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The Beauty of this website is it defies what every SEO knows about how to get traffic.   PRNewsNow  focuses on an actual reader reading an article.  This is and has always been its sole source of income.  Pay for performance advertising. With over 500,000 pages its easy for us to use this model.

I built the site because I needed information, reliable quality information.  So that my search technologies were not relying on spammers to fill my search results.  The site has grown in size to a point of needing to be managed. With management comes editorial services and new profit models similar to (bought by Vocus for 25 million dollars)

There are Major components to the site. Direct marketing by over 2500 marketing agents, users. The other side is the Historical Release side. If you paid to have a press release issued somewhere we probably have it stored.  We have held fast in not deleteing or editing Historical releases as I personally feel this is a danger to how history is handled even in minor business relationships but standards to maintain history must be met. "Dewey Wins" is a valuable lesson not a reason for a delete key. 

PRNewsNow traffic is (by design) pre-filtered via rss this allows for us to have a much higher ad performance than what any other website can expect.  While every website needs quality in the search engines our core traffic comes from RSS readers @80% of the page views are from an RSS link.

If your concern is pages actually referenced in the search engines.

Google 200k + sometimes reads 400k when they are updating and they use another database for filler This is due to a navigational change months ago that is starting to reflect as old urls are replaced with new ones.

Yahoo 525k pages with 325k inlinks (Yes we do have that many pages)

Microsoft Live only 17k pages reason is most like our use of tables (being corrected)


PRNewsnow is a marketers dream.  Content traffic and more importantly portability. 

We can change any single page add or remove hyperlinks on the fly based on keyword, change the way each page is built in regards to its title, tags, content or internal linking.

We built it that way to optimize readership. If any of the search engines changes the way they rank pages we can change all 500,000 pages.   I.E. we need to get the tables off and move to xhtml 1.1 and CSS table-less compliant Template.

The internal search for PRnewsnow is custom built to suit the needs of portability to established and Start up search engines.   The XML is light and fast searching the full text of all the articles.   While it is fast there is a way to make it even faster under extreme high loads which we will share with the new owners and their programmer.(was the sole purpose of creating the site at one point)

The dynamic search result from Prnewsnow search database.

One of our custom search pages using this feed.

A directory site we are building that demonstrates as well its portability to other domains.(site not fully launched because I needed SEO spammers to flood us so I could develop a solid anti spam filter. Though this site does get search box traffic.)

Note that with our technology the url could just as easily read servers.html as servers

Dynamic driven URLs

Google search shows the navigation structure we undertook that has those results fluctuating. (going up every month)  This was done at the suggestion of Google's ad optimization team.(we do display close to a million Google ads per month)

Old URL based on keywords in the title optimization.

New URL based on categorized optimization for better ad performance.

None of these pages or directories actually exist the url is Actually part of the navigation system. 

The side menu navigation is a chronological menu display both forward and back XX number of articles within that category topic.  This HELPS THE READER.  If the first article was not quite what he was looking for He is a click away both in content and TIME of the subject matter.

Also if your following along note that our results for servers and Googles are similar in how our pages rank and theirs for the same keyterm only ours doesn't have competitors information.   The purpose of the Vbid and Bid in the xml was to allow me the opp to make it portable to "startup" directories and search scripts in the future if I desired to chase traffic in that manner.  I know that opening that feed up to that market can and would result in 2 - 4 million searches a month. As other sites I own produce that much themselves so my statement is one of practice not theory.

I have read through some of the other auctions and thier comments I will just state if your a person who is in the VC business or is using that model to value this property this is not the site for you.   This site is a valuable tool to a true marketing company or marketing business.  The ability to get into Google and Yahoo in hours is charged at a rate of $600 per release plus by our competitors we do it for free. If you want to change the business model then your VC capital needs to predict its income accordingly. 

The ability to keep top placement for real news in a market that is competing with television's expansion onto the web is paramount.

I CAN AND DO out rank CNN and MSNBC on real news. Buyer has the potential to become a live news authority if they choose. This was one event I chose to expose our potential.  This story was in Google in under 7 hours.  Hot events get hot priority updates. We never outranked FoxNews at any time although we were positioned in Google at the same time.

