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Top level domain is a clever title for your´s adult entertainment site.

Investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray, estimates the VR porn industry will exceed $1 billion in revenue by 2025

Perfect for branding.


You fuck with me, you fuckn´ with the best“ -  Al Pacino

"You fuck. You fuck. Never forgot it." - Phil Collins on Paul McCartney


SEO Tools : Domain Age Tool

No. Domain Name Age

1. => 18 years old

2. => 15 years old 
3. => 14 years old 
4. => 10 years old 
5. => 9 years old 
6. => 9 years old 
7. => 8 years old

Create a powerful adult entertainment brand in a 100 billion dollar industry with this category killer domain name!

“… “That’s kind of more than a one night stand, but less than an affair. The young hookup generation lives by the motto: are you still chatting or can we fuck already?” …”

Time Is Money! 

Time is the ultimate currency, and in the business world every minute costs you money. Every minute your employees waste having to spell your domain name, or a customer confuses your domain name with a better version, or how many times it takes for a customer to remember your website — all of these (and more) have very real financial costs associated with them. 
If you don’t own the very best version of your domain name you are losing money and telling your customers that you are second tier.

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7 Hot Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Site!

1. Make It Unique 
Uniqueness is the first and the most important prerequisite for successful domain name selection. See what the competition is doing. Avoid domain names that sound anything like theirs.

2. Memorable and Fun 
A good domain name is memorable and fun. Your readers will be more likely to come back to your website if they find it easy to remember the URL.

3. Easy to Read, Easy to Type 
Good domain names are easy to read and to type. Pick simple words that all people know and understand. Nobody likes to feel stupid and if people are incapable of spelling the domain name, they may well be unwilling to type it.

4. The KISS Rule 
Keep It Simple, Stupid! The rule applies to design and web development. It is just as important for domain name creation. The shorter it is, the better. At work we use the Pub Rule. The idea is that we should be able to tell someone the name of our website when we’re in the pub or at a bar. If we have to repeat something or they don’t understand it, then it’s not a good name.

5. Should You Use a Company or a Brand Name? 
Is the website or blog dedicated to your company? Include the company name or the name of the brand in the URL. The company name combined with a keyword will deliver the best possible SEO.

6. Avoid Slang Terms 
Slang may sound cool and it may appeal to a small target audience but many people will not know what you are talking about. Slang phrases and street language are best left for things like creative marketing campaigns.

7. Clever Spelling is a Big No-No 
Do you think that creative or unusual spelling is a good idea for your domain name? It may sound fun but it will get your website visitors confused. Avoid any variations of the terms and the words that you want for the URL. Standard spelling will deliver the best results.

I know that there are exceptions to this, sites like Flickr and Tumblr are huge, but they are the exceptions. Unless you have millions of users, or a gigantic marketing budget, it’s best to stick to things people will understand.

A good domain name will drive traffic to your website and it will affect SEO, as well. Spending some time thinking about it and doing research will deliver the best possible results. Your URL is your public representation, make it a memorable one.

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