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Due to the lack of technical support and advertisements to the game in recent months, the traffic has decreased.  Please see the Google Analytics attachment which includes traffic data dating back to 2010.

Toodle Tale is an online mass multiplayer game that can run from any web browser with flash.  To sum the game up, players obtain pets called "Toodles" and they can adventure and battle with other players as well go on various quests.  The estimated time to complete all the quests within the game is about 20 to 30 hours.  Please visit our website as well as the wiki to learn more!

Back in 2007 during my college years at Georgia Tech, I began to work on  I traveled to China and worked with various contractors to develop the story, artwork, music, and programming.  The user end side of this game is built in Flash using AS3 and the server side is written in C++.  The database used is mysql.  I have put very much work into this game over the past 5 years but feel it's time for me to move on to something else.  As its height (with minimal advertisement), Toodle Tale drew in over 100 visits per day from players all over the world.  Everything is original.  This includes artwork and music design.


Business model:

With most websites, the main goal is to get active users.  Toodle Tale's model is to get users to play the game with a free version (with limitations) and to push to users to upgrade to a membership status.  Players can also purchase treasure chests that contain goodies.


Next steps for Toodle Tale:

Please Note: This game is currently LIVE and does not need any development to maintain itself.

If you want to operate Toodle Tale, we just need to migrate everything over to a server you have and you will obtain all necessary documentation as well as source code and original artwork.

I will also be able to help you find contractors if you want to continue development.

I did not do much advertisement, but it is strongly recommended.


If you have any questions or inquiries about management, operations, or statistics, feel free to contact me.


Additional Revenue Details

Please contact me for details.


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