Additional Revenue Details

The site is currently earning 7000 - 8000 per month from just adwords and is a Yahoo publisher partner as well.  The site has the potential to rotate ANY form of advertising into the pages completely and in real time.

Site revenue does not reflect Search technologies income and partnerships that are not included in sale.  My premium search partnerships will remain my own as I proven myself to be a 100% fraud free operation.  You will have to establish your own search partnerships and reputation.  My personal reputation is not for sale with this domain.

Additional Traffic Details

Despite what people may think Prnewsnow is not a quanity traffic driven site.  Our conversion rates are outstanding and our readers tend to come back.

We "pre-filter" our readers through RSS feeds and Cache.  That means that the readers who actually open the page are already interested in the content.

This is a HUGE cost savings in the terms of hardware.

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gunmuse ( banned )
Mon, 14 Apr 2008 14:32:02 AEST

Will answer the first question before its asked. Reason for selling. will double in traffic this year and it just can no longer go unmanaged and I have used the site for years testing different search technologies and marketing strategies. 4 months ago I stablized the ads and allowed Google to have the bulk as that seems to be what most people see as relavent.
I have had no problems letting the income drop to $1500 - 2000 a month for 3 months at a time just to test a new marketing approach and have millions of views to validate or invalidate my ideas.
I do not want to manage people and that is the next step with this site. I am semi-retired and I don't need the hassle of trying to explain why I want to do what I do.
The site is Not a Niche. Business's have to issue press releases at a fact of business to complete some transactions legally(Why we don't delete old releases is to be able to maintain that legal standard).
I have no interest in working directly with Google, or Yahoo for "edited" release services that are search engine direct. I truly love the fact that I can go fishing any time I want(often thinking about what I am going to program when I get back but hey its my process).
I had a brick and mortar store before I started all this and I really do miss the small town gossip across the counter interaction and may go back to retail may not.
I am a Cortez type thinking on this matter. Burn the boats and keep focus on what lies ahead not behind me. ooo maybe I will raid a Myan temple or at least visit some.

gunmuse ( banned )
Mon, 14 Apr 2008 15:41:20 AEST

Got a private message that I want to make public. Why am I not in the DMOZ when I am everywhere else.
3 years of no response to DMOZ I hired a consultant on just this matter recently. I recieved a response and it looks like the matter will be corrected.

I quote :
I am afraid I have bad and good news. The bad news is that your site was rejected. The good news is that your site was recommended to resubmit. Below are the exact comments I received:
Project - prnewsnow

Category -

URL extremely listable

Status - Rejected. Conflict of interest with editor holding the category - Competitor. Note - 2 editors.

Recommendation [strong]- Resubmit to - 7 days via normal DMOZ submission. Use consultant.
Sadly if you build a site that competes with a guy who became the editor of a category just expect him to trash you. We are successful despite this effort to trash the domain and once its corrected we would expect our PR rank to take a 6 or 7 within the year like it should be.

gunmuse ( banned )
Mon, 14 Apr 2008 19:09:42 AEST

Another private question that I want to make a public response to. Please don't email me at my domain registration either. I have nothing to hide I just don't check the mail with any regularity.
Why do I think this site would be a marketing companies dream aquisition?
First here is a great read on changing search structure. I have to say that I agree with the analysis and that is why I post the link.
Second I have been in the online marketing game for a few months under 10 years now. I started with a website that focused on Hunting. A market considered taboo by search engines as Silcon valley elites are not big on eating meat let alone actually doing the dirty work to put it on the table. Saying a sites traffic is what it is.... Is like saying meat comes from the store. There just a little more to it than that.
I use this site to research how search engine designers "think" so that I could be one step ahead.
Build sites with large amounts of content then try to find what you "know to be there" not just display a search result that is computer ranked. Build directories knowing they will be spammed so you can see in real time how a lazy marketer thinks (spammers) so you can keep that stuff out of your site(or sight even).
If Microsoft starts using Yahoo's search alogrythm I expect my traffic to double by the end of the year. If it doesn't new templateing will cure the Microsoft whoas and that will have the same effect. Either way A marketers ability to get a producting into the market has value above and beyond Google ad placement on the page.

topsite ( | $2.77K )
Mon, 14 Apr 2008 23:08:36 AEST

What does site make in net revenue if any?

nikolaalx ( suspended )
Mon, 14 Apr 2008 23:39:11 AEST

As a very serious and active buyer here on Sitepoint I can only say that the price which you are asking is unrealistic. With price expectations like this, your auction will surely fail.
My advice is to drop the price to around 150-250k, which I think is the real price for this website.

