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Alexa Rank 14,741,276


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MajesticSEO Inbound Links 299

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SEMRush Keywords in Google 377
Domain Registration Date 14 Jul, 2011
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First, why am I Selling?

I believe in always expanding my business. Its just smart business to continually flip websites, and use the money to create new ones.


4 Sites For Sale:


 So, Why Should You Buy These Sites?


* These 4 niche adsense websites have been earning consistently for 4 + months now, and are in very obscure and uncompetitive niches. This is GOOD for you! It means less competition.

* Easily monetizable through CPA, Adsense, and Infolinks!

* These 4 sites get an INCREDIBLE amount of search volume.

Skype Free Download - 823,000 Exact searches

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver - 110,000 Exact searches

Lenovo Drivers - 74,000 Exact searches

Limewire Gratis - 49,500 Exact Searches

* These Niches are HUGE. There are 10's of millions of people searching for the primary keywords, as well as tons of other related keywords in these niches.

* It is COMPLETELY 100% passive, I guarantee that. I have been making money on TOTAL autopilot from these site for 5-6 months and counting now.


* The Content is ALL done for you. This site has hundreds of indexed, traffic-getting posts that are built using Panda-Friendly curated/wiki style posts that Google LOVES!


* This site comes with 14 free & paid plugins that have been tried and true for me in my business. This saves you the time and research from having to do this yourself. Awesome!


* These 4 Sites are STABLE. If you are looking for solid, dependable monthly earnings to pay a few bills with, look no further.. These sites will provide exactly that.

* Thousands of indexed pages. If you do a "" query in google, you will that these websites have thousands of pages indexed in Google. This indicates that Google LOVES this site!

* A very low Alexa and SEMRush ranking. This indicates that these sites are both very trusted by Google, and that they get a LOT of traffic. It also helps to provide the trust factor to the "Big G" !

* You WILL make money your first day... Provided nothing happens with transfer, and everything goes 100% smoothly, you will start seeing adsense clicks almost immediately.


What Types Of Links Did You Use?

Over the past 6-8 months I have used a variety of link building tactics to get massive organic traffic to this website. Below is a general list of the type of Panda Friendly links I have built to this site.

* Video links. Youtube, Vimio, Metacafe, etc.

* Unique wiki links, posted with link to main page, and one deep link.

* Social Media. Likes, facebook status updates, tweets, etc.

* PDF's such as Docstoc, Scribd etc.

* High quality press releases, ordered from Warrior Forum.

* 100% Unique articles submitted by my VA to top art. directories.

* Web 2.0 links, used 80% spun content, spun by me.

* All of these links were then blasted by Xrumer and Scrapebox to strengthen them.


What About The Content?

As far as content goes, I wrote around 5, 700-1,000 word at the beginning of the site's life. After that I began using an autoblogging plugin to supplement the content. This plugin uses curated style , google-safe and panda friendly automated content to post to your blog.

* Since adding this autoblogging plugin to the sites, the page views and income has skyrocketed! The sites now has over 700 pages of content on it, making it an authority site in it's niche and very popular with Google for years and years to come!.


* You will never need to write any more of the content as the autoblogging plugin already has TONS of long-tail keyword posts covering every possible keyword in the niche.


* Due to the nature of this content, these sites capture literally 10'S OF THOUSANDS of long tail searches from the tons of indexed posts, all capturing long tail traffic. The sites are snowballing and going viral in Google. It will continue to grow.



How Is It Monetized?

It is currently monetized with adsense, as I find it is the easiest to use.

Will I Have To Do Any Work?

No! Rankings have been extremely consistent for the past 4 months or so. If rankings ever slip, I just use my special "recipe" of 4-5 very effective fiverr gigs. PM me for the fiverr gigs I use!


Are these Evergreen Niche?

Yes. I make the bulk of my income creating niche sites in the "software" niche. I find they are very un-competitive, get a lot of adsense clicks, and are generally low maintenance.

If You Feel Like Chatting/Asking Me Questions.

Please Feel Free To Contact Me On My Personal Skype - Coopthadaawg


BONUSES -As a buy-it-now bonus I have decided to

include these two websites for free: - PR2

and - PR2


Thanks! And Happy Bidding!


*Note* Adsense has been removed for the duration of the auction for security reasons.


Additional Revenue Details

Between $50-75 per month.

Additional Traffic Details

18k average uniques per month, 27k page views per month.


  1. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    Websiteempire ( | $9K )
    Fri, 27 Apr 2012 18:04:03 EST

    Is any of these sites ranked with any keyword?

  2. Px48x48
    Posted by:
    Happy Panda ( | $10.6K )
    Sat, 28 Apr 2012 11:57:13 EST

    I'm not really sure of the rankings, these sites just bring in long tail traffic, rather than just trying to rank 1 individual keyword. Thanks!

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