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Money Exchange Site with 650 uniques/mo making $14,000/mo

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Jun 12 $5,500 $510 $4,990
Jul 12 $7,500 $510 $6,990
Aug 12 $12,000 $510 $11,490
Sep 12 $11,500 $510 $10,990
Oct 12 $13,000 $510 $12,490
Nov 12 $14,000 $510 $13,490
Dec 12 $15,000 $510 $14,490

Seller's Notes

NOTE: included in sale!

The site is providing an exchanging service.

People need LibertyReserve/PayPal/WebMoney and all e-currencies and they purchase Paysafecard because it is the most convenient way to get this money. The other way is to use Western Union and you pay 2 comissions : 1 for Western Union , 1 for the exchange service . 

Exchanging Paysafecards using our service will only cost the exchange tax.

The profit margin is very big . To make you understand , for 100Euro Paysafecard , the client will obtain 85$. 

1 Euro = 1.30715 USD = > 100 Euro = 130.72 $ . For 100 Euro transaction , you will receive 45.72 $ . 

Most of the users exchange 100 , 50 Euro codes . The biggest Paysafecard voucher is 100 Euro , 100 GBP and 150 CHF . 

Our second voucher is Ukash which is very popular also. We usually exchange 150 GBP + vouchers and this are the most profitable. 

The GBP -> USD conversion is 1GBP = 1 USD . 

1 x 150 GBP voucher = 241 $ . Basicly you will receive 241$ and have to pay 150 $ => Profit of 91 $.

Here are samples of other sites providing the same service: Their rate is 1EUR = 0.75$ . -> 1EUR = 0.77$

We have the best rate available and we have managed to exchange over 100.000$ in 6 months .

The profit margins depend on the voucher (if it is Paysafe or Ukash ) and on the currency it is. 

What you need to run the site?

You basicly need 1 PayPal account, 1 Liberty Reserve account and few other accounts which will be disclosed to serious bidders because there is the secret trick on how to get your money. 

You just buy and sell money, this is what you do with this site and you earn a high comission for doing this.

Who would lose that big comission just to exchange it?

First of all , there are thousands of sites which accepts this type of payment (Paysafe & Ukash) in order to get access to premium memberships. What is better than a credit card? It is anonymous , you don't have to share your name and you forget about getting scammed. Once the voucher is used, it cant be used anywhere else. 0% chance of identity theft

I am also exchanging money for an insurance company from Germany which accept this type of payment.

So your target is : anyone who is wanting money on their Liberty Reserve / PayPal or any other purse , or small companies who accept Paysafe/Ukash because it is fast to get and use and they have nowhere else to cash them out.

Also this vouchers are very good as a gift. I had numerous people who exchanged this vouchers for money because they could only spend for digital goods , so instead of buying something useless they got less money.

Why would they pay that high comission?

1. Because loading LR is done only by Western Union. WU charges about 55$ / 1000$ sent . This is the first comission paid , then it comes the exchanger who will take another 5-10% from the money.

2. People who need cash in exchange of them . 

There is a high demand , just search in Google for "paysafecard exchange" , "ukash exchange" you will see plenty of competitors and paying competitors.

How we managed to get this kind of money? 

We had been running Adwords campaigns for approx 500$ / month (this is an average because in the begining we invested way more in Adwords, then we had our regular clients which provided high amounts of vouchers daily.

Why are we selling ?

Because we need fast cash this days to move on with an offline business.

Please note that we only had visitors from Google Adwords and a few forums. The next step for this site is SEO to get free traffic. We never wanted to do SEO because for 500$ we made that money and we focused on getting money and not growing SEOwise. And as a matter of fact , i didn't really have time because i was exchanging between 20-100 vouchers daily.

If you wish to increase natural traffic , i could help you very much . The only reason i didn't do it is because i had to work at my offline company and in meantime to be on support team to talk with clients. There are few forums where you can buy ad placements and this will bring you very high conversions.

We will guide you easily if you want more traffic except Google Adwords. 

I will give you the perfect keywords for the Adwords Campaign and everything you need to know.

I will compile a step by step KNOW-HOW which will help you run the site.

I or my girlfriend was running the support team answering questions to people live. This way we managed to get at least 50% more conversions from clicks. Before adding live support to the site, people were reluctant and because they had some questions, they entered other sites. Once there is someone doing the support and talking to each visitor, will get them answers and confidence.

If you have the money to buy the site , you will have the money to hire some support guy to provide answers to questions. Then you will do the easy job which will take about 1 hour daily .

Please note that included in this sale is which has different design.

I will answer to any questions you have and i will provide bank statement to serious bidders.

I will try to give little information because there is nothing proprietary about this , and you could easily clone my site and invest some money in Adwords .

