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LendInk is a newly established site that allows users to post eBooks to loan for a Nook or Kindle and find other books to borrow.

Amazon and B&N allow users to share eBooks with others. The problem with this is to find other friends who have the book that you want. This is where LendInk comes in. LendInk matches the lender and borrower together. Transactions still take place through Amazon or B&N. LendInk just matches the lender and borrower together.

With LendInk you will be purchasing a site that is quickly becoming the best resource for trading eBooks.

Benefits of LendInk:

1. Domain name - Short, easy to remember and easy to spell. This honestly is the best domain out there for this type of service. Others are long and hard to spell.

3. Full developed. Complete turn key site with facebook integration. This site has the best design and layout out there.

4. Twitter and FB account. You will get and the LendInk facebook account

5. Applies to all types of eBooks. This site isn't tied to the Kindle or Nook like others. You can easily add a new type of eBook.

6. Strong brand and well reviewed site -

Why am I selling:

I launched this project to solve a problem - matching borrowers and lenders which has been accomplished. I enjoy building and promoting websites and then prefer to pass them off to someone looking to invest some time in the growth.


Additional Revenue Details

The site was launched without affiliate integration but has been added and is fully working. Here's how it works.

1. When a user is browsing books without being signed in they will see a link to buy the book on Amazon (for the Kindle) or B&N (for the Nook)

2. When a user is logged in and the book isn't available for borrow they have the option to purchase this book.

3. When they borrow a book and the loan expires (14 days) they get an automated email with the link to purchase the book if they didn't finish it.

4. When you are viewing books we pull recommended books that the user might like. This will allow the user to purchase these books.

Since this was just added I can't claim revenue on Flippa however there have been purchases made since integration. You would be required to sign up for Amazon Affiliate and Google Affiliate Network so the affiliate referrals would be transferred to you.

There are many more options that you could integrate - advertise book of day, the kindle reader to purchase (high payout), the nook reader (high payout).

Additional Traffic Details

This site was registered on Jan 1, 2011 days after Amazon announced that the Kindle can lend books.

The site was launched on Thursday January 13th with virtually no marketing. Since then we have strong referrals from facebook, twitter and

Traffic has been steady without a lot of push in marketing or promotion in the last few weeks due to another project.


  1. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    Porterhaus ( | $4.28K )
    Thu, 26 May 2011 05:09:20 EST

    Where is it currently hosted? How much is the monthly hosting cost? Can you assist with transferring to a new host?

  2. Noavatar
    Posted by:
    mpaterso ( suspended )
    Thu, 26 May 2011 05:12:22 EST

    It is currently hosted at and I will transfer to a new host for you. Hosting costs are aprox. $10 / month. mySQL and PHP is all that is needed.

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