The seller deleted a comment from tekmiester ( | $5.5K )
The seller deleted a comment from eron19 ( | $6.8K )
gunmuse ( banned )
Tue, 15 Apr 2008 08:57:55 AEST

nikolaalx : Very petty I was serious about buying your site but comparing your .10 cent cpm to my $30 dollar cpm is not realistic.
tekmiester: Your using Venture capital math. In other words you want to buy it and have it make it owns payments while it grows into larger profits for you. Some buyers are in Business of being in business and not sponging off the market. I am sure there is a large market here for you to do that with but site requires some understanding of the marketing business and its costs vs results.
topsite: The site makes a little over $25k per month net with all the projects that tie into it. If you wanted to do the editoral services that would bring it to around 80 k per month plus costs of your editor. I AM NOT SELLING MY WHOLE COMPANY THOUGH. This sitecosts $450 per month in servers. The software is a custom design that is made specifically to use Dual AMD x64 servers. That hardware has a 12 gig/ sec memory to cpu data x-fer rate. While we use a 5 drive raid system the site is designed to avoid talking to harddrives keeping the need for a server farm limited to Network card output rate. Server load averages .40 - 1.3 with this setup. So currently NET INCOME IS 7k per month. Aprils net is looking to be 8500 and Mays will be around 10.5 k. The system is in an automode right now and last time I let it do that it hovered around 12k per month.
Looking at the stats you can see that I let all search engines go nuts they open hundreds of thousands of pages per day without slowing the site down.
For these reasons i giggle at those who see the simple nature and think nah I will just clone it.

There is a long list of sites who scan our pages for information and can't get off the ground in income.
Hell sponges our acronym and even registered my acroynm as a trademark.

moores29 ( | $325 )
Tue, 15 Apr 2008 09:06:22 AEST

The other day my friend sold his ppc network making over 150k per month for 1 Millon. You cannot possibly be selling some news site with only 7500 revenue per month for 2.5 MIL. Really this is too much

gunmuse ( banned )
Tue, 15 Apr 2008 09:29:24 AEST

Guys come on Im in business here. 150k for only 6 months revenue you could go the bank borrow against your own company and make that in tax avoidance on the interest of paying yourself while you set the loan money in cd at 8% out of country tax free. So your friend got 4months income from his site upfront. had only 4x times the traffic I do and sold for 25 million just a few months ago. Sorry being that the number 2 guy in my business got 25 million being the number 3 guy makes 2.5 million a bargain when using the same market math.
Sorry this is an investment not bargain basement sale because I need money. I am going to get 5years projected income otherwise its smarter for me to borrow against it and take the tax breaks. This site is littered with either liars or venture capitalist's. My business model is not good for either.
I am not willing to completely ignore 1 million Yahoo and Google cached pages.

I am not willing to completely ignore the sites ability to launch or prop up other online ventures.

I am not willing to completely ignore that current Google ads reflects an unmanaged business model.
I can't state this enough the site is growing past the unmanaged state too quickly. You will NOT be able to buy this and ignore it while the checks roll in. You must have a clue what your doing or the ability to invest into that multi-million dollar growth.
In 60 days I will be forced to start hiring staff to manage the site. This what I am trying to avoid as its not my personal goals to staff and train employees.
This is a tool for an existing marketing firm or Search product that already has a staff and that market will understand what is there and what needs to be done.
I don't mind answering the questions guys but the site is a bit above your ability to run with the questions and statements that I am seeing. There are marketing companies billing their customers $600 to 1500 per press release by purchasing the distribution point directly versus paying $400 to 700 to my competitors they save 10-50k per month in costs.
Linear thinking of cash in bank payment goes out is not how you get ahead in business. Sorry.

