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Premium Domain Name For Sale:

Over $60,000 Domain Value Estimate by & Popular brand-name with natural type-in traffic.


    Creation Date: 24-Oct-2000

    Expiration Date: 24-Oct-2013


    Search Overview: 

    Avg Search Results (Keyword): 1,012,290 

    Average Cost Per Click: $2.46 USD


    Why am I Selling?

    I love this wonderful domain name but I'm buying a house and need upfront funds. I'm hoping that Acer Corporation buys this domain name but anyone who is willing to pay for it deserves to own it.


    I will handle this through or  


    Thanks & Good Luck!


    1. Noavatar
      Posted by:
      dcmgroup ( | $105 )
      Fri, 07 Dec 2012 10:00:37 EST

      Acer will not buy this off of you lol, they will just take it if they wanted it as its their trademark

    2. Px48x48
      Posted by:
      martinsams ( | $1.93K )
      Fri, 07 Dec 2012 10:04:36 EST

      It's a 12 year old domain and they can't just take it. Its not a piece of cake, it's a domain that I legally own. I am sure you've heard companies buy domains that are names of their companies or relevant to their products and not just take it :)

    3. Noavatar
      Posted by:
      dcmgroup ( | $105 )
      Fri, 07 Dec 2012 10:22:55 EST

      They can only not take it if you registered it before acer registered their name
      I am sure you registered it after acer came out
      They have no benefit it taking it back anyway so I think your safe
      But you cannot sell people's trademark to them if they wanted it they would take you/registrar to court and take it

    4. Noavatar
      Posted by:
      dcmgroup ( | $105 )
      Fri, 07 Dec 2012 10:26:12 EST

      Just a little reasearch I done for you
      I registered someone else's trademark as a domain name. What should I do?
      If you registered in good faith and intend to use that domain name for a legitimate web site that has nothing to do with that other party's business, it's best to sit quiet and go ahead with your plans, they may not contact you. If you intend to sell it to the trademark owner for profit, DON'T. Approaching them with the domain name is taking the fast track to losing a legal battle. Basically, it's best not to get involved in a trademark dispute.

    5. Px48x48
      Posted by:
      martinsams ( | $1.93K )
      Sat, 08 Dec 2012 01:04:30 EST

      That's like saying don't buy or sell a domain that has Apple or iPhone in it. Lol. Yet, these are the ones that get sold for the most dollars and I haven't heard one trademark dispute even though Apple is tough on trademarks. I guess not on domains.
      AcerNotebooks can make millions of dollars if used right. Especially in the eCommerce space to sell accessories, notebooks or even affiliate products promotion through Amazon as the domain itself gets over 1 Million searches a month. A little SEO and you're KING.

    6. Noavatar
      Posted by:
      generationtennis ( | $9.5K )
      Sat, 08 Dec 2012 08:32:36 EST

      I agree on the trademark issue. $95,000 for a trademarked domain? are you kidding me?
      Just because sites get away with some trademarked domains, what makes you think it wont happen to you? if you develop this site to it's so called potential and it starts ranking #1 ahead of acer's OWN website, they WILL file a lawsuit. Don't kid yourself

    7. Px48x48
      Posted by:
      martinsams ( | $1.93K )
      Sat, 08 Dec 2012 08:40:08 EST

      I guess you need some lesson about owning trademark domain names. Check the legal policy on owning trade mark names.
      It clearly says " In .com, .org and .net, which are "open" to any kind of registrant, the policy is first-come, first-served, as long as you have registered and used the domain name in good faith or have legitimate interests in the domain name."
      As long as you are actually selling Acer Notebooks, accessories or anything legally associated to it you are fine. Only time they can sue you is if you are selling "FAKE ACER NOTEBOOKS". Other than that they legally have to purchase the domain from you at a price you are willing to sell it for!

    8. Posted by:
      The seller deleted a comment from domainer888 ( | $2K )
      Mon, 10 Dec 2012 00:49:17 EST
    9. Noavatar
      Posted by:
      amughal4u ( banned )
      Mon, 10 Dec 2012 07:40:49 EST

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