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Multilingual Web Services, 7 Year Domain, PR3, Hosting, Domains, SEO. No Exper.

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11 years
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You are bidding on a Web Services Business of Domains, Hosting, Design, SEO
100% Outsourced Business - No Experience required. 3 Day Auction. No Reserve.

If you would like to make $5,000 -$10.000 month after month in the first year with a business that will provide you financial freedom easily on auto-pilot, then this is going to be the most exciting listing you will ever read.

  • Quit Your Actual Job
  • Get Out Of Debt Or Financial Trouble
  • Get Financial Freedom
  • Make A Good Investment."

Multilingual Website Available in 6 Languages:
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Russian, Turkish and German
The Translation was done Certified Human Translators. No Machine Translation.

Website Features:

  1. Complete Turnkey Website with Professional Design, Layout and Content
  2. Premium and Catchy Domain
  3. Powerful Storefront that simplifies the selling
  4. Ready made Content of 50+ Pages of Marketing and Sales Content
  5. Integrated and powerful shopping cart and Inbuilt Product Suggestion Tool
  6. Intelligent Cross-selling engine and Payment Gateway Integration with PayPal
  7. Settings within your Control Panel are automatically updated on the admin area

Search Engine Optimization SEO
This website is completely SEO Optimized and comes with profitable long-tail keywords placements in the contents. With such well-implementation of the website and huge searches for the domain keywords, this awesome website definitely has the huge potential to drive massive targeted traffic in the long term.

  1. All major features of SEO have been implemented
  2. High quality unique page content to boost page ranking. 
  3. Keywords Research in Top Level Domain Name
  4. Canonical URL’s and User Friendly URL’s
  5. Each Page Title Optimized with Keywords
  6. Major Backlinks Keywords added to rank
  7. Google Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt ready

Products and Services . (Click in the following links for more details)

  1. Domains
  2. Web Hosting Linux Plans
  3. Web Hosting Windows Plans
  4. Web Hosting Reseller Linux
  5. Web Hosting Windows Reseller Plans
  6. Email Services: Business Class Email
  7. Digital SSL Certificates
  8. Website Builder
  9. Web Design
  10. SEO Services

How to Test this Website?

  1. Feel free to test the functionality and features of this Live Website:
  2. Login in the following link:
  3. Username: [email protected] - Password: demo1234
  4. Click on the following links to test other website tools:
  5. Create a new test account for yourself
  6. Test the domain tools and register a domain
  7. Test the Domain Suggestion Tool
  8. Test to order a Web Hosting Plan
  9. View a Live Demo of the Website Builder
  10. View over 70+ Domains and Prices
  11. View all the Features of the SEO System

Why you should run this Web Hosting Business?
Web Hosting Services like, and have Grown Quickly and now you can Own Your Share of that Lucrative Web Hosting Market TODAY! The best thing about this Web Hosting Business is that it provides you with a Huge Passive Income so You Get paid Month After Month…because Customers Pay You a Monthly Fee to host and keep their website online. So every new customer continues to Bring in Revenue for You Month After Month, Year After Year! 100% Outsourced Business.

No experience, technical or web design required. There's no additional knowledge needed about Web Hosting business. Any questions that you run into can be forwarded to the supplier. This business can easily make you $5,000-$10,000+ per month in the first year.

Business Model:

  1. This is NOT an Affiliate Program or Commission based
  2. This an Outsource Reseller Web Services Business Model
  3. This is 100% white label business and it is just like having your own staff
  4. You are also free to change the price structure on the site
  5. You can change images, customize the site, add or delete products
  6. You are in complete control of this business.
  7. This website is for sale "As Is" without any further modifications in layout, design,
    integration with other sites, customized programming and development.

Here’s how this business operates:

  1. New Order, payment is received immediately to your PayPal account.
  2. Order information and details are sent to your email.
  3. You forward the order to the outsource company
  4. I can provide you limited support until you learn the business
  5. Then you need to provide customer service on your own or hire staff
  6. Your customers will not know you are outsourcing the work! 
  7. This is 100% white label and it is just like having your own staff
  8. You are also free to change the price structure on the site.
  9. You are in complete control of this business. 

About the Outsource Company:
For protection of the winning bidder from potential competitors who area looking at this listing, the outsource company name is reserved only for the winning bidder. Even if you inquiry, comment or PM about the outsource company, I will not be able to disclose this private information reserved for the winning bidder.

The web hosting outsource company provides a full range of Web Presence products & services to Web Hosts, Web Designers, Technology Consultants and Domain Resellers worldwide. You can have peace of mind that you will be dealing with a solid web hosting company as one the Most Reputable Web Hosting Companies worldwide.

How to Drive Traffic to the Website?
Please be advised that I will not be revealing these marketing strategies or how I generate traffic or revenue via PM or if you comment below. The methods I used to get my customers will be reserved for the winning bidder. I will help the winning bidder with a very powerful SEO link building strategy that allows you to easily rank in search engines which I use on every site that I keep and market.

This SEO System that is reserved for the winning bidder is a World-class Search Engine Optimization (SEO) System that just became so dead simple that you might want to pray other bidders never find this auction, though they most likely will.

This SEO system is by far the best and easiest way to build up your domain authority and increase your Page Rank (PR) which will enable you to harness all of the rich search engine traffic that comes along with having domain authority in the Web Hosting niche.

