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Sun, 25 Nov 2012 06:55:26 EST
Sun, 09 Dec 2012 14:48:27 EST

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Domain Registration Date 17 Sep, 2010
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We initially launched Keyword Winner 1.0 on October 19th 2010. Since March 2011 from the release of 2.0 we have been averaging 250 sales per month and have been fairly consistent for 2 years with a Gross sale volume of $145,873. Just in 3-4 months of 2.0 release grossed $45,000 + and netted $26,616 after affiliate commissions.

The overall earnings to date Net after affiliate commissions is roughly $72,936 this includes another launch we did on WF which totalled $15,437 Gross.

In 2011 we were avergaging $5k net per month but this year in 2012 we have slightly dropped but am still consistently making $2k+ NET per month, the reason for the slight drop is I have been not heavily involved this year as I was because I had a lot of personal issues I had to deal with this year including floods in our home and marriage visa for my wife amongst other personal things I would rather not discuss in details but you can rest assured this sells extremely well as is without any extra promotion but if you did spend a bit more time giving it an extra promo push you could do an easy 5k per month NET like it used to, not only that but you can be very comfortable at heart knowing you are buying an evergreen product that customers love.

This product has been a huge success and will continue to grow bigger and bigger with the right affiliates behind it or word of mouth or reviews it gets and without any real advertising costs.

This is a unique opportunity and something I thought I wouldn't see happening as I have had so much passion over this product and hurts me to see it go but really need to move on to free up some of my time on other projects that I have committed to.

Total hours needed to maintain this business is 30 minutes if that answering support tickets.

Around 1 year ago we launched 3.0 but non official launch due to lack of time on my end, if I had more time would do an official launch would easily get it doubling sales once again!

So far we have an average of 1100 Affiliates and 200 JV's who have been on board promoting.

Daniel Tan behind SEOPressor has supported this product amongst other top Bloggers in the industry such as John Chow.

The product is totally unique and is a proven product which works well for our customers, we also have a trademark and patent submitted for this product and brand.

The current stage of 3.0 makes the plugin pretty complete and programming for this is A1. Any future updates would only be for major releases if any.

The product sells for $97 for multi-license and $47 for single license and sales that come through from affiliates get 50% commission, but sales that come through without affiliates you will get 100% profit on.

We have had nothing but amazing reviews from the top bloggers and SEO's in the industry and no bad remarks anywhere, I challenge you to find any. On top of this our refund rate has been extremely low below 4%

Along with the sale includes the buyers email list directly from Aweber.

Additional Revenue Details

Revenue has been averaging $5k per month NET after affiliate commissions and in the recent 3.0 release have included some real quality upsells.

Our front end sales are $47 for single license or $97 for multi-site license with upsell 1 at $19 and upsell 2 at $27.

We give 50% to our affiliates currently and have direct sales of around 15% off the overall.

Additional Traffic Details

Traffic is coming from email marketing from our active affiliates and reviews on blogger sites, there has been no advertising spend.


  1. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    danlew ( | $22.7K )
    Sun, 25 Nov 2012 11:19:32 EST

    I also forgot to mention we are doing $2k Net earnings this month in November 2012 probably close to 3k after affiliates, so sales are still going very strong!

  2. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    danlew ( | $22.7K )
    Mon, 26 Nov 2012 09:11:10 EST

    November 2012

    2012-11-28 (current week) $375.42

    2012-11-21 $549.09

    2012-11-14 $294.08

    2012-11-07 $433.92

    2012-10-31 $490.20
    Oct 2012 - $4089

    Sep 2012 - $3021

    Aug 2012 - $11853

    Jul 2012 - $2554

    Jun 2012 - $2408

    May 2012 - $2865

    Apr 2012 - $4111

    Mar 2012 - $3619

    Feb 2012 - $3545

    Jan 2012 - $4012

    Dec 2011 - $3444

    Nov 2011 - $4012

    Nov 2010 - Oct 2011- Refer to Pay Checks Screenshot

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    Posted by:
    danlew ( | $22.7K )
    Sat, 01 Dec 2012 17:38:18 EST

    2012-12-05 (current week) $230.81

    2012-11-28 $623.02

    2012-11-21 $549.09

    2012-11-14 $294.08

    2012-11-07 $433.92

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    Posted by:
    grgrr ( new )
    Wed, 05 Dec 2012 14:48:46 EST

    I'm not much of a programmer, is there a product roadmap or plans to update over time, and how will that be accomplished? Will you be available to add features, or would I have to find someone else to do that?

  5. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    danlew ( | $22.7K )
    Wed, 05 Dec 2012 20:01:56 EST

    Hi, we will give you our programmers details on the sale incase you wish to do any enhancements in the future.

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