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#1 single parenting resource online since 1997. hot site in June 1998.  Referenced expert resource in many self help, sociology & psychology text books.

Extensive single parenting articles database contains 548 original articles pertaining to single parenting contributed by 83 author/experts.

There are 27451 active members and 78 deactivated members of
There are 19820 total members subscribed to the email newsletter.

Mom of the Week.  Published Mom of the Week story every week 1996-2011.  Photo archives online.

The site has consistently made passive income.  ~$45K.  Perfect addition for an existing women's network. 

Provides yearly angel Christmas program for single mothers & their children for the past 14 years, every year except last year.

According to SEMRush 32% of google traffic comes in from keyword search "single rose." Valuable for floral industry.

For many many years was #1 on most all of the search engines.  Currently it's stilll on page 1, now between #6-8 on google when searching "single mothers"

See video by Texas Cable News came up #2 this morning in Google, by searching key words "single mothers" always come up #1 in google for search of keywords "single rose" came up #1 and #2 this morning in Google, by searching key words "single rose" on,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=a10d912dc7bd8317&biw=1440&bih=781

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8,625,549 hits in 2010.

347,925 visitors in 2010.

7,147,449 page views in 2010.


14,762,037 hits in 2008.

328,637 visitors in 2008.

10,586,936 page views in 2008.



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