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Adult Drop Ship Business Worth $10,000 Plus Lots of Extras,Best Adult Toy Prices

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Flippa Seller – Chris187 has done $13.2K in Sales so you can trust me :)  

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Feedback 1 - "great support; professional , great deal - will do biz again." 

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Feedback 3 - "Absolutely great seller, cannot fault the bloke at all, very helpful and the transaction was very smooth. I wouldn't think twice about buying from him again." 

Feedback 4 - "Chris is the BEST! Extremely helpful. This is my first time buying a site, Chris has helped from the beginning to the end and threw in a heap of extras. THANK YOU!!!!" 

Feedback 5 - "Very helpful and patient with a newbie like myself. ." 

Feedback 6 - "Smooth transaction, seller delivered what was promised and provided good support!"

There is more but you can check it out yourself by click my username bottom right

Hey Business people we at the dropship factory are bringing you another great chance to get your hands on a fantastic ready to go business with $5000+ of customised extras plus design work and Video Training !

Please only bid on the business if you have or can get a business id as we can not sit around waiting on you to get one. Its pretty easy for anyone to get a business id in any country in the world you can also register your business in any country you dont have to live in it.


7 Day Auction No Reserve First Bid Could Win !

Here we have an Adult Dropship business all set to go, just add your payment method and your good to go (we can do it for you). There is over 3000+ of the best selling adult products and hard to get sex toys from one of the best wholesalers and dropshippers in the Adult entertainment business.

The best Drop Ship Prices as they have a PRICE MATCH on all products

If you are like me and dont like reading so much please do check out the video I made as an overview of the Adult business and what you will get when you bid on the listing.


Check Out the Video by Clicking Here !!

So how and what is dropshipping ?

Click for infogram or read on :)

Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to start making money online because it takes little investment to get started, for example this business is for adult products, we have already listed all the dropship suppliers products onto the site all you need to do is start to market the site on free forums or free social media sites like facebook etc (I give the winner marketing material)

Once someone comes along to your store and picks what products they want they will come to a check out page and pay you, usually with paypal or any other way you choose. Once you get paid you then log into the dropshippers website and put in the order with them and pay less for the products of course and now you keep the profit between two prices.

The dropshipper does all the hard work of packing the products and shipping them to your customer while you continue to spend your time how you want to either improving your business or spending more time with the kids :)


Heres some information about the business your bidding on -


business model- Dropship (you handle NO products)

Profit Margins (40%-80%)- There is a lot of room for profit as we have teamed up with one of the best dropshippers, if you havent watched the video scroll down and watch it, its on the right hand side bar.


Click here to watch the business overview


As you can see from the video there is $300/$400 profit from selling just one of those sex machines if you were to sell it to someone in the UK like the example in the video shows you, you could make alot od cash online. The example website is a major player in the adult toy business in the UK and guess what they DROPSHIP the machine, why else would you have to wait 4 weeks to get it ?

Please note all the prices on the website are the dropship prices that you will pay, so nothing is hidden ! Here is that product im talking about below -

Mini Stallion

The price we pay $735

Link to product on our/your website -

Price that its currently selling for – 1st site selling $999, 2nd site selling for $1050,3rd site for $990,4th site UK site $1,702 current exchange rate from

But check this out, if you sell it in the UK you can get a lot more profit check out this major adult website in the UK below that sells this product for …...... wait for it …...... £1,063 UK pounds yes you read right, that would be $1,702 !!!!

Profit per Stallion sold $967

UK site -

And what do you pay when you sell it for that price ? $735 so that would make a profit of just under $1000 for 1 product !

Again please check out the video if you have not already as I show another couple of products, please note I choose the first few products at random to show I could have went on forever and showed all 3000+ products but I dont wana bore you to death :)


And guess what there is NO RESERVE first bid could win it ! Whatever it goes for it will go thats for sure :)

We offer full training to the winner of the business even tho its all set to go, you can just add your paypal addy in the back office (we can do it for you) and your all set to go. The video training we offer is made by me and I will show you the ins and outs of how to work the website.

Again its all set to go but I like to teach people how to work the site and all the extras that comes with the site as there is a lot of custom plugins that you wont get with any other website that you can buy.


In the video Training I will show you –

How to connect your host to your domain

How to keep your business safe by changing password/username

How to add categroys to your new shop

How to add products to your new store

How to add pages to your new store

How to add banners to your new business

How to content to your homepage

How to add content and/or images to your categories

How to add Facebook to your store

How to add Twitter to your shop

How to add/work your site navigation

How to change prices and categorys in bulk

How to eidt and turn on your one page checkout


Plus you get a personal video plus more video training added daily.