What you will get is all my contacts , i will provide you a list with my customers and i will give up my Skype / Yahoo / MSN Messenger ids where i usually talk with my customers.

You will get all ongoing exchanges which are done out of the site. I will sign a non competitive agreement.

Also, to clear out some confusion i will explain you the following:

I am not affiliated and i am not a vendor for Paysafecard / Ukash . Through the site i get vouchers from the form located on the first page and on each page. After that , i cash them out through a legal vendor and affiliate of Paysafecard / Ukash . The next day i get the money in my bank account (except Thursday & Friday ) . This is all legal , there is nothing shady about this.  Please check out on Google , there are tens of sites doing this and they are in business for few years, so you don't have to worry about this being legal or not. I have 5 legal accepted affiliates of Paysafe and Ukash who process me the cashout for a minimum percent (around 1% or 7$ for 1 withdrawal a day )

Please post your questions in this auction or in private.

Any real bidders will get access to all proofs they need (bank statements , etc. ) but please try to understand me that i don't want to share all information with people that would like only to copy my business , spend some money in Adwords and then to be my direct competitor. This way i am protecting the future buyer who will have access to my unique business plan. You will receive full bank statements which shows exactly the source of the money , when it was redeemed and also we can try and get account audit from our payment processor.

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Site Established ? June 2012
Built With ? WordPress
Google Analytics Detected ? No
More info: BuiltWith

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Domain Registered ? 3 June 2012
Registrar ? DYNADOT
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

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Content Unique ? No
Design Unique ? No
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Pages In Google ? 0
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ? 1
SEOmoz mozRank ? 2.83
Alexa Rank ? 0
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brdrbd ( suspended )
Thu, 10 Jan 2013 05:09:23 AEDT

I can verify that the site has actually exchanged hundreds of Paysafecards over few months by providing the codes to interested buyers and they can check them online on

brdrbd ( suspended )
Thu, 10 Jan 2013 08:40:10 AEDT

I didn't add analytics / stats because it is irelevant as there is almost no traffic from SE , the only traffic is from Adwords and couple of forums .

I will provide bank statement to anyone who is really interested in this site.

Please note that i haven't done anymore transactions because i didn't have the cash flow needed to do a higher volume of transactions.

The process was like this :

1. Voucher submitted to site.

2. I process it .

3. Money are in my bank account the next working day except Thursday . Any transaction done on Thursdays , will reflect into the bank statement on Monday!

brdrbd ( suspended )
Thu, 10 Jan 2013 08:54:32 AEDT

I have received few private messages which revealed me a confussion which i need to clear it out for potential buyers:

1. The site is making money right now. After you buy it , you will have the money the same day. I am not selling just a site, i am including the client base who exchange daily at least 20 vouchers. Basicly you wont need anymore ads to get money, you buy something that's already getting money.

2. If you want to invest and get more money , you just need to invest in Adwords ~500$/month . Of course you can invest more and more , expanding the keywords to include Ukash and other e-currencies. There are few forums related to this niche which provide advertising for less than 200$ / month which will conver very good , as our rates are the best.

To sum it up , we sell : the sites ( , ) , MSN address for live messenging with current customers, Skype ID to communicate with the other customers, Yahoo ID ( this 3 live messaging services we are currently using to communicate and receive vouchers on a daily basis from our old customer base ) , the client base with emails included (5 streaming forums which exchange vouchers monthly of ~ 20.000 Euros - live streaming sites which cannot accept cards because of the obvious reasons) , the adwords campaign with keywords .

Basicly , if you buy the site today , tomorrow you will have vouchers from our clients of minimum 1000 EUROs .

You need inspection of the site ? We will provide you all voucher numbers from each day (for interested buyers) for you to check on the , to prove we have converted those vouchers in cash.
Any questions , are welcomed!

brdrbd ( suspended )
Thu, 10 Jan 2013 20:33:09 AEDT

I have received some questions in private, which i would like to share them here :
1. Where are you running it from - US, UK or other country, as I suspect that wire transfers to other countries from PaySafeCard or UKash would take longer (3-5 business days).

- I run it from EU area . As i stated before , the money arrives in my bank account the next working day except Thursdays and Fridays when the money arrive on Monday.
2. Other thing - legal issues. Can you run such exchange, isn't it against PaySafeCard or UKash policy?

- There is no point to care about this. This vouchers are bought from paypoints or postal offices with real money. They are NOT bought over the internet with fake credit cards . SO there is no point to worry about this.
3. Also, is it legal in your country to run such business without any registration as company providing financial services?

- I run it as a single person and NOT company . I have paid taxes on profit i made , that's all.

I am sure that you can run it under a registered company , but i never had any problems and it was perfect the way i run it.
4. I ask as PayPal and most other e-wallets are against exchanges, because of anti money laundering law.

