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This was a VERY lucky find, but I never put it to use in the manner it deserved. I don't really consider myself an Internet marketer anymore, and beyond selling this domain along with a different site, it will be my last hurrah in the venture. I WILL be getting rid of this site. The reserve is set to just a measly $2!

You have stumbled upon a goldmine here. It's incredibly rare to find such a highly-brandable, easily-recognizable, short-and-to-the-point domain name as

I originally had set it up to use as my blog for my IM activities, with plenty of unique self-made articles and videos.

Use it for email, publishing, gateways, PPC URL's, your offline business: this premium domain fits absolutely anything you can imagine.

I am choosing to sell it as a domain instead of the website because I feel it provides more value than just the IM blog I was using it for. I have a logo created for the website you will get. It is professionally done, and comes in two styles. I also have the SVG I can provide, so that you can make changes if you'd like.

You may feel free to ask me any questions you have.

I leave you with just one quick quip. Perhaps you are familiar with George Eastman? He is responsible for the camera as we know it today.

But why is that relevant?

When George needed a name for his company, he wanted a brand everyone would be familiar with. He used the word "Kodak" -- something anyone can say!--

This domain is made to build your brand around. If you've been looking for the perfect domain name, you've finally found it.


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