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Google PageRank 3
Alexa Rank 2,193,812


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MajesticSEO Inbound Links 1,100

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SEMRush Keywords in Google 19
Domain Registration Date 18 Apr, 2001

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If you are interested in diving into the Celebrity & Hollywood Gossip space then this is your chance to start off with a BANG! Up for sale are two sites we have spent the last 6 months building and cultivating. They are now both on the home page of Google for keywords such as "Hollywood Gossip" AND "Celebrity Gossip".

There are two main properties in this listing.

Do a search on Google for "Hollywood Gossip" and you should see this site in the top five results above TMZ! Search for "Hollywood News" and this site should be ranking in the top 10 as well. Do a search on Google for "Celebrity Gossip" and you should find this site in the top 10 search results.

Although we’ve recently placed a few AdSense units on the site we’ve yet to try to truly monetize the sites to any great extent. We have received quite a few advertising requests but have not followed up on most yet. One of the main reasons the sites are not yet generating significant revenues is two-fold; we first wanted to concentrate on building the sites and achieving some top rankings BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY they are feed aggregation sites. This means that since we are currently posting content through a bunch of RSS Feeds, we are only posting a snippet of a story. If a visitor wants to “read more” they leave our site and navigate to the content creator’s website (therefore we are not currently keeping visitors on our site long enough to achieve strong AdSense revenue conversions).

We’ve created a great backend content management system that automatically grabs RSS feeds from some of the top Gossip sites on the web, and posts those stories with proper attribution. Our system also automatically Tweets these stories out on our main Twitter feed. Someties RSS stories we post end up ranking higher than the original content creator site! Google is now starting to index new posts daily.

The Celebrity Gossip space online is huge! These sites are ripe for growth. Whether you are a web entrepreneur looking to get into the Celeb Gossip space or a current operator in the space looking for additional Google home page exposure and further brand penetration. This is a great opportunity. Not to mention the overwhelming brandability of one of the domains.

Our main Twitter account currently has approximately 1.9 million Twitter Followers and drives probably 35% of the current traffic to our main site.  The value of this Twitter account alone is huge. It is currently ranked as the 528th largest Twitter account on Twitter worldwide per

The two sites have generated the following amount of unique visitors over the last 90 days. See our screenshot (we have not installed Google Analytics yet) for details. 

Included in this sale are the following additional gems:

Instagram -214,000 followers
Twitter - 1,915,000 followers
-  117,000+ followers
Fan Page  - 146,800
Fan Page - 1,609 Fans
Toll Free Vanity Phone # 
URL shortener 
174 Celeb Named Sites & URLs –(see Attached list) many are active indexed and ranked sites and some are not set up as of yet
9 Additional Celeb Gossip Websites (all indexed) - the list will be disclosed to qualified NDA applicants.