One of the biggest websites on the web. Unbuyable Link Profile. Since 2000.

Private Sale Ended

Thu, 29 Nov 2012 03:05:42 EST
Tue, 28 May 2013 08:24:26 EST

Website Statistics and Collected Data

External Ranks

Google PageRank 6
Alexa Rank 8,975


Links in Google 93
MajesticSEO Inbound Links 1,851,087

Other Stats

SEMRush Keywords in Google 11,293
Domain Registration Date 22 Mar, 2002

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One of the largest websites in the world with a link profile that is unreplicable. You simply couldn't buy this link profile.  I suspect that when sold this will be the biggest sale in Flippa history.

[When applying for access/signing NDA please tell me about yourself to verify ability to purchase seriously. Reserve is 999,999.  Thanks for your understanding. Revenue: I'm not claiming any as obviously this listing isn't about the worth of that. However; it is substantial & there are ads that have run for years and years and years.  There is NO text link selling.]

It is an insanely well trusted site in google's eyes having been around since before even Google was popular.

I'm selling for health reasons. Nothing terminal gladly.

In its lifetime, SEO, aside from prodigious links back, has been pathetic at best.

Some stats:One owner since 2000.  Claimed Site Age doesn't include when it used to be under another domain name.

Alexa Worldwide rank: about 8.5k ATM. US around 14k.

23% of traffic is from the US. 10% Europe, 10% UK, 10% Canada.  All Organic.

Google Analytics are attached.  Approx 1.5M unique visitors a month.  Pageviews are about 11M/month currently.

Site was once a part of O'Reilly Network.

Google's sitemaps tool indicates indexing of 40 Million pages.

Search keywords are insanely long tail & so not dependent on any one search term.

Site consists of programming knowledge archived from programming mailing lists & has run as in its current form for more than 5 years.  Other sites have tried to replicate our success without gain.

Servers: 5.. costing approx 2k/mo incl bandwidth.

Personnel: just me & a programmer who spends most of his time on other projects.

Time: 1hr day, unless working to upgrade something.

Tech: linux (ubuntu), some perl, php/mysql

Confidentiality: all will remain completely private as per your wishes. Otherwise should you wish.  Happy to help.

Terms: Payment will be all upfront, after your due diligence of course.  

Help: happy to assist after sale within reason, of course.  Love to see you succeed with it!

Link profile, google webmaster reporting, reads like a who's who of bedrock internet sites & brands. Absolutely unrepeatable & un-buyable:


Site :: Links Back :: PR


Unbuyable: 245  PR9 301 PR10 150  PR9 88 PR9 50  PR9 56  PR9  130  PR8 110  PR8 100 PR8 16 PR8 89 PR7 330 PR7

Unbuyable Brands: 9 PR9 50 PR9 13 PR8 9 PR8 54 PR8


Unbuyable & .edu: 12 PR9 15 PR9 17 PR 8 16 PR8 10 PR8 87 PR7

Highlights List (general w dupes) 81k PR6 29k PR7 19.5k PR7 950  PR6 920 920 780 560 520 330 PR7 301 245 PR9 205 170 164 150  PR9  130 PR8 130 126 115 110 PR7 110 PR8  100 PR8 89 PR7 88 PR9 87 PR7 85 PR7 57 56 PR9 54 PR8 50  PR9 50  PR9 45 36 32 30 29 26 23 20 17 16 15 PR8 15 PR9 15 13 13 PR8 13 12 PR9 11 10 10 10 PR8 10 PR8 9 9 9 PR9 9 

These sites are the bedrock of the internet.


Happy bidding!

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