- Regarding the demand of Paypal money , it is very low ! People who have Paypal , 90% already linked their credit card . There are very few requests for Paypal money which is really easy to accomplish because you get the voucher and send the money as service/gift whatever you want. As long you stay out of radar with 20-30 transactions a month , nobody will care about you.

brdrbd ( suspended )
Thu, 10 Jan 2013 21:58:48 AEDT

Here are a couple of more questions i have received in private :
1. What is the average profit ? The average PROFIT is around 15.000/month. This is a rough estimate because some of the transactions we're done over MSN/Skype/Yahoo instant messaging with day-to-day clients. In any case, i can provide codes for you to check on worth of 100.000 Euros (for interested people only).

2. How much time to run the site? I would say between 1-2 hours / day. Of course if you have the money and don't want to waste your time, you hire someone very cheap to talk with the clients from our Support System. The support system sees every user coming to the site. The support guy has to talk with the clients getting them answers to all the questions they need.

3. Is it a problem beeing outside EU ? I don't see any problem other than the international bank transfer delay. Of course if you don't like to wait for the money , it is best to set up an EU bank account and that would solve all the problems. I can help you with all the information you need in order to open an EU bank account.
I am not posting the proofs in here (bank account statement , Paysafecards used , my clients businesses and all secret information ) to avoid any copy action . As i said , it is nothing proprietary about it here except THE CLIENTS who provide vouchers for exchange on daily basis. I don't like to risk getting a competitor with lower exchange fees.
If anyone is really interested , i can explain them the whole business KNOW-HOW , i can provide all the proofs necessary to back up my claims , and i am also going to do a VIDEO chat on Skype to show you everything you need to know LIVE.

Once you purchase this AS IT IS RIGHT NOW , you will make a profit of ~15.000$ (a month) starting the day of the transfer.
I have also received questions like "why i haven't invested in SEO if its so profitable" ? The answer is the following : i was already overbooked with the current clients i have . I have always reinvested the profit , to have the cash flow necessary to fullfil the demand. If i had more cash , employees and more time, this would have had 10x profit.
Anymore questions are welcomed !

I am looking for a fast sale because i need money for an offline property investment.

Doff ( | $521 )
Sat, 12 Jan 2013 07:19:17 AEDT

An interesting offer. Nice and legit business. Good luck with sale.

brdrbd ( suspended )
Sat, 12 Jan 2013 09:47:45 AEDT


I have received plenty of interest from potential buyers.

I want to assure all of them that this is a LEGIT business with continuity. The profit increased month - by - month.

All people really interested , please PM and i could offer you bank statement with the transactions from June 2012 to December 2012 (Please beware that all the names of the well known companies will be blurred , but of course there will be like 80% payments received which you can see full name because that's processor name is irrelevant).

I would love to see some action over here, i have received an unofficial offer which i cannot disclose yet.

I hope i answered all your concerns which i could.
Thank you for your interest.

brdrbd ( suspended )
Sat, 12 Jan 2013 20:28:38 AEDT

I will give traffic data to anyone :

Jun 2012 705 838

Jul 2012 2,895 3,196

Aug 2012 729 885

Sep 2012 795 898

Oct 2012 707 901

Nov 2012 963 1142

Dec 2012 1278 1679

I have lowered the duration of this auction . There are many people who want to steal the idea behind the business, but they never think of the experience needed to build this kind of business. So 5 more days to end it , who is interested bid now .

I have answered tens of emails/private messages . I have been talking over Skype with 4 potential buyers.

As far as i know , i have few offers but nothing concrete and no BID.

You want this site , you get it .

The reserve is really low based on the profit , so if anyone wants to know the reserve ... PM

brdrbd ( suspended )
Sun, 13 Jan 2013 04:02:47 AEDT

If anyone is having troubles understanding the business concept , don't hesitate to send a private message. I will explain everything in detail.

To clear it out , this business will be sold because i have already been involved in a nationwide project which will take most of my time (travelling). I am looking for a sale in the next 3 days , otherwise i will decide if i keep it or not seriously.

brdrbd ( suspended )
Mon, 14 Jan 2013 23:53:55 AEDT

I have added few more proofs of this business.

Please try to understand my security concerns regarding my business.

I had tons of interest in this site from users, but noone had a concrete offer .

I think this is enough in order for you to bid. As i said , the bidders will get even more closer look at the proofs : voucher numbers (which can be checked on , , full bank statement with rollovers , account audit from payment processor, western union papers from June to January which proves i have sent money to my clients, Liberty Reserve account screen shots.

Lets not forget about Escrow inspection time. There will be 3 days of inspection time so you will be 100% safe.
Bid with confidence!

brdrbd ( suspended )
Wed, 16 Jan 2013 04:45:38 AEDT

A lot of people showed some fear regarding the financials.

I have put just a snippet of the whole financial details.



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