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Hi Domainer,

I thought that this might be of interest to you...

So I am basically reaching out to any potential interested parties and giving a great chance to secure this domain:

The Great Idea for This Great Domain:

Start your venture like "WIKIHOW.ORG" model but specifically focusing on "WEBMD.COM" niche. Medical and health "How to" simply the highest Pay Per Click!

Here are a few quick notes about the domain offer:

- You are bidding for full ownership. The domain will be transferred in to your registrar account at GoDaddy.

- You do not have to use new hosting or any other of my  services, you are bidding only for the domain.

- This is a simple single transaction, no hidden surprises, no re-bills.

- No new website or hosting is needed. You will only need to open a free registrar account to accept the domain at GoDaddy.


After payment has been completed through PayPal, I will help you to push the domain. Also you will need account in order to push the domain name to you.


Thank you, if you have decide to place your bid for this auction. I really appreciate it.

Wish You HAPPY BIDDING. Bid with Confidence.


Don’t miss this great niche - opportunity! Simply bid it or BIN it before someone else snatches it :)


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