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"Build Your Brand" with feel.com

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1. Top Level Domain
The domain name feel.com is comprised of an English term and the all-purpose .com TLD. This tends to positively influence the value of the domain name.

2. Length and Retention
The domain name feel.com is short (4 letters). At 4 letters, your name is considered to be of an ideal length.

The term is easy to remember. The easiest domain names to remember tend to be those that consist of a single real word or a popularly-used expression. Because "feel" is a common real term, this domain has the potential to capture user mindshare with only minimal marketing support.

3. Linguistic and Phonological Suitability
From a linguistic point of view, the domain name feel.com is considered valuable as it is a meaningful single word in the English language. Due to the inherently limited number of meaningful words in the English language, as well as the relatively advanced state of Internet development in the English-speaking economies, these tend to be the most valuable category of domain names.

4. Typing Error Sensitivity
The domain name feel.com is resistant to traffic diversion as it is relatively easy to spell and uses the dominant .com extension.

5. Legal Situation
The domain name feel.com can be categorized as a generic or descriptive name. Because trademarks granted on generic terms are less restrictive than those granted on unique terms, generic domain names are generally less susceptible to ownership disputes arising from a trademark conflict than are brandable, non-generic domain names.

6. International Usage
Due to its .com ending, feel.com is suitable for international use. .Com domains are used not only in the United States, but also in many countries around the world where use of the country-TLD is restricted or uncommon. This ending has a very favorable effect on the value of a domain name. The .com TLD has achieved great recognition around the world as a symbol for the Internet.

7. Search Engine Popularity
feel.com contains a highly popular search term. A query of multiple search engines return 14800 results for the term "feel". The overall value of the domain is increased by the term’s exceptional search-popularity. This popularity also suggests that a website utilizing this domain would have a high probability of increasing its volume of traffic by capturing a larger portion of users searching for this keyword. Expanding the domain's keyword-popularity could likely be accomplished with only limited marketing and branding efforts, which adds a second level of value to the domain’s overall worth.

8. Branding and Advertising Potential
feel.com has excellent advertising and branding potential for the following reasons: 1) Short and easy to spell 2) Prestigious .com ending 3) A descriptive and memorable term For these reasons, it is definitely possible that either an existing company or an Internet start-up would be interested in developing this domain as an online brand.

9. Commerce Potential
feel.com contains the search term feel, which is considered to have high commerce potential. It lends itself easily to either building a website geared towards the selling of products and services, or can garnish value through its association with a popular online industry.

10. Search Overview:
Avg Search Results (keyword): 100,000,000
Avg Search Results (sld): 100,000,000
Google Page Rank: 2

Average Monthly Search Stats - Broad Match - feel
Monthly Searches: 6,150,000
Cost Per Click: $0.74 USD
Ad Competition: low
Data Age: Recent

Average Monthly Search Stats - Exact Match - [feel]
Monthly Searches: 91,020
Cost Per Click: $0.74 USD
Ad Competition: low
Data Age: Recent

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