The seller deleted a comment from null.routed ( new )
The seller deleted a comment from ygtvsell ( new )
The seller deleted a comment from nikolaalx ( suspended )
Px48x48 attachment 1314760384.39114e5da6c05f7d32.23188395
tekmiester ( | $5.5K )
Tue, 15 Apr 2008 19:19:18 AEST

I just did the math. If you got full asking price, your site would sell for 30 times earnings. That is 30 years to break even. Will people still go to your site when there are flying cars? I don't know.
Now let's try and use your rational here. Let's say you double earnings. How long to break even? 15 years
Let's say you quadruple earnings. You're looking at 7.5 years.
Your site represents an IRR of just 3.5%. Citibank will pay me 4% with zero risk to principle. There is no legitimate rate of return that makes this an NPV positive investment.
The Wall St standard is about 7x earnings for M&A. We will forget for the moment that your business has no physical assets and thus no book value (doing so unpleasently reminds us that contrary to what you say, we are in fact only paying for future cash flows). However, it would be unwise to look at your industry as green field; there are established competitors that can outspend your or under price you at any time.
We may be a bunch of inept website monekys with no "vision", but some of us have MBAs and can tell you that no financial calculations out there can justify your price.

gunmuse ( banned )
Tue, 15 Apr 2008 20:29:41 AEST

Did you MBA teach you how to "underprice" Free? Sounds like you want to argue and ignore reality at the same time.

1.)You ignored growth

2.)You took the BIN instead of the price you could get it at $600,000

3.)You failed to contimplate using the business models of the same caliber competitors as a guide

4.)You failed to understand "conditional bids" which could require me to spend months of my time teaching your in house "monkeys" to not run the system into the ground.

5.)You failed to sue your school for lack of reading and attention skills as part of a business degree.

IF YOU DON'T have a marketing assest already you don't want this product. Its a tool, a distribution point and your wanting to borrow money and have me make the payments for you. I applaud your efforts to belittle me into giving away a business at zero risk to the buyer.
This appears to be a problem with people who ask if you want fries with that during the day get to give their "business o'pine"
$600,000/$7000(we shall just ignore growth, I mean I am supposed to eliminate 100% of your risk)= 85 months (the same period as buying a new Dodge pickup)
Seriously guys if you expect me to believe you have MBA's then 'google adwords potential' can't be the only value of a website in your comments.
News Flash (Google adwords is a publicly traded company) that means if their stock falls they have to fix it. There is no Guarantee of the ad % to you the user. In fact this site proved that they have made reductions in the past to boost stock performance as the site made $12k per month in 2006 with less traffic and lower click through rates.
No bank is going to loan you money based on Adwords performance. You need a real business plan that will involve customer interaction. The fact that this makes the payments as a cornerstone to a real business plan is the icing to get you the loan.
There are 4 people I gave permission to use customer editorial model and our site aquistion as part of their bank funding business loan at the min bid price and adwords value of only 60% of current with 18% per year growth. These are "safe" numbers for a bank to loan against based on the rest of your business plan for income for the remainder and time frame.
When your bank calls me to ask questions I have no intention of lieing to them about the downside risk.
Home work for you MBA guys look up the phrase "balanced vertical integration acquisition"

meathead1234 ( banned )
Tue, 15 Apr 2008 22:18:43 AEST

I don't have an MBA in corporate finance, but I'm pretty sure most sites that sell on here make money from ADSENSE not adwords. I take it in all your vast experience you never actually picked up the subtle difference between the two? (leave it to the monkey's eh?) I quote "5.)You failed to sue your school for lack of reading and attention skills as part of a business degree." Evidently.
Your logic is also extremely flawed. Why would anyone want to splash out XX years revenue to make you rich from the "potential" growth of a site? Surely this is value-added by the buyer, and therefore not for yourself to retire on?
You should invest your knowledge of financial concepts and maybe buy a stable company such as Bear Stearns(?!) for 75x yearly revenue. Genius.

