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Seller's Notes

For sale here, and sister-site offers a popular PHP form-to-email script in a free version and a Pro version.  The Pro script is sold as a single license ($29) and a multiple license ($49). offers a remotely-hosted form processing service with a free service and a Pro subscription service.  Pro subscription service is $9 per month or $75 per year. also offers text links for sale, taking advantage of the pagerank.  One month header link $99, one month side-column link $59 (with discounts for multiple months).

The sites and scripts are all my own work.  Established February 2003.  Selling because I am working on a new venture and could use the cash.  The new venture is completely unrelated (car sales website) and is occupying all my time and thoughts.  Done eight years on this one, fancy a change.

The sites for sale here are performing the best they have ever done but I believe there is still good potential in them and scope for increasing sales.  For example, the remotely-hosted service is only two years old and isn't actively promoted (just linked from the main site

Straight into the numbers:

Year 2009 - 2010

Sales: $36,507

Expenses: $3,600

Profit: $32,907

Year 2010 - 2011

Sales: $36,749

Expenses: $3,132

Profit: $33,617

Sales to date (January 11th 2011 - July 24th 2011)

Sales: $18,408

Sales figures above are NET of PayPal and 2CO charges, in other words, they show the amount AFTER the charges have been deducted.  The expenses above do not show PayPal and 2CO charges as they have already been deducted from the sales.

My financial year is January 11th to January 10th, so year 2010 - 2011 (for example) is from January 11th 2010 to January 10th 2011.

Sales breakdown

Year 2009 - 2010

Script sales (single license): $12,727
Script sales (multiple license): $17,634
Text links: $5,789
Subscriptions: $357

Total $36,507

Sales through PayPal: $26,429
Sales through 2CO: $10,078

Year 2010 - 2011

Script sales (single license): $10,904
Script sales (multiple license): $19,163
Text links: $4,607
Subscriptions: $2,075

Total $36,749

Sales through PayPal: $25,782
Sales through 2CO: $10,967

January 11th 2011 - July 24th 2011

Script sales (single license): $5,532
Script sales (multiple license):$8,605
Text links: $2,794
Subscriptions: $1,477

Total $18,408

Sales through PayPal: $13,234
Sales through 2CO: $5,174


Text links on the site were originally DOFOLLOW but I changed them to NOFOLLOW to do the right thing by Google.  This went down like a lead ballon with the advertisers so I changed them back to DOFOLLOW.  Hence year 2010 - 2011 showing less link sales than the previous year.

The remotely-hosted subscription service started in 2009, hence the lower figure for that year.

Sales are NET of PayPal and 2CO charges.

See the attachments on this listing for spreadsheets of the sales data from PayPal and 2CO.  The spreadsheet for the 2CO sales was copied from the history screen and shows very basic information (Sale#, Date, Amount) as the downloaded history report wasn't showing the correct figures for some reason.  Naturally to allow you to verify the sales, I will give you access to my PayPal and 2CO accounts.  This can be done during the Escrow inspection period or before purchasing, subject to agreement.

Expenses breakdown

Year 2009 - 2010 (Domain names): $33 (Advertising): $1,642 (Advertising): $1,005 (Advertising): $320
Hosting: $600

Total $3,600

Year 2010 - 2011 (Advertising): $55 (Advertising): $1 (Advertising): $150 (Domain names): $22 (Advertising): $1,582
MyPaidNetwork (Advertising): $79 (Advertising): $491 (Advertising): $152
Hosting: $600

Total $3,132


Expenses are mainly hosting and advertising.  I host these on my own servers but have used a figure of $50 per month for the purpose of calculating the expenses figures.

Some advertising here is for an affiliate program which I dropped due to the chancers it was attracting!

Site Description
--------------- was established in February 2003, offering a free form-to-email PHP script.  In December 2006 I launched the Pro version of the script with a lot more features on it.  I then added more features to it in response to customer demand.  I haven't added any new features since August 2010, mainly because there hasn't been any great demand for new features as the current script is pretty feature-rich and was modelled in response to customer demand so it hits the spot just as it is.

FormToEmail-Pro comes in a single license ($29) and a multiple license ($49).  A customer can upgrade from a single to a multiple license by paying the difference of $20.  There is a page linked from the support section for doing this.  Doesn't happen very often as customers tend to know at the time of their purchase which license they require.