Want a proof about my SEO Strategy? Just visit my other site PAGE RANK 10

Costs to operate this business:

  • Web hosting account required with the Supplier. See: Web Hosting Linux Plans
  • This a 100% free risk business. Buy only when you customers placed orders.
  • Online advertising budgets can vary greatly, depending on your target market

Profit Margins:
Your reseller wholesale prices are very competitive in the industry. You can setup your own prices. Profit varies from 30% to 50% depending in your target market and marketing expenses.

Here Are Some Numbers Broken Down...
The Starter Web Hosting Plan of 12 months period is just $5 per month. The site sells two other packages which are $4 and $3 of 24 and 36 months period respectively - but let’s just keep these figures conservative, and use the $5/month plan for this example:

  • 200 customers = $1,000 Per Month - Gross Income
  • 500 customers = $2,500 Per Month - Gross Income
  • 1,000 customers = $5,000 Per Month - Gross Income
  • 2,000 customers = $10,000 Per Month - Gross Income

The numbers above are calculated with the Starter Plan only, so actual income will be much higher with those numbers of customers. At just 10,000 customers you will have a business generating US$ 600,000 per year. So your average Gross Profit would be around US$180,000. That is achievable with the SEO Strategy that I recommend.

BID WITH CONFIDENCE! - 100% Positive Feedback 

Read My Listing Rules before you Comment, Bid or Win this Auction

Sale and Payment Terms:

  • Full Payment is due Immediately After the Auction Ends via PayPal only.
  • I Don’t Accept Escrow, Split Payments or Financial Terms

Bidding Terms and Flippa Rules:

  • Read Flippa TOS before Posting a Public Comment
  • Negative Public Comments will be deleted and reported to Flippa 
  • Users with Negative Feedback Will Have Bids Rejected
  • Please Do Not Bid If You Do Not Have The Available Funds.
  • Do Not Bid If You Have Doubts or Concerns about this Site
  • Do Not Assume - Ask Me First by Private Message PM

Additional Revenue Details

Site Info

Site Established ? October 2005
Built With ?
Google Analytics Detected ? No
More info: BuiltWith

Domain Info

Domain Registered ? 28 September 2005
Registrar ? GODADDY.COM
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 1
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ? 8
SEOmoz mozRank ?
Alexa Rank ? 0
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


Px48x48 attachment 1314775018.81334e5ddfeac68f62.69380494
elycomputers ( | $3.17K )
Mon, 26 Nov 2012 08:43:39 AEDT

Very nice integration and design job on there ;)

Px48x48 avatar 1335187816.08014f955968138f98.65669359
hrayo ( banned )
Mon, 26 Nov 2012 10:13:21 AEDT


Thanks for the compliment!! This website is perfect for your web hosting business as well. :)
Whoever wins this auction, will be proud of this awesome web services site. And the most important the opportunity to get into a web services business with a daily growing demand.
Keep in mind that this site is already Page Rank 3 with a 7 years old domain. This is one of the greatest assets for quick SEO rankings and conversions.
Cheers and Good Luck Bidders!!

Px48x48 avatar 1335187816.08014f955968138f98.65669359
hrayo ( banned )
Mon, 26 Nov 2012 10:18:25 AEDT

Attention Bidders:
It is less than two hours left to end this auction !! Here is a news flash about this awesome site.
This web hosting business which is designed to compete with the big boys in the web hosting industry with a worldwide vision in different foreign languages with specific target markets.
This website is ready to take orders. This is a live active working site. Even if you place an order now and pay for it via PayPal, you will get your web hosting account activated it. Please go ahead and try out yourself.
You can customize the logo, Domain URL, text, HTML, CSS and Images". Your customers will not know you are outsourcing the work! This is 100% white label and it is just like having your own company website and staff.
You are also free to change the price structure on the site. You collect payments, provide tech and customer support. You are in complete control of this business. I can help you out at the beginning until you learn the business. No experience required. It is an easy profitable business opportunity to operate.
Website Main Features. Compare yourself this site with major web hosting competitors:
1. A Feature-packed Shopping Cart which allows Customers to purchase our Products and process orders immediately.

2. The Shopping cart also has an intelligent product suggestion tool that automatically identifies potential services that Customers would want to buy based on their current shopping cart contents and prompts customers to make additional purchases, increasing your revenue potential during each shopping process.

3. This website is geared to give your Customers a continuous shopping experience. Your Customers can jump from any section of the site to any other section - selecting items, viewing details and making decisions - until they finally wish to checkout.

4. Over 50+ pages of marketing content and collaterals Integrated Whois server

5. Linked to your private labeled Knowledge base:

6. Intuitive Customer/Product signup forms
The web hosting outsource company provides a full range of Web Presence products & services to Web Hosts, Web

Designers, Technology Consultants and Domain Resellers worldwide. So you can have peace of mind that you will be

dealing with a solid web hosting company.
The supplier also outsources the web services from other worldwide web services providers. In this business you are backup by one the world largest web service company in the world.
Good Luck in your Final Bidding..!!

The Seller
Px140x140 avatar 1335187816.08014f955968138f98.65669359 hrayo Humberto


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  • Flippa Escrow
  • PayPal
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