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I am putting up for auction.

The auction is for the entire website, graphics, videos and following domains:

About TweetTrafficRush

Tweet Traffic Rush is a widget based traffic system using Twitter. It's a free to join site. After joining members can create widget and add to their sites and blogs. They earn credits every time widget loads on their site. They also earn credits from their referrals (10 levels deep). These credits are being used to show their Tweets inside other member’s widget.

It’s not possible to explain everything in the listing so visit following page and watch this video to know how Tweet Traffic Rush Works:

And visit following page to watch video for one time Pro upgrade offer:

Check reviews of current members here (Over 110):

Currently this site has 15,495 members and it’s getting 15-20 new members daily.

Growth potential in the next year:

Currently this site has only 15,495 members. If promoted properly, this site can easily reach 50 K mark or more. Currently it’s getting 1.8% conversion rate for PRO upgrades (One JV partner got 7.25% conversion). If this site got 30 K new members in next year, it could earn between $23,760 and $47,520.

30,000 X 1.8%= 540 sales for PRO upgrade. You will get $88 from direct sales and $44 from sales through other members.

540 sales X $44 = $23,760 (Minimum)
540 sales X $88 = $47,520 (Maximum)

This site is viral in nature so getting 30K new members is not so hard.

Revenue Details:

Gross Monthly Revenue: $7,123.00 in last 12 months
Net Monthly Profit: $6,835.00 last 12 months

It's free to join site. After joining new member see an offer to become a PRO member. PRO membership one time offer is for $97 and we have 1.80% conversion rate (One of my JV partner got 7.5% conversion rate). If member skip this offer and become pro inside members are, he need to pay $197.00.

Traffic Details:

This site got over 330K visitors is last one year which is 27,898 unique visitors monthly. It’s global ALEXA ranking is 75,336 (See attach images).

Honestly, this site has huge potential if it’s in right hands. Everything is setup properly so it requires only 15-20 daily to run this site (5-6 support tickets in a week).

So all the best and let me know if you have any questions...


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Additional Traffic Details

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Please visit these videos below on youtube to see how viral the site is:

Take a look at our article on Ezine:
Other blogs about tweettrafficrush:

Note: We removed Google Analytics for the site this year. There are no statistics for that. You can view current stats at the link below: or at


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    fer1722 ( | $335 )
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    i tried lookingand the second url:

    it says error.

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    it's check it out once...

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