The site is mainly static pages.  Sales for the Pro script are handled by PayPal and  The site uses the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) systems of PayPal and 2CO.  When a customer purchases the script, their basic details including their email address are inserted in the database.  The email address is used for downloading copies of the script from the download page.  At the time of their purchase, the customer gets an automated email with the script attached.  They also get redirected to the download page so can download the script from there too.

The filename for the script is changed on a daily basis via cron to prevent anyone giving out the URL of the file.

The site offers text links for sale.  This system is fully automated.  The link gets placed instantly and is deleted when it expires.  At the same time an automated reminder email is sent to the customer advising them that the link has been deleted.  This is quite important as a number of advertisers are repeat purchasers and renew straight away when they get the reminder email.

The site is currently PR6.  It has been PR6 for several years but noticed it showing as PR7 just recently, although it is now showing as PR6 again. Guess it can't be far off PR7.

The scripts are very popular and much loved by my customers.  Have a look at my feedback page, here:

I set up in 2009.  It is a remotely-hosted version of the stand-alone script (more or less).  I set it up mainly to address the market of people who are unable to install a PHP script or who cannot send email from their server.  It offers a free service and a Pro service.  The free service has limited functionality.  There is a free seven-day trial of the Pro service, leading to a paid subscription if the customer so chooses ($9 per month or $75 per year).  The subscriptions are handled by PayPal.

Again this is fully automated.  In the event of a subscription payment not being made, the user account reverts back to the free service with the limited functionality.

Just now on there are:

Users: 2,237
Subscribers: 26
User forms: 3,116

Probably best just to visit the sites to get an idea how they work and what they offer.


Both sites are zero maintenance.  Everything that can be automated, is.  The only work you need to do is handle customer enquiries.  Usually support enquiries.  In most cases I just direct the customer to the appropriate part of the support section, as everything they need to know is there.  Also, the script itself contains very comprehensive instructions.  This means that you don't get a lot of support requests.  I have never counted them, maybe an average of three or four a day, often nothing at weekends.  You can go a couple of days with no requests then you get a day with six or so.  Sorry I can't be more precise.

It should be said, there is nothing wrong with the product, so a support request would typically be a customer unable to get emails from the script because their server doesn't have the PHP mail() function enabled (despite stating this as a requirement on the sales page!).  Again, this was why I set up the remotely-hosted service, so I could offer it to people who were unable to send mail from their own server.

I do have an area on the support section for previously-asked questions, where I post copies of support emails (with the customer's identity removed).  I don't do this very often and pretty-much everything is covered now.  This is not part of the core functionality of the site, it's just something I like to do but you don't need to do it if you don't want to.


There are various ways I advertise the site and the Pro script.  In the instructions for the free script I have an ad for the Pro script.  Don't have a figure but the free script must have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times since February 2003.  Every copy has the site URL in it and an ad for the Pro script.

A condition of using the basic form code that comes with the free script, is that the form must carry a link back to the site.  If you search Google for "" it shows 23,000 results.

Of course with the age of the site, it will be in many bookmarks and is linked all over the place on the web.

I advertise the Pro script on as a Sponsored listing:

At the time of writing, that's the only paid advertising I do for the script.  Hotscripts is pretty good and the listing usually pays for itself and more (I wrote a little script to test for a cookie when a purchase is made, which gives me an idea of how well ads work).

I advertise the text links for sale on the Sitepoint marketplace.


Traffic just now is about 16,000 uniques and 40,000 pages per month.  That's from a new installation of AWstats that seems to show a lower number than the previous installation!  Have a look at the attached images for the stats over recent years.  December 2010 and January 2011 stats are not complete as I changed servers at that time.  Personally I don't bother too much about access stats.  The main stats that concern me are the sales!


I don't have a "Buy it now" price in mind but there is a reserve of $66,000 so will sell at that price if it's the only offer.  Not in any hurry to sell, so won't entertain any offers below the reserve.


Any questions, just let me know!

Additional Revenue Details

Sales: $36,000 profit $33,000 per annum

Additional Traffic Details

16,000 uniques, 40,000 pages per month.

Site Info

Site Established ? February 2003
Built With ?
Google Analytics Detected ? No
More info: BuiltWith

Domain Info

Domain Registered ? 21 February 2003
Registrar ?
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 432
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ? 18,166
SEOmoz mozRank ? 6.58
Alexa Rank ? 155,406
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


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