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U.S. TRAVEL TOURISM - TARGETED DOMAIN NAME! Very high monthly search average

Huge market of tourism in the deserts of Las Vegas, attractions in Arizona, Area 51 in Nevada, the Mojave or Grand Canyon scenery! Rare .us that targets both U.S. citizens and International tourists.

Seller's Notes

To acquire market dominance and attract unique visitors from the help of search engines, you will need to secure a high quality domain name that is short, easy to remember, and strong.  This is how your visitors will find you, and how they will remember you.

QUICK FACTS has been appraised automatically at $3,900 because of it's short common name, and the attraction it's name brings (over 160,000 monthly searches).

The potential in growth is extremely massive, targeting a $1.3 trillion industry in the U.S.  Be the first to own a simple, short, but STRONG domain name in the industry.

Now, for some more detailed points..


  • COMMON WORD - is a common English word "Desert" that target's a hot travel spot in the U.S.  Las Vegas, Arizona, Area 51, Mojave, Grand Canyon, all in the U.S!
  • .US TLD - One of the few TLD's that would work perfectly with "Desert" as it targets those in the U.S. and attracts both American citizens, and International tourists that are looking to travel in to the U.S.  Have a once and a lifetime adventure travelling the U.S. at
  • LENGTH AND RETENTION - is extremely short, and a common word - something extremely rare in the domain name world especially when it features one of America's hottest travel destinations, it's deserts.  Desert is easy to remember, and remember - it's in the best place to go for deserts, the .US!
  • EASY TO TYPE, EASY TO SAY - This one speaks for itself, you can literally say the domain name without ever having to repeat yourself.  Typing it out is even easier, you can even type "Desert" with one hand, try it.  It is considered resistant to natural traffic loss.
  • LEGALITY - is categorized as containing a generic or descriptive term.  Trademarks granted on generic terms are less restrictive than those granted on unique, non-dictionary terms.  Generic domain names are less susceptible to ownership disputes arising from trademark conflict than domains which are composed of a term with a meaning primarily related to a trademark.
  • INTERNATIONAL USAGE - The U.S. is one of the main places people of the world would like to visit. is a main target in tourism when focusing this market.
  • BRANDING & ADVERTISING POTENTIAL - can be branded as is, since it is short, easy to spell, descriptive, and a memorable term.  Domains with strong brandable characteristics have a higher market value as compared with equivalent domains containing less brandable features.  It is one of the few domain names that naturally advertises for itself, because of it's name.
  • COMMERCE USAGE - The term contains a keyword identifiable and relevant within an industry that is highly competitive and has a strong presence on the Internet.


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Nixolas ( suspended )
Sun, 23 Nov 2014 19:07:57 AEDT

Auction ending in under 24 horus! Don't miss this opportunity to snatch this domain! Huge potential, with traffic already generated through searches because of it's name.

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