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Description is a website that I designed, wrote all the content for, and had built.  Massive amount of research, writing and time went into making this quality site.  Most women take annual girls trips every year, and many do more than one per year. 

For my group of friends, I was always the one who was organizing these trips, and one day I realized that I had probably 10 browser windows open on my computer in order to compile the exact info I needed to plan a great traditional (meaning great location, hotel, spa, shopping, transportation, etc) girls trip.  I quickly realized that there was not ONE site out there that had all of the info on it to plan a great girls trip in the US. So that's when I decided to jump on the opportunity to do just that, so I did.  The design site is top quality and has gotten excellent feedback on the feel and navigation of the site.  It is very user friendly, and very fun to browse.

The site ranks #1 in google when you search the key words "girls trip."  If you google it, you will see this site is at the very top of the list.  Girls trips are a HUGE thing, and the popularity of them is growing every year.

I have not done any online marketing yet of the site, and it already has great activity, so with this site in the hands of someone that wanted to grow it, it could easily be monetized.  Google Adsense would be perfect for this site, and so would advertising from hotels, transportation companies, spas, event sites, ticket sale sites... the list goes on.  A big one for this site would be partnering/affiliating with travel booking sites/services.

If you're wondering why I have not done the above, it is because after I got the site up and running I went through a divorce and I am now a very busy single mom of two children.  I absolutely love (and am so proud of) this site, but I am selling it because I need the cash to support my children and myself.   I wish that I would have had the time to put into this site, but I didn't.  This site has solid income potential.

TRAVEL BENEFITS:  A great perk to owning this site!  I have received amazing travel benefits, and who ever buys this site will then be the one cashing in on that.  Some examples of the travel benefits I have received are:

  • A 9 day stay at an amazing 5 star resort.  The entire trip was free, including a luxury 3 room suite, kids club, all meals (including a $400 meal at their award winning restaurant), etc.  This trip alone was worth around $6,000.
  • Penthouses and more penthouses in Vegas.  I was given penthouses that cost a couple or a few thousand per night for only $199 per night, and I stayed 3 nights each trip.  This trip alone was worth around $15,000.
  • Hotel rooms that were free, or greatly discounted.  I learned that worst case scenario, you can get the "media rate" discount, which even that is great.
  • Free dinners in great hotels.
  • Free show tickets in Vegas.
  • Free luxury transportation to and from airports.
  • Free cabanas at hotels in Vegas.
  • Free cocktails.
  • Free gourmet foods, wine, champagne, and deserts delivered to my hotel suites/rooms.
  • Private tours of resorts.
  • Discounts off of spa treatments at resorts.

I have hotels that will call or email me asking me to come stay at their property, with the hope that I will list them on the site.  I have to say, it is an awesome thing receiving this VIP service!  I can't tell you how many times I would check into a hotel and they would call the manager over to welcome me and tell me that I was a VIP, and then to start receiving VIP service was a blast.  If there is a city that you'd like to visit that is on the site (or that you put on the site later yourself), you just call to speak to the sales and marketing department, and then you work out your 'deal' from there.  If you are a female, or if you have a wife or girlfriend, they will love you even more for the travel benefits they would get out of you owning the site!


* Please note that this is not a duplicate site like many here are, as this site is 100% original content, and this is the only site like this out there, including one of a kind original design, logo, etc.  A rare find!!!

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Last month the site had 64,200 hits, 10,000 page views, and 3,000 uniques. The site receives even more traffic during the spring and summer, when women/girls are planning their girl trips for the summer.  When "Girls Trip" is googled, this site is the #1 (top) site listed.  Last month, 562 key words that people searched brought them to this site.


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