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.Co is increasingly becoming a top-level domain of choice for start-ups and businesses searching for meaningful, memorable, and affordable names for their online brand. is an extremely brandable and memorable domain name that has insane potential for development and future investment.


Basic reasons to acquire this domain

  • 165K exact Google searches;
  • 1.8M broad Google searches; 
  • Direct reference to extreme sports and outdoor activities;
  • Extremely… extremely brandable;


Initial idea/concept, for those in need! 

Possibilities offers endless possibilities for any internet entrepreneur who understands the importance of an exceptional domain name. To give some examples:

  • Extreme Sports video portal (e.g.;
  • Extreme Sports webshop;
  • Any other Extreme Sports, Travel, Outdoor, Media business;
  • Etcetera

Extreme sports that can relate to Adrenaline: Surf, Wake, BMX, Moto, Racing, Skate, Snowboarding, Basejumping, Parkour, etc. etc. could be the brand for all of them. 

July 20, 2010

July 19, 2014


Reason for selling
Fundraising (wedding).

Transaction through escrow (equal expense).

Closing statement
Earlier on Flippa someone quoted Seth Godin, marketing and branding guru: “If you're looking to start an online business, consider finding a great domain and build the business around it, not the other way around.”

Thanks and good luck with bidding on



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    benben ( | $23.2K )
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    Happy New Year to all bidders & watchers!

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