Px48x48 attachment 1314760384.39114e5da6c05f7d32.23188395
tekmiester ( | $5.5K )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 00:10:58 AEST

Well, I was trying to be generous in my assesment and assume pure equity financing. Assuming debt financing there is NO WAY THIS DEAL CAN EVER MAKE MONEY.
Let me explain. Let's say by some miracle in this economy you get an 80% loan for the full selling price. That is $2 million dollars. You're monthly debt payment would be at least $15,000 a month. But you are only making $7,000 a month. After a year, you dig yourself out of this hole and double profits through what is apparently an easy process unless you are an MBA or Internet business owner. Well, ok, now you are just breaking even. So you need to double profit again, Wait, as the guy said, you have to hire a staff. Whoops, you still aren't making money. So realisticly you need an 8 fold increase in profits to come out ahead. All this and you have to assume the existing well funded market players would strategically react to your growth.
Now you are right some *ahem* shrewed investor could walk away with the site for $600k, put in 60 hours a week, hire a great staff and end up making good money. Or he could buy 4-5 of the other sites available on Sitepoint for the same money, have immediate income of $20,000 a month and work 4 hours a day.
You are right, I must be an idiot because I dont get this at all. This clearly is not the forum to sell this kind of business. I did look up "balanced veritical integration aquisition" and it said to look up "risks of undercapitalization when dealing with entrenched competitors", "lack of competitice adnvantage", and "easily reproducible business model"

Px48x48 avatar 1320937859.31294ebbe9834c65f5.43646985
Jeremy W. ( | $150 )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 02:44:56 AEST

If you want 2MM for this, hire an IB firm. They might (and I do say might) get you 4-7x revenue. Which is really only 300K, so they wouldn't even take this on without an up-front of 100K + 10%. So you're going to net around 150K. Which is what you'll get here for the property.
To reiterate what everyone else is saying, if you want to sell for more than 3 years current revenue, this isn't the place to do it. If you want to sell for more than 1MM this isn't the place to do it (though a few of those do happen every year). If you want a big purchase, go where the big boys are. Hire Allen & Co, KPMG, hell, hire Deloitte for all I care. Just don't go razzing on the guys here just because you have an idea that your site is worth above what this market is willing to spend.
A site is only worth what someone's willing to pay for it. And just because PRWeb (with revenues of in excess of 5MM$) sold for 25MM, doesn't mean your site that's whatever percentage of that will get the same ratio. That's not how things work. There was a bidding war on PRWeb, for one, and for two the multiple on the #2 guy on the industry is several times what the multiple is for the #3 guy.

milliondollars ( new )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 05:49:13 AEST

I dont want to trash this thread but i am loving it. I am a management consultant and its interesting how tekmiester and the seller are battling it out with their analysis.
I'd love if both of you guys could write an article on valuation of websites one with a "vertical integration" and the other with "no competitive advantage" and "risks of undercapitalization when dealing with entrenched competitors" . If not anything, the ebooks would definately sell :)

gunmuse ( banned )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 10:23:40 AEST

milliondollars: Yes, its not that they are wrong in what they are saying with math its that in their scenerio's all websites stand alone and have value only in themselves.
I.E. Prweb's deal. Bought by Vocus. Vocus then put a 1 man office in the state of New Mexico. That's right offices in London, Los Angelas and Santa Fe,NM . Getting Paid $1000's of dollars for each press release (that would be putting text on a webpage) 10's of press releases per day by the state government. Now the fact that Vocus is contributiing to the Governors campaign for president and has since shifted support to Obama in the past few weeks since the govnernors drop from the race and then support of Obama is irrelevent. Now this is all LEGAL and its just an example of how you add value to a news org that has reach. 2.5 million a year in value. But that is not the real point Vocus now has the ability to SET the news of the day(talking points). Vocus now has the ability to "deny" entry of opposing points of view into Yahoo and Google news through their "edited process".
Radio stations, television stations live on the Political cycle thats when the money rolls in for advertising. A similiar shift in "What bloggers copy" is happening online and companies are starting to aquire properties for Left thought-Right thought.
My Opinion on News has always been people as a whole are not so stupid as to believe "all good things" or "All bad things" about a person or subject. It doesn't take long start looking for alternatives to news when the trend is a cheer or jeer leader. Thus why CNN,MSNBC and ABC are losing to fox. Fox said something different. Fox let a guy say that taxing an employer into the ground may not be the best idea for your job stability, The right wing devils.
As for "money enough for me to retire on" I am retired. $600,000 is not going to change my lifestyle one drop hate to disappoint those who don't understand self-suffience.
At the end of the day all you guys have said is you want the property but you want it at 1 years income value. 5x earnings is not 5 x / month earnings its / year. Also neither of these guys have put money into an escrow in good faith to even negoiate their point. (would you like a hot apple pie with that) In other words put up or shut up.

