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Description - Another great very aged generic premium domain name in a massive industry now for sale! If you could buy the .com which you can't, you would pay many millions, so why not own the next best thing for a tiny fraction of that price tag?

The Cosmetics industry is a multi-billion $ industry and this name can be used for a multitude of opportunities. 

"Author of the below paraphrased text, except for the price samples  is Tess Diaz - all rights reserved"

How Premium Domains Provide Instant Credibility: 
The old advertising adage, “First in Mind Trumps First in Category Every Time” has been edited. Nowadays, it’s more like, “First in search engine results equals First in Mind.” With brand budgets shifted from billboards to keyboards, acquiring a premium domain name should be at the forefront of marketing strategy. As strong brands already know, though, it’s not just about the SEO. It’s about the brand, it’s about the brand name: it’s about the domain name. 
Don’t just put your brand to work; put your domain name brand to work, too! 
Standing Out in the Email Inbox 
I’m researching the best cosmetic products online and somehow the entire universe has discovered it. My inbox is positively glutted with beauty offers from Cosmetics companies in California and Florida and from many companies I’ve never heard of… but one stands out that I’ll click to open: because it’s coming from 

If they can’t remember the name, they can’t Rinse & Repeat…or Share 
Brand engagement and growth hacking are all about social sharing. If consumers confuse or can’t remember the name, they can’t really share their experiences. Or become a repeat customer themselves! I might have heard that Kim Kardashian backs some cutsey shoe retailer online like ShoeBling or ShoeZazzle or ShoeDazzled, but at the end of the day I can always go back to and walk away with the same pair of heels. sees year over year revenue increases like 77.6% to $63.2 million, because consumers keep coming and keep sharing… 
Capturing new customers 
Look at the epic Greek struggle…for US market share in Greek Yogurt. Fage is the top Greek yogurt in Greece, and first Greek yogurt in the US, but no one has ever heard of their brand… Meanwhile, Voskos is taking the US by storm after just really launching this year, swallowing marketshare from Whole Foods to Walmart. What’s one of the very first steps they took to acquire new customers? They purchased a premium domain name, This captures marketshare of consumers convinced of Greek Yogurt’s benefits but not yet loyal to a particular brand. 
Premium Domains are more Clicked in Search Engine Results 
According to two Microsoft Research studies, some domains are more likely to be clicked than another unknown brand in search engine results. Which domains? Premium domains that contain the keywords the consumer originally searched. Look at most consumers spend $18,000-$40,000 on their cabinets, yet don’t know what brand they have. When searching online, they are statistically much more likely to click on There’s a time and a place- and a budget behind building- a megabrand like “Home Depot.” But even with their brand strength, Home Depot still spent a rumored billion dollars to acquire, a domain name brand that’s a search engine home run. 
Startups Show Focus by using Premium Domain Names 

For startups in each funding stage, investors want to see focus. A focused, premium domain name truly can “say it all” about a startup. Look at; they credit their domain name choice as two of the primary factors in their success. Turn to an experienced broker for a true startup name generator. A domain broker typically helps a startup to identify and acquire domain names that allow for growth and change, withstanding market shifts and preserving possibilities. 
Check out, a domain name that was acquired by a serial entrepreneur recently, in his latest startup. “” showcases core values. Today, it’s a platform for students, connoting hope for the future. But investors have two additional hopes- which all investors like to have in their back pocket.  Worst case, the domain name could always be sold to return their funding if things don’t pan out. Best case, as startups so often discover a vital need for a tweak, the right domain name can allow for room to realign product or consumer base without losing that primary value. Want a perfect example? whatever they sell or become, their branding is uber, excellent, more than expected. That’s a powerful domain name that can pivot the brand into almost any space. No wonder they are backed by Google. 
Established Brands Expand Engagement 
Established brands seek premium domain names to build value for their brands, too. Whole Foods recently launched as an online magazine supporting consumer rapport and lifestyle. It allows for brandplay, expanding the range of consumer involvement, while reflecting a focus on core values. 

Johnson & Johnson runs, with no advertising for their products or brand, just as a community welcoming their consumers. Amazon acquired and continues to run it separately, knowing the value of the search engine standing as well as the alternative brand engagement options the exact match domain provides. 
Brand value on the balance sheet 
Domain names are valuable, hard assets that provide investors with confidence and an additional exit strategy. Startups more than anyone else should leverage domain value as they seek funding. Whether a startup or a public company, domain names are assets that literally can – and should- be on the balance sheet. Some brands like Nike create such brand value that it’s included on the balance sheet as an asset. But beyond that, domain names are real and tangible assets that absolutely belong on a balance sheet. 

When Ondova Limited Company filed for bankruptcy in 2009, their primary asset was their domain name,, which sold at bankruptcy auction for over $300,000. When famously went out of business, PetSmart acquired the domain name asset. Bottom line: premium domain names boost investor confidence. 

Premium domain names equal strong brand equity. 

The secret of exact match domains revealed: domain only just sold for $3.1m in Jan 2014 it was revealed. 

How much is a premium, generic domain name worth and what can it do for your business? 
Click this link below to see a recent example: 
What are some sales going on recently in the marketplace so I may compare on premium website domain names? 
Click this link below to see a recent article: 
2013 sales known public: 
Also many more sold off the charts like $5m+ and $2m all just recently as well please see: 
What are the highest selling domains of all time that are even known? 
Do other sales happen in the marketplace that are higher than what you have shown me as publicly reported? Please click the following link so you may see the answer: 
See this incredible sale of for $35m, acquired by Homeaway to keep it away from Expedia: 
Example of a recent premium sale and the buyer agreeing it was a great deal and investment: 
 Please give me examples of companies using premium generic domains? 
See this link there are many more though than this as this link is from 2011: 
What will owning this premium domain accomplish for me? 
* Instant credibility and authority as THE category definer 
* Instant daily targeted direct type in traffic 
* Incredible recall value and exact match value which will help you in search placement 
Recent public domain name sales reported for 2014 and 2013 below these see proof at: 

------------------------------------------------------------------- - $3,100,000 - $2,430,000 - $1,960,800 - $950,000 - $800,000 - $675,000 - $512,307 - $350,000 - $320,000 - $286,000 - $250,000 - $247,830 - $210,689 - $176,000 - $175,000 - $160,640 

----------------------------------------------------------------- - $4,700,000 - $2,400,000 - $2,100,000 - $1,350,000 - $850,000 - $850,000 - $725,000 - $600,000 - $500,000 - $500,000 - $500,000 - $450,000 - $450,000 - $380,000 - $375,000 - $325,000 - $300,000 - $300,000 - $300,000 - $252,000 - $245,000 - $245,000 - $230,000 - $221,100 - $200,000 - $190,000 - $168,000 - $165,000 - $162,500 - $160,000 - $160,000 - $150,000 - $150,000 - $140,000 - $140,000 - $138,000 - $137,500 - $135,000 - $125,000 - $125,000 - $120,000 - $120,000 - $117,810 - $117,000 - $115,000 - $115,000 - $112,651 - $112,125 - $110,000 - $110,000 - $103,500 - $103,500 - $103,400 - $100,000 - $100,000 - $100,000 - $100,000 - $100,000 


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    Thu, 10 Apr 2014 02:26:57 EST just fetches $500,000! The new gtlds are pushing values of the .com, .net and .org way up we are seeing it already with more inquiries than ever on our premium .com, .net and .org domains. As these new gtlds come out they are just confusing people and in confusion everyone runs to Gold just like they do in the stock market, when there is confusion all run to Gold and in this industry .com is the GOLD.. The new gtlds are missing something at the end and that is .com, see below for the article:

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