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Universal "COMMON PHRASE", brandable domain, product and company name.

Seller's Notes

This auction is for the domain  This is a brand name domain so if you're looking for keyword domains or income generating domains this is not a fit for you.

However, if you're looking to build a valuable business with a killer, unique name read-on. (note: ant all killer names are 3 or 5 letters, it's more important for your domain to "mean" something relevant to your business than be short.)

What is a Community Portal? A community portal is a place where people with a shared interest find relevant information, quickly.  The words Community and Portal are very well known and their single name domains are very expensive.

This is a KNOWN and popular PHRASE for all English speaking people that use software or are online.

Benefits of

- It's easy to remember, even if it's long

- It's catchy

- It's easy to spell - you don't have to spell and pronounce it over and over again.

- It's unique.  

- It means something - something, very important in the information-overload world we all live in.

Following are some high profile examples of the usage of the term “Community Portal” wither together or in-relationship to each other.  Examples of products or community Portals:

1. Wikipedia Community Portal:

2. Microsoft Community Portal (product/feature)

“A community portal is a directory that lists all community sites available on your company intranet. Through the community portal users can search for, discover, follow, visit, and participate in communities of interest.”

3. Oracle / Peoplesoft Community Portal (product)

“Oracle's PeopleSoft Community Portal is a world class portal solution with many robust content and collaborative features.”

4. SaleForce - going from Portal to Community Cloud

“Salesforce Community Cloud is powered by advanced online community software that allows businesses of all sizes to connect to their partners, customers, employees, and business processes like never before.”

SalesForce has an interesting take on the differentiation of a Portal and a Communtiy, which are distinctly different in purpose and functionality.  Howerver, as they explain to change over from P to C the synergy between the two terms becomes more apparent.  The “Community Portal”  is a natural term to point people precisely to where they can find specific, and possibly curated information about their specific interests.

5. NYC Community Portal

“The DCP Community Portal offers resources on a variety of topics related to land use, community planning and budget processes and demographic trends for all of New York City’s 59 community boards”

We’d have a tough time finding a more complicated and massive (hUUge..) city in the world than New York City.  The fact they have found the same name for managing all their community development information and projects speaks volumes to the power of the universally known phrase “Community Portal”.

Portal Software:

Here’s another list of PORTAL software - every one of these companies would love to get this domain, some can afford it, some not.

So imagine one portal for accessing all the different communities.  Instead of searching online for hours and hours, going directly to the source.  Multiple business/revenue models for the team with the right vision and execution capabilities to build a global presence and not have to explain, spell and pronounce their name repeatedly to people.

Historical sales:

Below are recent and relevant sales for domains including terms "community" and "portal"

“community” 40,450 USD 2009-02-20 12,000 USD 2005-01-08 10,000 USD 2011-08-03 8,000 USD 2014-04-16 6,099 USD 2011-05-16 6,000 USD 2007-08-28 5,141 USD 2009-11-25 4,788 USD 2012-12-30 4,500 USD 2012-06-06 4,440 USD 2014-02-23 4,052 USD 2011-10-07 3,900 USD 2007-07-31 3,888 USD 2012-04-25 3,788 USD 2012-09-08 3,788 USD 2011-11-16 3,788 USD 2010-02-17 3,739 USD 2014-08-06 3,596 USD 2008-10-07 3,500 USD 2012-03-14 3,400 USD 2013-09-16 3,000 USD 2016-02-02 1,125 USD 2016-01-16 1,500 USD 2016-01-02 1,800 USD 2015-10-12 2,000 USD 2015-09-25 1,200 USD 2015-09-14 1,008 USD 2015-08-24 3,000 USD 2015-06-18 2,135 USD 2015-05-26 1,510 USD 2015-04-30 2,200 USD 2015-02-08

“Portal” 35,000 USD 2011-01-10 16,510 USD 2010-07-09 12,635 USD 2013-01-30 10,625 USD 2013-03-14 10,578 USD 2013-03-27 10,000 USD 2011-04-14 10,000 USD 2009-07-25 9,730 USD 2011-03-16 9,000 USD 2011-07-18 8,195 USD 2009-10-14 7,833 USD 2009-07-29 7,000 USD 2012-09-06 7,000 USD 2011-03-04 6,375 USD 2011-01-24 6,000 USD 2015-12-23 6,000 USD 2011-01-16 5,805 USD 2009-04-28 5,612 USD 2010-07-28 5,500 USD 2011-01-25 5,425 USD 2010-02-18 5,000 USD 2011-02-02

This is a one of a kind opportunity for a worldwide-known common-phrase.  Don't let it get away.


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