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Online Link Scanner, PR4, 20KUVs/month, 4Yrs old, Steady Organic Traffic

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8 years

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Dec 12 19,898 62,762
Nov 12 19,628 62,960
Oct 12 18,236 50,197
Sep 12 19,982 53,605
Aug 12 23,020 60,866
Jul 12 27,042 70,274

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Seller's Notes is a simple and effective online scanner for website URLs. This was one of the first few sites to come up with this concept (4 years ago) and hence has had a fantastic headstart in this very-much-in-demand niche. This has contributed to an enviable online profile that includes:

  • # 1 Position on Google for relevant keywords in the online malware/virus scanner niche
  • Google Page Rank of 4 (steady for the last few years)
  • Alexa Rank of 81K
  • 4 Year Old Site with Organic Traffic and Natural Backlinks (over 160,000 MajesticSEO Inbound links)
  • Over 20K Unique Views Monthly
  • Natural backlinks via badges added by site owners (

This site began as a simple PHP/HTML site that used ClamAV (free Antivirus) for the virus scan. Recent changes that we made to improve user experience: -

  • Migrated the site to the WordPress platform - for ease of modification
  • Added 3 more anti-virus search engines to strengthen the results along with Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank
  • Added a Blog Section so you can add keyword-rich content to improve the site's SEO
  • Provided an email weekly scan report that website owners can sign up for

No serious attempt has been made so far to monetize it. We have had an Ad Brite ad running on the site intermittently.

Most of the SEO karma that the site has is a result of its natural popularity which is why it has held its Page Rank all through. For example, here are links to some of the forums that recommend OnlineLinkScan -,6#Page-Index

Suggested ways to monetize the site

- Create a Pro Version : By simply offering a paid Pro version of this service, say as  a monthly subscription , with a few useful features , you can leverage the already existing traffic and get a bunch of subscribers. You can add a user community forum allowing users to rate websites / comment

- Create an API that can be used by other websites. Create a WordPress Plugin equivalent of the plugin that already exists.

- Banner ads: Sell Ad Space and banner ads on the site

- Run PPC ads: Add Google AdSense or another similar ad publishing program

Sale Includes

- Toolbar Search Plugin for Firefox and Google Chrome (

- Domain: Domain name ( ) pushed to any account

- Fully Developed Website: Fully developed website, along with all relevant security patches, plugins and configuration completed.

- Social Accounts: Active Twitter and Facebook Accounts (over 400 Likes)

- Password account: All passwords will be setup in a single account, so you have a single place to manage all the related passwords for this site.

- Hosting: 1 Year Free Hosting at current level, on our hosting servers - so no hosting migration, no risk of downtime, simply change passwords and take ownership, then move it to your own hosting at your own convenience over the next year. Also shows we are not going anywhere ! we will be there to support you in case of any queries or issues.


Why are we selling ?

We believe this site has a lot of potential, given its effortless organic traffic volume and popularity - and would be better off in the hands of someone who can focus on monetizing the site and take it forward. We have a lot of projects running in parallel and are unable to give this site the attention it deserves !

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or doubts via PM.

In Summary

With 20K UVs per month, you only need to focus on utilizing this traffic using the monetization avenues mentioned above.  We would love to see this site go to someone who has the time and passion to nurture this site and take it to the next level.

Additional Revenue Details

Additional Traffic Details

Have attached Verified Google Analytics Reports that clearly highlight the quality of traffic for this site. Here is a quick summary:

- 238,182 visits; 2.2 pages/visit; 1:41 min avg visit duration ; 38% bounce rate

- Top 5 Traffic Sources' Locations  - US 20%; Vietnam 20%; Brazil 5%; UK 5% and Germany 4 %

- 40% Organic Traffic, 22% Direct Traffic ( users who come to this site regularly )

- Consistent Referral Traffic via the blogs mentioned above plus StumbleUpon, Youtube & Facebook.

- Search Engine Traffic via matching keywords: "online link scan " , "link scanner " ,"scan link"


Site Info

Site Established ? December 2008
Built With ? WordPress
Google Analytics Detected ? Yes
More info: BuiltWith

Domain Info

Domain Registered ? 16 December 2008
Registrar ? GODADDY.COM
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 35
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ? 175,341
SEOmoz mozRank ? 5.5
Alexa Rank ? 81,319
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


dschulz2010 ( new )
Fri, 21 Dec 2012 13:05:45 AEDT

These long auction times hurt your site and the new owner. Why not make it short and hefty. 30 days seems too long, especially when relisting and relisting.

