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Business In A Box SEO Arbitrage Biz Makes $4,500/Month From Subscribers

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  • This website earns revenue with Product or Service Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue and Profit

Revenue Costs Profit
Aug 12 $2,000 $632 $1,368
Sep 12 $3,000 $790 $2,210
Oct 12 $4,000 $869 $3,131

Seller's Notes

Want to earn consistently monthly subscriber revenue? Buy this business in a box with $4500 monthly recurring revenue from Paypal subscribers. This is an entire backlinking arbitrage business for sale. Fear not you don’t have to do any of the backlinking or SEO yourself, it’s all done by a consistent supplier (whom the details will be given to the new owner)


From DAY 1 you will begin making your money back, you will retain full ownership over a Paypal account (yes they can be transferred) that gets daily payments coming in ranging from $50 to $300. The fulfillment end of this business is fully automated, you put orders in and forward orders to clients and collect monthly. This sales page will be long and there will be EXTENSIVE attachments but it is all there to detail every facet and step to give bidders a clear picture of what they’re bidding on and answer as many questions as possible.


Workflow, Fulfilment And Daily Duties: Orders are placed either via the website or forums, then you’re notified with the order details. You put the details into the automated backend of the backlinking service then when the reports are generated you email the reports to the subscribers. I do this Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s  - I answer emails all week except on the weekend. I have a Warrior Forum thread promoting this service and I promote the thread (more on traffic below) Then I remove cancelled subscribers or update the current subscribers list accordingly. The pricing ranges are from between $17 a month to around $187 a month. I offer bulk discounts for more packages so some people are setup on larger bulk discounts; there is only 1 offer, just discounts for having multiple packages.

The new owner is literally taking EVERYTHING over from me. You even get the Paypal account (it’s a “child” Paypal account meaning everyday it deposits the funds from that day into my main Paypal account which automatically deposits it into my business bank account, completely automated hands off money coming in DAILY) We will change the Paypal account to deposit into your PayPal account as soon as the payment for the business clears, so even while you’re learning the ropes and I’m managing everything you’ll be making money from DAY 1.

Imagine having subscribers pay you consistently, month in, month out? Every day on average over $100 is deposited into my Paypal account. (some days more, some less) This can be yours.


Time Commitment: 5-7 hours a week.  This time is for putting new subscribers into the system and sending out reports to current subscribers. This time is also used to answer any questions and remove any cancelled subscribers and updating backlinks for the clients within the suppliers backend. This is NOT a hands off business but it is a great ROI, 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month earning over $4000 a month.

This can and SHOULD be outsourced, I will work with the new owner extensively over email, skype, phone, in person or whatever you prefer to help learn the ropes and all the systems I have in place before turning it over to them. More time will be needed if you’d like to expand the website and traffic and find new traffic sources and as you get more subscribers. BUT it requires very little work, downloading reports from the supplier and forwarding them to the subscriber. I can and will help with this until you get the hang of it (or your outsourcer gets the hang of it)

Monetization: There is only 1 package users can sign up for at $17 a month. Once subscribed each user is given a $9 upsell after they receive their reports. This upsell converts at around 10%. Again both are fully automated, all you do is take reports from the SEO provider and forward them to the subscriber. The sales page is extensive and has been written by a professional copywriter and the graphics have been tested and optimized for conversions. You can always split test more and keep refining to increase conversions, but I never got around to it.

Some core numbers (these will obviously fluctuate throughout the auction as people sign up):

Currently Monthly Earnings: $4,582

Currently Monthly Profit: $3,634

Conversion Rate For Initial Offer: 4%

Conversion Rate For Upsell: 10%

Start Date: July 31st

Current Active Subscribers: 184


Earnings Projections:

The service has averaged around $42 per day increase in monthly billing subscriptions since inception at the end of July. If it stays on this track I have included the projected earnings by month for the next 6 months. These projections are based on you continuing current marketing efforts, if you don’t promote it will not grow (should seem obvious but I just want to be clear with people about growth and put everything on the table)

End of December: $6,283

End of January: $7,554

End of February:  $8,702

End of March: $9,973

End of April: $11,203

End of May: $12,474

Again these are just projections based on current level of earnings, these are in no way guarantees, but just to illustrate the upward trend the business is moving in WITH CURRENT MARKETING EFFORTS! Note that if you add more marketing channels and advertising these numbers can be significantly higher (and I can help with this) Starting to see the value in this business?


Who Can Operate This Business? Just about anyone.  This is a business that will require you to track subscribers and queue people up in a system. Nothing is technical but it will require you putting data from emails into a spreadsheet then putting it into the SEO providers system. This is all relatively easy, if you can type and are slightly competent you can handle this. It may take a competent internet marketer to grow it significantly beyond the steady growth rate I’ve been seeing, but I can help you with the down the road and offer advice, suggestions and feedback in the future. I’m not going anywhere.


