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You are purchasing a business in a box ready to fly. I have been running and selling link services for the past several years. In mid 2011 I got married and since then I have not actively promoted the site and as a result sales have dropped off. I find myself moving towards other ventures offline and want to get the site in the hands of someone with the time to give it the attention it deserves. sells backlink packages created by building profile links on forum websites. The site provides for one time purchases and recurring submissions (new option). The entire process is automated from client purchase to delivery of the report into their account. I personally have spent over $2,000 having custom "remote control" software designed to make this a reality. As part of the sale I will introduce you to my coder so if you wish to make changes you may. I will also provide you with access to a email list of proven buyers who have purchased from me at least once in the past which should help you get things off to a great start.

The monthly revenue posted here today is an average of what the site has made over the past 24 months. As I mentioned before sales have declined since I ceased promotion. I will provide you with information on where I promoted my site and assist you with getting your first ads up and running after the sale.

Even if you are not interested in the business model itself The premium domain is worth the reserve on the auction.


Post any questions and I'll get back to you ASAP!


  1. Px48x48
    Posted by:
    mp3venture ( | $175 )
    Sat, 19 Jan 2013 09:09:25 EST

    so basically the sales of this domain includes a software (sending backlinks to forums) ?

    What platform is the "software" is coded in ? Windows desktop apps ?

  2. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    airforcematt ( | $1.3K )
    Sat, 19 Jan 2013 10:23:07 EST

    The profile links are created by the most powerful link builder on the market called Xrumer. Two liscenses for xrumer are included with the sale of the site, these retail for over $500 each. Xrumer is a windows desktop application - I run it off a VPS.
    The "remote control" software is a three part system:
    Part #1 is an application that runs on the same server as Xrumer and controls it.
    Part #2 Is a script that is hosted online which allows for you to input the jobs manually into the system.
    Part #3 is - it interfaces with the script mentioned in part 2 and COMPLETLY automates the process of selling links. The client chooses the size package they want, PureSEO sends it to the script mentioned in #2 which sends it to the application on the server with Xrumer. Once Xrumer has finished the job the application sends a report back to where it arrives in the clients account for their review
    If I can be of any further assistance explaining the setup please feel free to ask followup questions both here or in private if you prefer.

  3. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    marco89 ( | $197 )
    Sun, 20 Jan 2013 12:57:35 EST

    What kind of promotion did u do on the website?

    PPC? Adwords?

  4. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    airforcematt ( | $1.3K )
    Sun, 20 Jan 2013 13:08:46 EST

    The promotional methods will be shared in private with the winner of the auction.

  5. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    airforcematt ( | $1.3K )
    Sun, 20 Jan 2013 17:36:18 EST

    The reserve price was just lowered - this site WILL sell tonight ;)

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