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Description has been registered since 1997 by Big Pharma 'GlaxoSmithKline' and is now available for sale with its long and stunning history.

Highly known influential brand, used and seen everywhere in the world. This could be your only shot at seizing this phenomenal golden opportunity to bank on an extremely well established International brand empire ready for the right vision to truly harness the power.

Dev Ideas

Considering the name's generic meaning and mass appeal, it can really be used for almost anything, some ideas may include:

Forum Community - possibly revolutionary

Gear Store - QE Stuff including bumper stickers, hats, chains, bags, mugs, etc. This brand is more popular today than ever before. Be part of the movement!

Clothing Co - Extremely popular brand that people actually want to sport around. (Click here to check out the 'hundreds of thousands' of reviews posted on just this one QE Cafe Press store)

Branding - This would be a great opportunity to brand an International mission-driven company doing anything from news & current affairs, politics & history, science & nature, education, spirituality & religion, food co., etc.

All of the above & some - Form an influential community of people that can connect through questioning by embracing the brand that is being built the world over.

Similar Domains

Most domains don't share the ironic history this one does which gives it a freedom in itself, but a few other valuable domains that share a lot in common are: (Selling for $130,000 - Consider this a steal!) (Often used with Question Everything selling for $130,000) (SOLD for $35,000 last year - seems more of a fad compared to the QE phrase which has spanned eons.)

Other Extensions

Most every single one of the other extensions is taken.

.Net - Registered since 2000 to a large successful California law firm till 2021.

.Co - Registered to a domain investor who also owns the .Info, .Biz.

.Org - Registered since 2002 and also owns the .Us.

.Ca - Registered and very active website.

.Co.Uk - Registered since 2001 to a huge technology conglomerate.

.Com.Au - Registered to a music band.

.Me - Registered to church organization with active site.


While I don't have any verified traffic data since I am just selling the domain, it's easy to see the domain get's very good traffic. All the extensions above are showing good traffic according to their Alexa Ranking, but not even the similar names above get the traffic numbers that the 'Question Everything' brand name attracts.

Popular Uses

You'll quickly notice the phrase is made up of two of the most popular words in the dictionary which makes it second nature to type or say. Easily one of the most often remembered phrases of all time. Here we have the words ranked out of the 5000 Most Common Words:

Question is ranked #198

Everything is ranked #391

Here's just one example that shows the phrase is used all the time today and will only become more and more popular, here's something that just happened days ago:

The new hit FOX TV show Cosmos just premiered with Neil DeGrasse Tyson declaring in the first couple minutes, "Follow the evidence wherever it leads, and question everything!" Then the QE wave follows with articles featuring the phrase such as this one here.

Also, 'Fear Factor' Host, Joe Rogan, is the host of the popular 2013 television series "Joe Rogan Questions Everything" which won SyFy's most watched reality premiere in more than 5 months.

Often used in images as can be seen here.


We still use and remember what wisdom Euripides shared with us sometime between c. 480 & 406 BC: "Question Everything. Learn Something. Answer Nothing."

Many Philosophers have used the phrase to this day as it may be the motto of EVERY philosopher. Socrates, the Greek Philosopher said, "Seek Truth. Question Everything." Arguably, the best domain to showcase and share philosophy or to brand yourself as a philosopher.

As well as this quote from one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson: "If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour?"

I find it interesting that Thomas Jefferson called it a Lawyers trade to question everything which makes me think this could also be the perfect brand for a law firm much like the law firm that owns .Net extension.

Bible Reference: "Test everything. Hold onto the good." Thessalonians 5:21

And given this, the .com, .net, and .org are all registered for 'Test Everything' to a church organization which may be a good fit for this domain especially since one of the other 'QE' extensions is already promoting a Church organization.

The first American use of the phrase 'Question Everything' dates back to the early 1800's to Maria Mitchell who was the very first American woman to work as a professional astronomer. This brings up another great use of the domain considering astronomers are thought to question everything in existence. Amazing history here!

Why Sell?

Honestly, I don't want to sell the domain, especially after writing this auction, but circumstances are limiting my ability to focus on this venture so I feel it's in my best interest to part with this opportunity and offer it to someone who can better grasp the passion and growth.

Believe me, I have exhausted all options here in trying to work everything out and it came down to a decision of whether I should sell another successful business and pursue this or continue doing what I have been doing for many years. Since it seems I hardly have time for much these days, I sure hope I made the right decision, as it certainly wasn't an easy one.

Payment & Transfer

Free push to your account after payment is successfully received.  A Google Apps for Business account is included to manage the domains email account which cost $5/month and includes a suite of other incredible features for managing the domain. This will also be transferred and the current email address we use can always be changed. Email Address:

Thank you kindly for your interest!


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