What’s Included in the sale:

  • Domain
  • Website Files
  • Warrior Forum Account
  • Paypal Account
  • Gmail Account
  • Backlink Supplier Accounts
  • Banner Graphics
  • All my analytics, statistics and records for the site and sales up to the date of the sale
  • My undivided attention, training and support (call me, Skype me, email me, text me or meet with me in person if you’re in the northwest!)

You literally get EVERYTHING to continue promoting the site exactly the same. From day one you will have money coming in, between $50 a day to some days upwards of $300 (it depends as people are on a 30 day billing cycle and staggered billing times over the months)


Cost Involved:

So how much does it cost to run everything? I won’t divulge supplier other than to the winner of the auction however there is an attachment displaying cost incurred on the right. The good thing? I’ve spent tons of money getting all these subscribers on board, now you can sit back and earn from them and/or expand their numbers.


Traffic Details:

Traffic comes from 2 sources, paid advertisement and forums. I currently am signed up with banners showing on a few websites (all details given to new owner) as well as getting sales from the Warrior Forum. The new owner will gain access to the ENTIRE warrior forum account so they can continue where I left off, easy as pie. The new owner also will get a slew of professionally built banners in a range of popular sizes (which cost over $600) to use to advertise on websites.

The new owner will take over control of the Warrior Forum account entirely so they can pick up where I left off. I will work with them if they’re unfamiliar with any form of traffic generation the site gets and help them implement everything on their end and continue promoting the site.



 To the right you can see a variety of attachments, there are screenshots of my Paypal account, screenshots of current subscribers list, screenshots of the traffic, graph displaying earnings growth and sales from the Warrior Forum. Please note that on the screenshot showing earnings from the warrior forum that it only tracks the INITIAL payment, not the recurring payment, so that number is not the TOTAL earned, just the total initial payments.

I’ve also listed the last 7 days of my Paypal account (payments coming in) and the last 30 days of my Paypal account (payments coming in) so you can get an idea for how much and how often the service is making money. You’ll see some listed as recurring payments, some as 1 time payments and some as new payments, but every payment is related to this service, this Paypal account is used ONLY for this business.

There is also a graph shown which tracks the recurring billing, keep in mind this isn’t the TOTAL revenue because there is a one time offer that converts very well and adds significant monthly income.

Alongside those I’ve also included the transfers to my bank account which happen daily so you can get an idea for the consistent income generation.

As you can see I have EXTENSIVLEY documented the site financially (see financials graph) As of this writing the service is clearing around $4,500 a month (this fluctuates as people sign up and cancel but as you can see the graph is trending upwards) I’ve included a screenshot of the Paypal subscribers so you can see who is actively subscribed as well as screenshots of the MANY Paypal transactions that happen daily. This Paypal ACCOUNT will be yours!!!


Room to expand:

 Wow what can I say. This is a no brainer. As you can see in the attachments the monthly recurring income is trending up.

Advertising on other related websites is huge. I have an extensive list of websites to advertise on that I have started working with and more I was planning on advertising with. You get tons of banner graphics for these sites so all you have to do to expand is put some banner ads up and go from there or you can just keep it at its current level and earn money without adding more advertisers, although I would recommend advertising to keep your active subscriber list growing.

On top of all that you’re gaining access to a completely active list of subscribers who you can upsell. I was planning to add more services and upsells, as mentioned above there already is an upsell converting at 10%, add more and email the currently active list of subscribers, currently over  180 active subscribers all paying between $17/month and $187 a month. You can promote other offers on Clickbank or provide new offers yourself (again I can work with you on implementing these)

Listing Pricing Information:

The Buy It Now price is set at around 16 months of the profit of the site. While this may seem high, A) the reserve is much lower and B) the site is growing VERY fast, by the time the auction is over the site will probably of added $100-$300 in monthly recurring income. Again this is growing FAST.

Payment Options:

I will accept Escrow and bank transfer only. If this is a problems please let me know or if you'd like to suggest another payment option that will suit you. I prefer Escrow as it is safest for both parties. I WILL COVER ALL ESCROW FEES!

Why am I selling?

Frankly I don’t really want to because it has been a consistent stream of revenue but I’m in the process of funding a startup and while I don’t need the revenue from this for the startup, I do need to free up a lot of my time commitments. I’m just frankly going to be too busy at the beginning of 2013 to run it properly as it is currently expanding significantly and by that point will be requiring more time, time I won’t have to give.


If you have absolutely ANY questions just email, PM or CALL ME! I’m more than willing to talk on the phone about any questions you have and help clarify anything for you!

More about me:

Entrepreneur living in Seattle who loves to sail, brew beer, snowboard, do outdoor things the northwest provides, travel and explore new ventures. I’ve been buying/selling/holding websites for over 5 years now and have been on Flippa and before that, Sitepoint. I’m established and here to help!