gunmuse ( banned )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 10:46:59 AEST

Private question: Why a difference between readers online and unique visitors per day.
Couple reasons for that Biggest Readers online includes every pull of our News feed by Google, newsgator etc and that is dropped off by Time not IP address. Readers online means in short (includes skimmers).
Logged uniques are people who actually then clicked and opened the page to finish reading the article. Look at the stats 80% of our readers are direct bookmarkers(RSS clickers) Only 5% of those who skim actually finish the article thats why the 8% average clickthrough rate from Google. The actual logged uniques are already filtered prior to reaching the website.
Also when newsgator or aol etc. Cache our Newsfeed we don't log the pull by all readers. This means the 5% number I quote is based on our own personal pulling rss feed that I can log a unique pull on.
You can really get in the way of your customer if you try to log everything they do. The Goal is to let them Read and I don't create click portals or trapped websites just to be able to see bigger numbers.

lasoussia ( new )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 14:22:37 AEST

Very arrogant,... it looks like you want to fight and insult more than you want to sell,....

And yes everybody is right,... it is 10 times over priced,... I have a website that is making me 10K a month and it is groing like crazy, but still i won't dare to aske for $2.5M
Good luck & try to be respectful

gunmuse ( banned )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 14:42:15 AEST

lasoussia: 10k/month and growing like crazy plus you agree with them so you will take 50k for it today?

JeffC ( | $9.73K )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 16:36:25 AEST

I would just like to wish you sincere luck in the auction. I want to keep this short so I won't comment on the 15 year olds arguing with you about the value of the site.
Hope all goes well!

gunmuse ( banned )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 16:41:58 AEST

Been keeping me amused

The seller deleted a comment from Graham97 ( | $83.5K )
Graham97 ( | $83.5K )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 17:05:25 AEST

You may have a wealth of knowledge about the economics of the situation, but you appear to have learnt very little about public relations and I would guess man management. I can see how you wouldnt want to hire staff, as I think some people would find it very hard to work for you. Insulting your potential purchasers is not the way to go. You obviously think of yourself as successful. This seems to manifest itself in your attitude. Sure there will be some people on this site who havnt got a clue about business or the finances surrounding it, but I would bet also that there are some very successful and experinced people here.
Misplaced arrogance is not an attractive personality trait, especially in a salesman, which is what your trying to be at the momnet.

nikolaalx ( suspended )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 17:54:22 AEST

obviously gunmuse does not want to hear what the crowd is saying, while at the same time he wants the crowd to make him rich.
People with experience and capital are telling you that you are selling something intangible, this is why any such business normally enjoys a tremendously low forward P/E (Price / Earnings) ratio when sold to someone else. In your case your P/E ratio is through the roof.
In simple words, you sell air and money here like we all do, when you do that do not compare it with normal brick and mortar businesses which even if go broke still have value due to the fact that you have assets which can be liquidated. The only tangible thing in this business is traffic and brand. In your case you dont have any of them.
And your 600k reserve price is tremendously high as well. Your site is too dependant on google for traffic. One google update and you might be left with zero income....and there are 4 such updates each year. But I am guessing you are well aware of you are very experienced as you are saying.

gunmuse ( banned )
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 20:59:48 AEST

Graham97 : These are bottom feeding website flippers who think they can badger a better price for a quick buck not potential buyers of a business.
nikolaalx : Min has been met.... 18% of our traffic Google Not exactly the "crutch" your making it out to be. On that note we are diversed across over 200,000 keyword searches and most search traffic is specifically seeking the content on the site. Also in 3 years Google updates have always been good to us because they tend to clean out those who scrape the site.
Folks $600,000 is not rich. If you think it is you need to stop and examine what your doing.

