Each post includes a custom picture, your voice memo and the automatic transcription. Your emotions each day are also fully captured through your voice
- Calendar view of your diary: You can find posts quickly on specific dates
- Hashtags function: You can create custom hashtags to organise your posts into categories
- Make your story public: Let other Next Speaker listen to you and listen to others’ stories! Join the Next Speaker community to speak, listen and interact with each other. Next Speech has its own proprietary social platform within the app, with Facebook native ads already built in for significant monetisation opportunity once scaled. 
- Favourite stories: You can favourite others’ stories or your stories for easy access later
- Geo-location tag: The diary can record your location - helpful when you record while attending events, travelling or on-the-go
- Reminder: Set daily reminder for your 5 minutes a day diary recording

- Next Speech currently supports speech-to-text in English and transcription of up to 5 minutes per post
- Speech-to-text technology requires connection to the internet (Through Wifi or 3G / EDGE)

This is being sold as I have little capacity to market this app due to current highly demanding full-time work obligations; however, I firmly believe in its potential and have built it to highest specifications for rapid scaling opportunity. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.


Benjamin Dul ( banned )
Sun, 18 Sep 2016 16:52:50 AEST

Has any revenue been drawn from this application? Also, can you please show video proof of downloads.

I am interested in this project, but am also confused where the social side comes in. I'm not seeing a way to search users posts. Also, if I were to purchase, I noticed there were some spelling errors and the like, could this be changed and put out as an update before it made it to my hands?

Px48x48 avatar 33f7a45b 6409 41ab a993 5b3f56637a38
User 2171a83f ( new )
Mon, 19 Sep 2016 09:47:48 AEST

@Benjamin Dul No revenue has been drawn from this application. I'd record the video proof of the download next weekend when I am off full-time work; in the meantime a screenshot of the downloads is attached above ("App Download Number.png") . I took the 45 download per month as an average (159 downloads/ 3.5 months)

The social platform is in the "Listen" tab - users can make any posts of theirs public and let other people on the platform hear it as well as seeing the associated posts. On top of listening activities, other users can comment / like / favourite these posts within the app with the built-in social platform. The app therefore represents the same opportunity as an Instagram for voice memos (with transcription). This is a new, unexplored niche as there is no social network for voice-based content yet.

The search version is built in an older version of the app but was removed as we haven't got enough content to make it functional so this app won't come with search capabilities. I don't think it is mentioned anywhere in this ad that we have search function, or did you read that elsewhere?

And finally, absolutely, any typo will be put out as an update before it reaches you.

Px48x48 avatar ecfd3ff5 d017 4bc8 8a0b 71b33bcf6b45
aviben2626 ( | $725 )
Mon, 26 Sep 2016 03:22:00 AEST

Hello, how are you , do you have an android app ready ?

avil.z.soleiman ( new )
Mon, 05 Dec 2016 14:59:58 AEDT

how did you come up with this evaluation?

abnow ( | $43.4K )
Tue, 06 Dec 2016 00:47:06 AEDT

How much does it cost for nuance or other associated costs please

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User 2171a83f ( new )
Fri, 30 Dec 2016 22:50:19 AEDT

@aviben2626 Only the iOS app was developed, there is no Android version. Please note this sale includes not only the iOS app and its CMS (backendless), but also the website, domain, Twitter account (1.2k followers) and other social accounts.

Px48x48 avatar 33f7a45b 6409 41ab a993 5b3f56637a38
User 2171a83f ( new )
Fri, 30 Dec 2016 22:54:54 AEDT

@avil.z.soleiman $15k was how much it costs me to get the app, CMS and website developed and the limited maintenance cost since the app is launched. The asking price is negotiable; although the room for negotiation may be limited as I'm only asking for how much it costs me to develop the app and the website without making any profits on this sale. Any mark-down is direct loss to me. The only reason for me to bear this loss is because I have no time to devote to it since it was launched and wish for a clean exit to focus on my current investment banking job.

Px48x48 avatar 33f7a45b 6409 41ab a993 5b3f56637a38
User 2171a83f ( new )
Fri, 30 Dec 2016 23:00:07 AEDT

@abnow The associated running costs to the app is limited. AWS and Backendless is <$75 a month. Nuance costs is currently free - The free tier applies to up to 20,000 transcriptions a month. Beyond that when you scale rapidly you can negotiate with them for a tailored deal that is pre-paid but could be a lot cheaper per user. Please see the pricing plans below from Nuance.

Besides, the app earns the Facebook ads revenue from increasing use. Facebook native ads in this app is natively incorporated in the user's feeds. The ad scheme is under the Facebook audience network - Please see their payout policy here We have an account with them, so they'd pay us in the same policy as any other ads publisher. The ads usually appear once every 5 public posts, however the volume of these posts are low at this point due to small number of users hence the precise CPM and revenue data isn't available. To benchmark the CPM and revenue please read into Facebook Audience Network pay-out; I must say it's definitely the highest on the street (compared to Google / Apple) because native ads cannot be blocked by ad-blockers, nor ignored by users like banners, at the same time they create minimal or no disruption to user experiences. In addition many users log into the app via Facebook, therefore these ads are targeted to them by Facebook own algorithm.

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