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Xbox 360 has been a revolution in the gaming industry, developed by Microsoft. According to Wikipedia, as of September 30, 2012, 70 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold worldwide. With the announcement of the Xbox 360 S, Microsoft has said that they believe that the console is only mid-way through its life-cycle and will continue through 2015.

So one can imagine the potential of the domain name

Estimated Market Value As Per GoDaddy Certified Appraisal

$3083 - $4624 (Check attachment section for the proof)

The domain has a lot of sub niche and they all have huge income potential. For example -

Xbox 360 consoles
Xbox 360 accessories
Xbox 360 Kinect
Xbox 360 cables
Xbox 360 controllers and steering
Xbox 360 games
Xbox App
Xbox Music and Videos

What You Can Do With this Domain?

1) You can create a site around Xbox 360 products which is in huge demand already and no other domain can be as perfect as

2) You can just flip the domain for instant profit and even if you buy it at BIN price you will end up with at least 100% profit as the market value of the domain is around $3000 to $4600.

Average Monthly Search Stats (Broad)

  Average Monthly Searches:     201,000
  Average Cost Per Click:     $0.95 USD
  Average Ad Competition:     Medium

Average Monthly Search Stats (Exact)

  Average Monthly Searches:     3,600
  Average Cost Per Click:     $1.09 USD
  Average Ad Competition:     High

The domain is registered with GoDaddy and will be push to winner's GoDaddy account.

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    BUY IT NOW price reduced further to $500 and only 15 minutes left.

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