gunmuse ( banned )
Thu, 17 Apr 2008 00:15:35 AEST

Another private question to be answered publicly:
Can or will I carry the note on a winning bid: Conditionally yes, 40% of the bid down payment defered 2 years balance over 7 to follow. You must be credit worthy with a business or experience to move the property forward, conditions of usuage will be met to prevent from running propery into the ground.
Continued performance conditions will have to be met on a bi-annual basis.

gunmuse ( banned )
Thu, 17 Apr 2008 01:16:28 AEST

More private questions:

Q. Does the Search product come with the site?

A. Yes that is a large chunk of the value of the domain as a platform tool.
Q. Does it include

A. No it does not, is a Seo spam reduction site we are building for another search product tool we are have in development.
Q. Can you give us the names of the companies that are paying for keyword research?

A. Yes I can and No i won't develope your own business relationships. My partners have been informed that I do not wish to renew their contracts. Its been my experience that a clean break keeps my reputation in tact when new management doesn't perform to the standards I upheld.
Q. What is

A. That is domain of my search engine research. It is also where we have implemented the PPC industries best fraud prevention. .01% fraud rate versus 30-40% by the big leagues. We developed a method of turning off a paid link MID-Search to ensure scraper sites, proxy clicks, robo-clicks etc etc (theres is 394 known fraud techniques to us. Most companies stop 7-30 of them). Sharedfeed will be fully detached from as its a property we intend to keep. It will be a business oriented PPC with the industries guaranteed lowest fraud rate. If and when I decided to open the doors.
Q. Can the site be translated to Russian?

A. Any language and on the fly (if you buy the language softare @$30,000 USD) but yes you could revamp the entire site in multiple languages from a single Database.
Q. Will you sell a copy of the database?

A. Yes but I don't want to mislead anyone. Many Many sites have tried to duplicate what we do. How our software access's the database has more to do with our success than the data itself. I will not sell user database or topsite info(not that its worth anything). Also since i have a bid that is contigent on me keeping a copy of the db anyway I will have to check with that bidder. I figure about a nickel an article is fair content value or 10k per db copy.(no piece meal requests the guys who asked wanted it for their own research so I thought about this long and hard, I have no intention on making it easy for scraper sites).
Q. How does Yahoo perform on the site?

A. Terrible the best Yahoo was able to do with a 90 day run was 3k per month we dropped google making over 11k at the time for that 3k performance. Yahoo was always 4 days away from getting it fixed. Never happened. Hell I fixed and sent the code to Yahoo to correct the problem they never implemented it. our in house ad box outperforms Yahoo. Our in keeps pace with google on click performance but can't match it in ad revenue. Yahoo's ad platform error is a simple one they don't read the incoming keyword from the referring url to place the ad. They wait to crawl the page and if their crawler comes up with different keywords than the search engine sending the traffic. Well yahoo assumes they are right and puts up the wrong ad and lets the performance drop.

gunmuse ( banned )
Thu, 17 Apr 2008 01:26:16 AEST

Missed one:

Q. Are those the usual google ads?

A. Yes, We pull more than 1 million ads a month with very high conversion rates for google's clients so we see a premium ad set. Intuit has targeted us for months now and each month there is a small bid war for cpm on site in graphic ads. CPM has gone up month to month because of this as long as I leave the google ads up and keep the inventory over a million ads for google.

wahideas ( | $5K )
Thu, 17 Apr 2008 02:20:18 AEST

Gunmuse...IF the sale of your site does go through for MIN bid of 600k you should be thrown in jail for robbery of an innocent buyer. Your valuation is just plain ridiculous for a website that looks like it was built in 2000 and never updated since. Did you miss the memo on the dotcom crash? Sure, 8 years ago you may have been able to sell a website for 85 times annual REVENUE (not even profit!), but not nowadays. This IS NOT a bricks and mortor business, this is a web-based business and is finnicky at best, even if ONLY 18% of your traffic is from Google.
I suppose you'll just assume that I am a 15 year old who is jealous and uneducated. Not so, I currently make 40k/month net and am above the age of 30. I am university educated, so you are not getting this advice from a pre-pubescent teenager. Lower your MIN bid by 400k and you MAY have interested parties. It is true that you CAN value in potential, that's fine...but at least make it reasonable.
For this kind of website, you should be asking a maximum of 3 times yearly revenue, or $270,000. Take that as your lesson for today. Class dismissed.

