EVERYTHING MUST GO! Selling business-20 different websites $76K in Rev past 5yrs

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Nov 11 $7,126 $3,563 $3,563
Dec 11 $6,777 $3,392 $3,385
Jan 12 $800 $400 $400
Feb 12 $200 $100 $100
Mar 12 $360 $130 $230
Apr 12 $1,200 $601 $599
May 12 $1,580 $790 $790
Jun 12 $356 $178 $178
Jul 12 $600 $300 $300
Aug 12 $200 $100 $100
Sep 12 $1,500 $755 $745
Oct 12 $400 $200 $200

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****************  GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE  ****************

I know this is such a cliché and way over used but I couldn’t be any more truthful when I say this. My loss is truly your gain today!

I have taken a new job/career that does not allow me run my “side” business any longer so I am selling my small online empire. Everything must go- my ecommerce sites, affiliate sites, amazon sites, adsense sites, non-revenue sites, EVERYTHING!

For the past 5 years in my spare time away from my job I built up a nice little online business consisting of 20 websites in an array of niches. Some of my sites were very profitable and brought in several hundred a month each and others were modest and trickled in less than $20 a month mostly in small affiliate commissions or AdSense revenue.

All in an all in the past 5 years I have generated the following numbers
Year    Total Revenue               Total Profit
2012 YTD (Jan-Oct) $2,577         $1275
2011   $38,499                          $11,553
2010   $13,909                          $5972
2009   $13,969                          $6695
2008   $7,796                            $4462

Total $76,750                          $29,957

Now I know what you are thinking why so little this year? Here’s why. I accepted a new job at the beginning of the year which due to the nature of the job disallows me from participating in any outside revenue streams. I basically had to cut off marketing mechanisms to my websites and just let them fall by the wayside. No more SEO, no more ad campaigns, no more link building, no more promotion of any kind.  Slowly but surely my sites fell from the rankings without that SEO tender loving care or the additional advertising. Also my biggest revenue months are November and December because of Christmas sales. Just over 1/2 of last years revenue was done in those two months alone from a single website ( and I can show you the proof!

Sure there were other factors, the Google Penguin slap, suppliers no longer drop shipping one of my products, etc. but the bottom line is I had to ignore my business for almost this entire year.

If this were the beginning of 2012 and I had just finished my biggest revenue producing year ever, I could have easily sold my online business for around $30,000 going off the traditional thinking that a business is worth 1 ½ times its yearly profits. Now I would be delusional to think I could get anywhere near that amount right now, but there is still some very solid value in these 20 websites.

So what would it take to get some of these sites back up to the revenue producers they once were? Not much in my opinion. It would just take a few solid months of some quality SEO methods and I’m absolutely 100% positive the larger E-Commerce sites could be raking it in again and the smaller affiliate sites could once again produce steady commissions each and every month.

Some sites that were ideas I had that just never took off or I didn’t have time to devote to that you may just let the domains expire and go away, but others have blood, sweat, and tears and years of hard work baked into them that were once EXTREMELY successful and still are to an extent. That is really what you are paying for when you buy this business from me.

A little about the techie stuff… all the domain names are hosted with GoDaddy accept for one site – which is at Moniker. All the hosting is done by Host Gator on a reseller account. Hosting is $32.95 a month ($24.95 for a reseller account and $8.00 for the private IP’s to host the SSL cert’s for the E-Commerce sites. Payment methods for the e-comm sites are Paypal Payment Pro but any of the big ones will work and are compatible with the software. I will turn this all over to you and you can choose to use GoDaddy with Host Gator or you are obviously free to do your own thing to manage it all.

I am willing to completely open up and let you see what’s under the covers. I can do a WebEx Live Meeting and log on and walk you through the E-Commerce sites, pull up sales reports, go into Cpanel and let you see the traffic statistics for each and every site. I’ll log in to my Amazon, Commission Junction, and AdSense accounts to let you see historical data for the past 5 years. The only thing I don’t have access to is ClickBank because I deleted my account a couple years ago. I only made about $1000 on ClickBank anyway peddling some crappy e-books about golf, but I digress.

I will be a completely open book, nothing hidden, you ask and I’ll show you what you want to see. Come in let me show you my business, tell you who my suppliers are, how to transition everything to you, basically show you everything there is to know about my business. Sound good?

Here’s a list of the websites if you want to take a look and see what they are realize the huge potential they carry.

E-COMMERCE DROP SHIP BUSINESSES (easy dropship business, high margins) (easy dropship business, high margins) (very successful seasonal business- has produced thousands in profits) (large ticket items, sell one a month and make thousands a year) (biggest money maker- Tens of thousands in profits over the years!) (redirects buyers to larger site) (can be e-comm, affiliate, or AdSense)

AFFILIATE COMMISIONS (thousands in affiliate commissions over the years) (ranked #2 in google for high volume search term "how much are passports"- decent aff income) (bought this one to flip at a later date, had offers up to $500, but was holding out for more)

LEAD GEN WEBSITES/ADSENSE (These are all relatively new sites in very high income adsense or lead-gen categories.  The potential is huge, but I never really had the time to fully design and optomize these sites to get them to produce consistant revenue, although there has been some adsense revenue that has trickled in for a handful of these medical related niches). (search site with high value adsense keywords, produces a few hundred dollars last few years).  (recently aquired to flip for profit, pretty good adsense potential)

Additional Revenue Details

Since I stopped doing any form of advertising the only expenses incurred this year were hosting, domain registrations, and payment processing which was about $70 total per month.  Adsense, Amazon and other affliliate sales was 100% profit since there are no related expenses.  E-Commerce sites which make up the bulk of the revenue range anywhere from 30%-50% markup from wholesale (buy from suppliers at wholesale, sell at retail 30%-50% higher).  Even though revenue is down this year, it's been almost all profit with no "work".  All I've done is take orders when they come in, send an email to the supplier and they dropship to my customers.  When I get tracking info, I email that to the customer and that is literally all the work I have done this year for this business.

Additional Traffic Details

I am willing to start up a webex live meeting session with anyone to verify traffic stastics for any of the 20 websites.  I will logon to my cPanel account and show you the traffic stats for the past 5 years for all the websites.

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Domain Registered ? 26 March 2009
Registrar ? GODADDY.COM
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Design Unique ? Yes
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Pages In Google ? 559
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ? 46,312
SEOmoz mozRank ? 4.66
Alexa Rank ? 7,132,506
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pks ( | $755 )
Tue, 27 Nov 2012 22:20:29 AEDT


What shopping cart are you using for your ecommerce sites?

paintball8 ( | $516 )
Wed, 28 Nov 2012 02:30:57 AEDT

I use Paypal Payment Pro, but you can change it to any of the major shopping carts-, SecurePay, PayMeNow, iPayment, SECPay, etc.

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