Well I think that covers everything for now. If you have absolutely ANY questions please let me know, I’m here to help!

Additional Revenue Details

Again Current monthly Income is $4,582 with a profit of $3700 a month. The income from these claimed financials is does not include November. Please see full details above and in screenshots.

Additional Traffic Details

Please see above and attachments!

Site Info

Site Established ? July 2012
Built With ? WordPress
Google Analytics Detected ? Yes
More info: BuiltWith

Domain Info

Domain Registered ? 12 July 2012
Registrar ? GODADDY.COM
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 10
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ? 0
SEOmoz mozRank ?
Alexa Rank ? 2,856,319
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


Px48x48 attachment 1314830401.37944e5eb8415ca107.19990735
CollinsParis ( | $101K )
Tue, 20 Nov 2012 21:37:11 AEDT

And friends again, Please ask absolutely any questions and I'll be here to answer them!

Px48x48 attachment 1314830401.37944e5eb8415ca107.19990735
CollinsParis ( | $101K )
Wed, 21 Nov 2012 06:14:48 AEDT

I will continuously add updates here to the subscriber list as the auction progresses. Since listing the auction yesterday: 4 More subscribers (additional $68 per month)

Px48x48 attachment 1314830401.37944e5eb8415ca107.19990735
CollinsParis ( | $101K )
Thu, 22 Nov 2012 04:38:57 AEDT

I've had a couple questions regarding cost, I elaborated a bit above showing that the Currently Monthly Earnings are at $4,582 while the Currently Monthly Profit is $3,634 (removing cost for supplier)
Thanks and let me know if you guys have any questions!

Px48x48 attachment 1314830401.37944e5eb8415ca107.19990735
CollinsParis ( | $101K )
Thu, 22 Nov 2012 07:30:59 AEDT

2 More Subscribers in last 24 hours. Totaling 6 new subscribers since auction has begun ($102 more in monthly recurring billing within paypal)

Px48x48 attachment 1314830401.37944e5eb8415ca107.19990735
CollinsParis ( | $101K )
Fri, 23 Nov 2012 08:50:58 AEDT

3 more subscribers in last 24 hours totaling 9 new subscribers since listing the auction (and $153 more per month in recurring billing)
Happy thanksgiving!

Px48x48 attachment 1314830401.37944e5eb8415ca107.19990735
CollinsParis ( | $101K )
Tue, 27 Nov 2012 08:31:14 AEDT

I've had a couple people ask me about transferring the Paypal account and I want to let them know it is absolutely possible. I called paypal to confirm this so you won't have to resubscribe all the current subscribers. It's possible to have multiple paypal accounts and what would happen is they would merely have the deposits link to your paypal account instead of mine, so the money would come in from the subscribers, then transfer to your main paypal account. Easy as it gets :)
Also Over last 48 hours there have been 7 new subscribers added to the list of subscribers. 3 and a half days left in the auction please send me a message if you have any questions I'll gladly help!

dcmgroup ( banned )
Thu, 29 Nov 2012 06:35:03 AEDT

Paypal accounts are not allowed to be transferred you are only allowed one business and one personal account
How reliable is the outsourcing team? I mean would they be able to handle huge growth? Considering you are paying them pitance
What do people get for their purchase? Do you provide a report? Can we see a sample one?
Is it only warriorforum you are promoting in?

Px48x48 attachment 1314830401.37944e5eb8415ca107.19990735
CollinsParis ( | $101K )
Thu, 29 Nov 2012 06:46:37 AEDT

I've called paypal and talked with a supervisor and they can be transferred, the reason is because it's a child paypal account, not a business OR a personal, it is just there to accept payments then transfers those payments to your main paypal account, so you would retain your main account. Large companies use multiple child paypal accounts for different departments. It's absolutely not a problem, when the new owner buys the site I call paypal and they link the account up to your paypal, easy as that.
Regarding the outsourcing team they're an established company who has been around for years who has a great track record. They have a large infrastructure and exponentially more clients than me so they're not going anywhere for the forseable future. Even better they're constantly updating their system, providing new offers and services and seeking to move forward as well, I merely resell their services.
With their purchase people get reports of all the stated links which I send over. I'll send you a PM regarding a sample.
I'm promoting in Warrior Forum currently and have been using Buy Sell Ads however I let the ads recently expire as I await the outcome of this auction, if the auction is unsuccessful I will continue on both advertising platforms and outsource my duties on the site.
Thanks for the questions, if you have any others please let me know!

kylekangaroo ( suspended )
Thu, 29 Nov 2012 13:34:01 AEDT

What % of traffic is from purchased traffic and what % from referring sites like forums.

Px48x48 attachment 1314830401.37944e5eb8415ca107.19990735
CollinsParis ( | $101K )
Fri, 30 Nov 2012 07:55:23 AEDT

Thanks for the question. All the traffic comes either from purchased banner space or paid threads within the warrior forum.

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