wolfgangslad ( suspended )
Thu, 17 Apr 2008 03:42:29 AEST

A friend of my sold his website business for a lot of money to a listed UK company. He pulled in 12 million US$ in annual revenues per year (profit is around 3.5 million US$ per year). Price Waterhouse checked his books and after a NDA was signed it took 9 months to finalise the deal. The website dealed in online hotel reservation and had an average revenue of 30,000 US$ per day but if the client books a hotel in 4 months time that money would generate interest with banks as the website charged the client upfront for the nights booked.
I know my fiend wanted to get 5 years profit from that UK company and i think he got that deal but I compare your numbers to the sale of the website of my friend and your site tops 300k-400k$ which is a very conservative number and I doubt anyone is going to buy it because the risk is to high.
I dont believe in Alexa ranking but if I compare your website with that of my friend, the results are stunning:
My friends website ranking on alexa:

Yesterday 1 wk. Avg.

3,403 2,866 5,114
Your website ranking with Alexa:

Yesterday 1 wk. Avg. 3 mos. Avg.

N/A* 91,053 84,208
Most of your search traffic comes from Google but if Google decides to drop your site from the search index (they do it all the time) your website has no real value any more.
You have 210,000 links in Google and the website of my friend has 2.8 million in the Google listed but it goes up to 3.5 million with unique content. You report that Yahoo has over 500k pages indexed but your traffic from yahoo is very small.
I sampled some of the press releases and they actually came from PRWeb, so it means what i checked is actually not unique content so I don't know what you are selling.
I do believe your website has a potential but it is a long way to go but a lot of programmers can do exactly the same.
BTW: The difference between PRWeb and your website is that on PRWeb the press releases are submitted and you just re-distribute them on your website.
anyone can do that and before I would spend that much money, I would do it myself.

gunmuse ( banned )
Thu, 17 Apr 2008 10:55:44 AEST

broker: I can't accept your buy it now bid because it closes the auction and you have negative feedback from previous purchase. I also have not accepted any bids that don't have proof of funding.
Last 2: Guys I'm sorry you don't understand stageing in business, I am not undervalueing my company because you don't understand that you keep churning the same butter. I am not selling a buy it and cash the checks company.
Here is the most recent news release. 14 hours old at time of typing this.,GBSA:2008-05,GBSA:en&q=Heritage+Watch+Company+Completes+Name+Change+to+The+Hoursmith
Prnewsnow NUMBER 1 Prweb Number 5 This is not "redistribution" because we distribute through a different method. A better method. And we don't SEO our news
Take an older release:,GBSA:2008-05,GBSA:en&q=Trucking+Company+Receives+%245+Million+In+Receivable+Finance+Provided+By+1st+Commercial+Credit
Number 1 PRweb wasn't in first 5 pages.
Now if you took a page between 4-5 days old and say 2-3months old "tons of the redistribution sites" Like what your talking about will rank up better. These are the sites who SEO the information they got. They get a short pop in ranks and then get cleaned out.
The counter points are proving the case (all be it slowly) that I could of just built a clone site. SEO the information got 8 to 9k in google ads and made a quick 50-100k. Thats actually what they want to buy only as I point out "IT WILL FALL FLAT" where as what is on prnewsnow is built for longevity. We know the news will take a down cycle and the system is prepared for it.
I just keep wonder where they are teaching these "how to value a company" methods.
Because I keep hearing over and over again (2 + 2 = Check Google)

The seller deleted a comment from codythebest ( | $7.96K )
The seller deleted a comment from null.routed ( new )
The seller deleted a comment from eron19 ( | $6.8K )
gunmuse ( banned )
Thu, 24 Apr 2008 01:08:05 AEST

Bidding is now closed. has just come to arrangements to carry 100% of all Associated Press articles in real time with video and images from AP writers and photographers. The more than 12,000 real time news articles per month will round out its position in the news industry. Look for a site theme change and real time access to live news via within the next 90 days. Sites will be able to get a "breaking news" feed and FULL content story distribution on their own websites through validated partnerships. Full content distribution has yet to be tried and monitized and the new software technology employed by allows for this to be a realistic new platform.

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