You also get a Marketing Video Course and a course on Google Adwords which I use myself and are top notch.

I am here for lifetime support if needed after via email.

So you get the domain name of course which is registered for a year with godaddy but say for example you had your own adult domain or didnt like the domain then we could easily put the site onto one of your own domains if you like.

We have facebook that comes with the site aswell and of course you will get that account.

We havent even mentioned any of the extras that come with the business yet, these are key to your success as they give you a really big edge over the competition and also save you hours and hours of time, we have alot of social elements to the business aswell.

These extras would cost you easily $5,000 plus and thats if you even knew what to get for your site, after that you would need to get a developer to code each extension and make sure it works with your site.

No need to worry as we have already done all that, click this link to see all the current extras that you are getting ot read on below -


The Drop Ship Factory Extras Click Here To View


Extras that come with the site -

Seo plugin Top Notch - Does all your seo for you with a couple of clicks, used on 5000+ stores

One page checkout  Increases conversion 10-40%

CS Backgrounds  - change the backgrounds of your store and have multiple if you like.

Speedster- Speeds your store up as many leave if its slow

Facebook Connect- Connects Facebook with your store, people can sign in with FB account

GA magento- Google anlytics for magento

Delete Orders- so you can delete orders in magento and clean your back office up

Bulk Category  - Move Categorys around if you need to

CS Categorys  Put whichever catergorys you want on top menu (stops overflow)

Live chat (cost to use ? Free for one person to chat to customers)

CS Banners/Cms    – (add lots of banner ads wereever you want)

CS Navigation Pro – (Saves hours/days/weeks updating prices and categorys)


A quick list of everything you get – (you get everything you see + video training and support)

Quick link if you want to check it all out on our site - The Drop Ship Factory what you get

All website files and images

Facebook Account

Free Upload to your Host

Free Support when you need it Lifetime !

All the extensions mentioned above

Introduced to the dropshiper by us, we are partners with them, they trust us with whoever we send over to them for an account so please dont let us down :)

Video training made by me for your new business website

Plus Martekting material to help you promote the website, please note these the marketing material is top notch and works if you follow the info provided.

Free ways to get Traffic Video Course, over 30 videos !

Adwords guide both are worth over $100

One last thing I havent covered the cost of running the business -

Dropshipping fees – 0 (many lesser dropshippers charge you a fee and get nowere near our prices)

Shopping cart fees – 0 (the store is designed on magento which is probably the best and most stable eCommerce software out there in themarket right now.)

Hosting - $13 a month (first month free if you sign up with our link)

Thats pretty much it, it costs only $13 a month to run this store :)

If you have any questions at all please do send me a PM or leave a message below and il get back to you A.S.A.P




P.S ------- Scam Alert ---------

Please look out for the scams here on Flippa as there are many of them saying websites/businesses earning $1000+ in the first week etc etc and I hate to see anyone getting scammed and these sites seem to be coming up on here by the bucket load lately.

A few tips to stay safe while buying a website is click the sellers name on here and see their feedback as this is like the ebay of websites/businesses, if they are new be very aware as you can become a member on here very easy, all you need is a phone number and you can become a member and sell.

Also any source of income can be faked via photoshop so just remember that, if I was going to bid/buy a website that comes with revenue I would always ask them to make a video which can be done for free to prove the income they claim is legit, if they give some sort of excuse then you know its prob not true.



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Site Established ? December 2012
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Domain Registered ? 13 December 2012
Registrar ? GODADDY.COM
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

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Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
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Pages In Google ? 147
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Alexa Rank ? 1,941,102
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Px48x48 avatar 1315508560.36344e69115058b739.93785087
chris187 ( | $35K )
Wed, 09 Jan 2013 22:38:01 AEDT

Please do not bid if you do not have the money to pay for the business !
Also you will need to register a business (any business from any country) if you have not already to get an account with the dropshipper (as they dont sell to the public), this should not be a problem as you can do it online within 48 hours.
Good luck with the auction and if you have any questions please do let em know on here or PM me.
Good Luck


Px48x48 avatar 1315508560.36344e69115058b739.93785087
chris187 ( | $35K )
Wed, 16 Jan 2013 05:16:29 AEDT

Last 6 hours guys, if anyone has any questions at all please do get your questions in via pm or on here whichever you prefer.

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