Px48x48 avatar 1343127461.683500e7fa5a6c192.79708140
mkr ( | $658K )
Sat, 22 Dec 2012 00:34:58 AEDT

The browser plugin ( ) that adds OnlineLink scan to the search toolbar has been updated to work on both Firefox and Chrome.
This plugin has been submitted to Firefox's Add-on repository as well (

Px48x48 avatar 1343127461.683500e7fa5a6c192.79708140
mkr ( | $658K )
Thu, 27 Dec 2012 23:18:41 AEDT

Updates since the start of the listing -

- An ad space (fixed monthly) has been sold via BuySellAds

- The Firefox plugin that was submitted to Firefox's repository has been reviewed and approved

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Px48x48 avatar 1343127461.683500e7fa5a6c192.79708140
mkr ( | $658K )
Wed, 09 Jan 2013 02:36:09 AEDT

Further development on the site completed:
* AJAX has now been enabled to make the results show up without a page reload, this has brought down response times considerably and will improve user experience dramatically !
* we are also testing a beta feature where people can sign up for an account and have a report of their website sent to them via email at periodic intervals (ideal to migrate to a paid service for more websites or higher frequency of reports.)
Please do not hesitate to contact me to via PM for any further questions or queries on the website or further monetization techniques.


Px48x48 avatar 1343127461.683500e7fa5a6c192.79708140
mkr ( | $658K )
Wed, 09 Jan 2013 22:33:30 AEDT

The OnlineLinkScan browser Plugin that was added to Firefox's Add-On repository has had over 50 downloads already !

wittyspaces ( | $4.5K )
Sat, 12 Jan 2013 03:48:23 AEDT

How was the revenue per month from May to Dec?
Also does the site allow adsense? How much bandwidth does it use up per month?

Px48x48 avatar 1343127461.683500e7fa5a6c192.79708140
mkr ( | $658K )
Sat, 12 Jan 2013 15:28:53 AEDT

- No monetization was attempted during May to Dec. We have only recently created Ad Banners via BuySellAds and have sold one this month already.

- Yes, the site is a WordPress site and hence easy-to-customize, you can integrate Google Ad Sense.

- Bandwidth used is 5797 MB .

Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.



Px48x48 avatar 1343127461.683500e7fa5a6c192.79708140
mkr ( | $658K )
Sun, 20 Jan 2013 00:53:24 AEDT

Hi All,
thank you for your continued interest in the auction, just to give you some updates on the site since we are in the last day of the auction ...
* the ajax interface has been ironed out with elimination of some bugs and issues,

* the site continues to get around 1000 visitors per day, natural organic and direct traffic, no advertisement done at all

* Buy Sell ad sold ($50 per month recurring)

* social media buttons and share thic widgets added and optimised, which is already showing results (increase in fb likes, g+1s, shares and twitter followers)
Please do not hesitate to drop me a pm for any further questions of queries.


Px48x48 avatar 1343127461.683500e7fa5a6c192.79708140
mkr ( | $658K )
Sun, 20 Jan 2013 03:44:29 AEDT

BIN dropped to 10K for a quick sale !


Px48x48 avatar 1343127461.683500e7fa5a6c192.79708140
mkr ( | $658K )
Sun, 20 Jan 2013 05:30:38 AEDT

In order to make sure we get a sale, we have dropped the reserve and the BIN, put in your bid now to get a chance to win this great site !


Px48x48 avatar 1343127461.683500e7fa5a6c192.79708140
mkr ( | $658K )
Sun, 20 Jan 2013 08:22:51 AEDT

We are very close to the reserve price now !

Px48x48 avatar 1343127461.683500e7fa5a6c192.79708140
mkr ( | $658K )
Sun, 20 Jan 2013 08:34:09 AEDT

Hi all, the reserve price has been lowered once again ... This site can be yours now !

Px48x48 avatar 1343127461.683500e7fa5a6c192.79708140
mkr ( | $658K )
Sun, 20 Jan 2013 08:40:13 AEDT

Further reduced reserve to such a level that the next bid will take this auction above reserve !!

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