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This is a website I have had for about one year. It runs on Adsense and Clickbank.

Content took months of hard work and research. Everything is put together professionally, and the styling is some of the best you'll find.

We have had about 50 solid backlinks in Yahoo for about a year now, ever since the site started.

This is also a premium domain name in this niche, as people searching for DotA are always looking for guides (i.e. hero guides, item guides, etc.)

DotA is a niche that is only GROWING:

Think of it like Counterstrike. It's one of those mods that just won't die out. This is a mod for Warcraft 3.

Adsense has ONLY been added to the index page. We make minimal amounts from AdSense, but we are getting about 1500 uniques/month (as you can see in our AdSense screenshot). Also, the 1500 uniques/month you see on our Adsense shot is only for the index page that has Adsense on it.

We are also ranked on Google for popular keywords like #6 for "dota guides" and we have done ZERO SEO and invested nothing ($0) into advertising.

Additional Revenue Details

Adsense and Clickbank.

We have added Adsense ONLY to the index page. No other pages have Adsense on it.

Additional Traffic Details

75% Search engine traffic. Top Google rankings + long-tail keywords.


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