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Rx2.com - "Rx" means "prescription drugs" or "medical prescriptions" in the U.S.

  • Registered Since 1998
  • $2,200 EstiBot Valuation
  • 90,280 searches/mo
  • $1.08 Broad CPC
  • 600,00 Search Results for “rx2”
  • 300 MILLION Search Results for "rx"
  • "prescription drugs" gets almost 30,000 searches/mo and $3.40 CPC
  • Huge development potential
  • Personally, I would like to see this as an alternative medicine site "Rx2 - the alternative to prescription medication"
  • Also, of course, a Chinese Premium

 Comparable sale:  rxguide.com 7,000 USD 2015-06-30 BuyDomains

 Comparable sale:  rxpharma.com 6,200 USD 2014-09-17 Sedo

 But rx2.com is SO much better!!!

TheMedStore.com -Get your "meds" at THE Med Store!  

 How do "THE" domains sell?  Well, TheStores.com sold last June for $50,000, for  instance), even TheFool.com just sold a few days ago (2-13-2016) for $2,300 at  Namejet. TheMedStore was registered in 2004.

PrescriptionDesk.com - Where do you get all of your prescriptions filled?  You go to  the prescription desk of course to see the pharmacist.  This was registered in 2003.  How about a marijuana/canna usage?

 Even a couple 3 word "prescription" comps got this: prescriptiondrugabuse.com 11,500  2012-03-28  and  prescriptiondrugplans.com 3,299 USD 2011-11-18 

CordBloodTest.com - Registered originally in 2011, this was picked up in a drop  auction. Cordblood and Stemcell are large  emerging industries, as you likely are  aware of.  (If you are the winner of the auction and would like  Stemcell.us, - eh  TLD but monster keyword - I will give that to you as well).  

 cordbloodbanking.ORG sold for 5,215 on 2013-08-28 and cordbloodstorage.com sold  for 1,526 on 2013-01-12 

OurHealthRecords.com - Registered in 2005.  Storing and accessing your health  records is big business.  Do a search for online health records and you willl see the  168 million results, but also notice all of the advertisers!  I got 11 advertisers and  these are big companies.  OurHealthRecords.com is an obvious winner here.

 Lets find a 3 word "health record" comp.....  How  about pethealthrecord.com for  3,555 in 2011. Jeez...Seriously? :) 


Relevant Searches:

  • "rx" is searched 11,370 times per month at 1.49
  • "rx drug" is searched 3,700 times per month at 1.26
  • "rx list" is searched 3,340 times per month at 3.04
  • "rx prescription" is searched 2,400 times per month at 1.39
  • "rx online" is searched 1,570 times per month at 1.32
  • "rx symbol" is searched 1,400 times per month at 5.55
  • "abbreviation rx" is searched 1,700 times per month
  • "pharmacy rx" is searched 3,830 times per month at 1.14
  • "online pharmacy" is searched 31,460 times per month at 1.51 CPC
  • "drug" is searched 92,100 times per month at 2.72 CPC
  • "prescription drugs" is searched 29.950 times per month at 3.40
  • "prescription" is searched 10,120 times per month at $5.19
  • "pharmacy" is searched 12,920 times per month at 2.00
  • "prescription online" is searched 5,340 times per month at 1.48
  • "prescription price" is searched 4,930 times per month at 1.12
  • "prescription medications" is searched 2,290 times per month at 3.70
  • "prescription drug plans" is searched 2,060 times per month at 2.00
  • "prescription list" is searched 1,640 times per month at 2.48
  • "prescription medicines" is searched 1,130 times per month at 197
  • "order prescription" is searched 1.110 times per month at 2.00
  • "meds online" is searched 1.030 times per month at .90

These five domains have massive potential in highly searched, high competition fields.  There are LOTS of advertisers here with deep pockets paying big money for ad slots, and LOTS of potential end users.  Flip, hold, develop, or sell one to an end-user, which will pay for the whole lot!

Listing Terms:

Listing can be sold at any time, without notice.

Open to offers.  I may post a BIN in the last few days of the auction.

All payments and transactions to go through Flippa (free) or Escrow.com at your cost.

All domains registered at Godaddy.

Please contact me with ANY questions.  I typically respond within hours.

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Thanks for watching! 


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captainchris ( | $2.75K )
Thu, 03 Mar 2016 06:34:28 AEDT

Thanks everyone for your bids and your interest. One hour to go. Good luck!!

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