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You are bidding for a travel DOMAIN with massive potential for a large revenue stream, ideal for an internet entrepreneur.


Start your own affiliate with, expedia etc. and earn revenue by driving traffic to

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By using the “Buy It Now” the winner will get another premium domain

******* Buy It Now Deal *******

Hotels Search :

After you start to advertise you new website you can expect to receive around $0.25 - $4 per visitor through your hotel search affiliate!!!  With a little bit of advertising, getting 200 visitors through the “door” could get net you $50 - $800 per day!!!   There is no limit to the amount of money you can make from a single visitor and with a 365 cookie even if a visitor returns to the purchase site you will still get the value! Commissions are based click through link not on purchases and are rated on the quality of the hotel so will range from .25- $3.75 per click.

There are 30 plus suppliers of hotel rates to the hotel search engine including but not limited to the following.
Late Rooms

With a couple of 100 visitors a day you can see how quickly this begins to add up plus Any hotels that are added will be done by the affiliate company.


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