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Fri, 08 Feb 2013 04:38:29 EST
Tue, 12 Mar 2013 01:53:11 EST

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I have a niched drop shipping (I know two eCommerce buzzwords in a row this must be good) site selling pet supplies. Net profit on the $12k revenue is $3k. Or, a projected net income of around $6k for 12 months. This is for seven month period since the site went live

The store is built on the Shopify platform and extremely easy to use.

All shopify orders are sent directly to the dropshipper and Amazon orders take about 60 seconds to complete. There is not a lot of manual hours to this site and I am happy to show whoever buys the site how it works and what has worked best for me on the backend. On an average week I spend about 6-10 hours on the site. And, that includes inputting orders, customer emails and updating the inventory which I receive from my dropshipper on a weekly basis

There are two sales channels Shopify store and Amazon. I began selling on Amazon in late September and that is the reason for the jump in sales. It now makes up about 60% of sales. My Amazon account was hacked and out of commission for a month and that is why there is a fall off in December. Once back on Amazon I had $1,200 in sales in 3 days. This is a great market because if you can get in with a distributor alot of the products have MAP pricing so you are really only competing over traffic.

The only paid marketing I do is google products which is about $.07 a click and cost about $20 a month

Traffic has been my problem. I don't know much about or do anything for SEO. That is why I only rank for about 6 keywords. That is the real value of this site is everything is ready to go for someone who can drive traffic. 

After adding a google voice number to the site conversion rates have been around 3.5% and I get maybe one call a week.

There is a lot of potential for this site. I have about 1,200 REAL twitter followers and have been featured on a hunting show on the Sportmans Channel (ch. 604 if you have DirecTV). 


  1. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    porttown ( | $1.18K )
    Fri, 08 Feb 2013 06:10:54 EST

    Hello - can you post proof of earnings and traffic? Thanks.

  2. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    blriber ( new )
    Fri, 08 Feb 2013 06:41:36 EST

    Ok, they have been added

  3. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    jamesbf3 ( suspended )
    Mon, 25 Feb 2013 05:13:18 EST

    Hello, so what is the current monthly profit average now?

  4. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    blriber ( new )
    Mon, 25 Feb 2013 09:09:41 EST

    We have had our best month so far in February with $10k in sales the last 30 days. Profits has been about $1,200-$1,500

  5. Px48x48
    Posted by:
    JaredDetroit ( | $585 )
    Sun, 03 Mar 2013 04:54:37 EST

    Can you post or send me privately all of your monthly expenses as well as proof of your profit from the sales? I see that you posted the revenue from amazon but left off how much you received from the orders. Can you send proof of the $500 average profit a month?

  6. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    grgrr ( new )
    Thu, 07 Mar 2013 14:34:49 EST

    Why are you selling the site? It seems to be doing pretty well in such a short time, sales should grow the longer the site is around/the more established it gets, right?

  7. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    blriber ( new )
    Thu, 07 Mar 2013 14:43:29 EST

    Yeah it is doing well and growing. February sales were $7k. But my wife is pregnant with our first child so the 4-6 hours a week I spend on the site are about to be a lot more valuable. Especially since this site is just a side project

  8. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    lossehelin ( | $1.15K )
    Sun, 10 Mar 2013 03:51:44 EST

    pm reserve price please

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