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Domain Registration Date 29 Apr, 2012
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You are bidding on a fully functional Facebook like, Twitter follower and Youtube views business.  We are selling this site to make time for bigger projects. The site is a side business but with its current potential and a little elbow grease it can be much more than that.


This business sells high demand social media packages. We have worked with actors, models, professional athletes, politicians and more.  Clients include: Richard Sherman (starting corner for the Seattle Seahawks), the cast of Burn Notice, Shannon Sharpe (NFL hall of famer) etc.

If you are looking for a profitable investment and buy a site that will provide you with high and stable passive income; you are in the right place! is an established business that is ready to make you money. This business is fully outsourced and can be managed with 2-3 hours of work daily.

Why you should buy?

The website has a very brandable and easy to remember name. This has lead to a lot of repeat customers. All pages of the site are search engine optimized to target the keywords of the website. The site ranks well for its competitive keywords. We have been running search engine optimization for the life of the site. Attached is the analysis of the views this website receives.

This website sells Social Media service that every public figures, artist, musician, politician and webmaster needs, and there is a huge demand for it.  
You will help your customers by selling those Social Media Service packages. All orders will be done by our outsource partners; all you need to do is manage the sales and count your money!

With this website you can realistically start to make $1,800 - $6,500 per month if you follow the marketing instructions to promote the website. We have achieved our sales with $100/ month advertising budget. With a little elbow grease this site can make triple its current earnings. You'll receive all the information needed to find customers fast and get orders every day. We will provide access to all email accounts, contractors (they fill the orders- you do nothing but let them know when an order comes in and give them the URL to send likes,followers, or views to), interested affiliates, client list, everything. Basically everything you need to start making real money!

Warrior Forum Thread

You will also receive our Warrior Forum thread. The thread was created with the start of the business and has over 14,000+ views and counting. You may see the thread here:

The thread has our reduced retail prices and has helped to bring interested affiliates to resale our products. WE get a couple emails a week from people wanting to become resellers of our service, we have a folder of potential afiliates, but we never took the time to get them set up. Our affiliate system is handled by post affiliate pro and cost $20/ month. The affiliate system we set up has the  banner ads and marketing materials your affiliates will need to get rocking!



Social Media Accounts

By owning a social media business we have amassed a large Facebook and Twitter following. With your purchase of the website you will receive both accounts.

Facebook: 2,000+ Likes

Click the link to see the recent shout out from Seattle Seahawk #25 Sherman


Twitter: 104,000+ followers


The Social Media Service Reseller Business is very simple. How it works: 

The website offers various different packages. When the orders will start to come in, you'll receive an instant payment to your PayPal or Plimus account (online eCommerce system). After that all you have to do is forward the orders to suppliers (I will provide you with the suppliers). That's all you have to do. The suppliers will generate and deliver the reports that you will forward to your customers. Average order size is our $80 package and the cost to fill that order is $8. is a turn-key business waiting for its full potential to be explored.

We own the large internet marketing firm Catalyst Concepts LLC.   We have set up for success, we just don't want to deal with the emails or transactional purchases anymore.  It has brought in about $2,000/mo. with almost NO attention.   If you need ANYTHING, just ask! 

Happy Bidding!



  1. Px48x48
    Posted by:
    GAFV ( | $21.7K )
    Sun, 30 Dec 2012 16:33:37 EST

    Can you give a better breakdown of your Paypal transactions (date, for what package, etc) and proof that they come from
    For example, you have a transaction for $475 from Jessie DiMartino, yet no where on your website is there a product for $475. Your 2nd screenshot titled "more paypal purchases" is just a bunch of numbers that could come from any website and in no way proves your revenue from
    Also please post traffic stats too...

  2. Px48x48
    Posted by:
    rjensen004 ( new )
    Sun, 30 Dec 2012 22:17:01 EST

    Primesitemm & other interested parties:
    We have used four PayPay accounts throughout the history of Fananimal and our booming sales forum. I will gladly post more detailed PayPal figures today, you will find them in the attachments. Please keep in mind that our forum has different prices than our website. Also we receive orders still on Plimus: got one today actually. Some PayPal orders wont corresepond to the prices due to discounts we offer on a case-by-case basis. Please check back later today (8-10) hours from the time of this post. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate! Again, happy bidding!

  3. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    abruza ( | $2.58K )
    Sat, 05 Jan 2013 10:54:57 EST

    Hi, can you clarify why this indicates the site was established April 2011? other sources indicate that this site is only 8 months old

  4. Px48x48
    Posted by:
    rjensen004 ( new )
    Sat, 05 Jan 2013 11:37:01 EST

    Abruza & Interested Parties,
    The business was founded in April 2011, we sold on various threads and to multiple talent agencies prior to starting the website. When we were actively selling and making contacts we we had multiple VIP Accounts ( accounts with contracts exceeding $5,000 monthly), these accounts stayed at about an 80% profit margin, our normal margins are higher- 87-92%. We transitioned into just focusing on selling SEO, Design, Development, and other Internet Marketing services ( The site get about an hour a week put into it now and is pulling about $2,000 net a month, just by people buying on the thread, organic traffic, a self sufficient email marketing campaign, and repeat buyers.
    If you have any more questions- we are here!

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