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Your chance to own one of the most popular, addictive and loyally supported LOST TV show simulators on the net, with over 1 million Adsense page views in 2012.

The site simulates The Swan Station's computer and clock system from the TV show, LOST. Every 108 minutes, the fans on the site are required to "push the button" to prevent catastrophe.

Fans managed to keep the timer going for a record 1010 days, 1h:52m, and the current timer record has been going for over 99 days.

The site has been online since May 2007, when the LOST TV show aired, and has a number of gameplay features which keep fans hooked, including:

  • Access Levels: Features are unlocked as fans push the button
  • Chat: Fans can message each other via the site
  • Gameplay features: Fans can interact with each other, for example by locking each other in the armoury, setting lockdowns

Why am I selling?

I built the site for fun, and because I wanted to see if I could build a site that would use the things I know about psychology to make it addictive and hard for people to stay away.

I've achieved that aim over the last 5 years, and with over 5400 registered users, it's now it's time to pass the site to someone who has the time and energy to complete the realisation of this site's full potential.

Revenue has NOT been a primary goal to date, but the site still currently generates approximately $60 per month, from a combination of Adsense and payments from fans for "Dharma Credits".

  • Adsense revenue for 2012: GBP £76.42 (approx. USD $120)
  • Revenue from fans in 2012: USD $590
  • Total: USD $710 (or $59/month)

What you get

  • Premium Domain: (full ownership)
  • All Website code
  • All registered user accounts (inc emails)
  • Free transfer of working site to a cpanel based host of your choice



  1. Px48x48
    Posted by:
    rob.w ( | $1K )
    Thu, 10 Jan 2013 22:51:45 EST

    It wasn't mentioned in the listing, but naturally the sale INCLUDES the Facebook page too, which has 476 fans.

  2. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    MrDevelop ( | $2.33K )
    Sat, 19 Jan 2013 10:28:19 EST

    Which features are unlocked as you progress?

  3. Px48x48
    Posted by:
    rob.w ( | $1K )
    Sat, 19 Jan 2013 19:51:46 EST

    Access levels from 1 through 9 are unlocked as fans push the button (PTB). The features, and the amount of pushes needed for each level are as follows:
    Level 1: Starting level.
    Level 2: 25 PTB needed.

    Ability to see up to 15 members currently online
    Level 3: 50 PTB

    Private chat and the ability to nominate other users for chat bans.
    Level 4: 100 PTB

    Similar to level 2, but includes time users have been online, what page they are looking at and an ip hash.
    Level 5: 150 PTB

    Chat history (from the past 3 days).
    Level 6: 225 PTB

    Stealth mode (invisibility from users of the same or a lower access level, though can still receive private messages from users of the same access level).
    Level 7: 300 PTB

    The ability to schedule a lockdown, which affects all players online
    Level 8: 400 PTB

    Power to activate Mr. Eko's Dream (clock digits turn to ????? so players have to guess how long is left)
    Level 9: 500 PTB

    Discounted price on Dharma Credits.

  4. Px48x48
    Posted by:
    rob.w ( | $1K )
    Sat, 19 Jan 2013 19:52:26 EST

    More background to the site and its history on the LOSTpedia:

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