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Seller's Notes

The AuMoto GmbH ( AuMoto Ltd.) is a German company, which offers an Internet-Platform in the field of Automotive Industry at:

The company was founded on Nov. 11th 2009 by the three managing partners. After two years of programming by about 11 programmers and designers, the internet platform officially opened in 2012 and in no time got off to a good start. The entire platform was financed by the three investors and is a separate and independent project that is not subject to rules or clauses.

Right from the foundation all domains such as .com, .eu, .fr, .info, .net, .org, .biz, .org  were secured so that international growth would not be a problem. Thus the logo and the name were registered under the trademark (No.302012008423; Az: 302010000423.5/35).

We have not only invested a lot of time and money in the project, but also a lot of love, ideas and inspiration. And although it is not easy for us to separate ourselves from the platform, we are now after almost three years, in search of new tasks and challenges and thus the entire platform is up for sale.

The goal was to create an internet platform, where car friends and car savvy people with problems could look for tips, tricks and information about the defect or the car in the service area or discuss their issues in the community and could order the defective or desired parts in the purchasing area. In addition, our company has entered a partnership with the largest European automotive data provider, whereby 350,000 repair, exchange instructions and technical information on all vehicles are at the user’s disposal.

Thus, the Internet platform divides into three areas, the purchase area and the community and service areas:

1. Service:

In the service area, the user can obtain information about all vehicles. Among the technical information you can get workshop knowledge from one source. Here you can get information about categories like general data, belt information, fuel system, ignition system, exhaust gas test values, chassis specs, brake system, electrical system, diagnosis/motor readings, lighting, changing intervals, fuels and lubricants and tightening torques.

If you want to repair or exchange something on a car, there are more than 350,000 instructions at the disposal of the user. These are illustrated and explained step by step, so that even a layman can perform the repair.

A further service is the diagnosis, which makes it possible to isolate and locate a car’s defect. This service was developed in cooperation with several workshops and works with the help of a wizard who, like a real mechanic, asks questions which can be answered with “Yes” or “No” as well as via the manual search. As a result the defects are displayed and can be narrowed down further. If you have narrowed down a defective component, you can buy it in the next step directly from the online store. In this case the needed parts for the right vehicle will be displayed.

There is also a tax calculator in the service area. Here you can inform yourself in advance what the tax for the particular vehicle will be.


Another service is an insurance comparison, which lets you compare different insurance providers and purchase the insurance directly for your vehicle.

We have also added a dictionary to the platform. It lets you look up terms all about vehicles. Missing entries may be supplemented.

To make the service perfect, we have developed a workshop area search. If you do not want to carry out the repair yourself, you can find here the right workshop nearby.

The service area is used for customer acquisition and retention to the platform. Thus, workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland use the services and information of the platform.


2. Community

The Community is a forum and a social network all in one. Registered users can exchange information on issues with other users and gain new experiences here. We have also structured the forum according to the brands and models of the car industry to provide a fast search for the right vehicle and to direct questions into the right category. The social network is similar to already known social networks. As in Facebook, each user can create a profile, edit it and upload pictures of their cars. Furthermore, you can establish car clubs here, where membership is possible. An aim for the future is for example to include and display Audi advertising for Audi fans and BMW advertising for BMW fans, etc.


3. Shopping

The purchasing area was constructed in a similar way to eBay or Amazon. Here, online stores and other distributors can register and offer their items for sale. Every dealer can choose a pay scale at registration, in which he wants to sell. Here, a monthly fee and a commission for every successfully sold item are due. The shopping area was programmed in such a way that each distributor can design his own store. This allows the existing corporate identity to be maintained and it looks like a shop-in-shop system. In addition, every shop gets a subdomain like "". To give even larger online stores the opportunity to offer their articles, an importer has been programmed which can import CSV files with just a few clicks. For eBay sellers an interface with eBay has been programmed which can import all articles directly and arrange the articles into the right categories. The highlight of the purchase area is that every user by using the HSN/TSN, which he can find in his car registration, finds the proper items. This avoids the acquisition of an incorrect item. Here, the vehicle root data and the data of the TecDoc AG were used.

Already during the programming work very high value was placed on automation. This allows any user, whether dealer or average user, to easily edit and maintain their data in the personal area. In order to avoid a heavy administrative burden at the end of the month, a complete accounting system has been programmed, which automatically generates monthly bills and sends them to the user. For users who have given their bank details, the amounts due are automatically deducted from their accounts. Other payment methods such as PayPal, GiroPay, Visa or MasterCard have been implemented and can be expanded at will.

Automation, usability, performance and scalability were the main issues that were considered and taken into account during the programming. Data protection guidelines and copyright aspects were deliberated and reviewed by lawyers.

The target group consists of users who are interested in the use, maintenance, purchase, repair, or financing of a vehicle. Consequently, any user who has a vehicle is included in the target group.

Such a platform is unique in the entire Internet. With all the technical information and repair instructions, we have a unique selling point which no one can reach so quickly.

We have done no marketing and no advertising yet and still have a high access rate. At Google, the platform is listed with 448,000 pages. Overall, the platform has a huge potential, which is far from being exhausted.

Through the cooperation with our partner, it is also possible to offer the instructions and technical information in different languages​​.

The following programs were used in the implementation:

•             HTML / XHTML 1.0 / HTML 5

•             PHP 5

•             MySQL 5.5

•             CSS 2.1 / CSS 3

•             JavaScript / jQuery Framework

•             AJAX / JSON

•             Smarty Template Engine

•             SVN 


When selling to the highest bidder, all licenses, trademarks, existing contracts and registrations regarding the platform are passed to the buyer. Even the existing Facebook fan page will be passed on to the highest bidder.

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