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Unique Custom File Sharing Site with $5k/month potential CPA

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6 years
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$50 p/mo

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  • This website earns revenue with Affiliate Income and Advertising Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

Seller's Notes

FileFx is a heavily modified file sharing site. It is based off a file sharing script called FlexShare, but lends far more features and backend customizations (security, multiserver, etc) than the original script. The site is relatively new and has not been heavily promoted but is already showing high profit potential in the first few months.


Essentially, this is a clone that provides a far better user experience. Sharecash has been known to make large amount of money for its users. FileFx has a more user-friendly interface and offers far better rates ($0.78 per download) than the popular sharecash ($0.40). Uploaders have more incentive to use our service, and thus bring more download traffic to the site.


The other problem with Sharecash is that few users are willing to download 200mb files if forced to fill out a survey. FileFx solves this problem by allowing 2gb files to be downloaded and by providing a wide array of survey/offer choices. Users have far more incentive to download files when given a single link download and a survey/offer that actually interests them.


The site requires little to no maintenance. Daily chores include checking emails from the contact form, removing reported copyrighted files, and reviewing payout requests from users. All this can easily be done through the intuitive admin backend. Deleting of old files is handled automatically. Its a money making machine that has yet to reach its full profit potential. With CPA becoming the leading (and most profitable) method of content monetization and few file sharing sites filling this lucrative niche, FileFx is guaranteed to make $X,XXX / month.



The following are custom coded features added to the base script:

Multi-Server Support (Expand the site as it grows! Scalability!)

Smart MD5 Uploads (Save space by keeping only 1 copy of files that are the same) (Works with the Multi-Server system to create a network of efficient file storage)

Gateway Callback System (Organized system to manage callbacks from multiple CPA networks. Survey/offer MUST BE completed before the server will allow access to the file which locks in profit per download)

Working Referral System (Increase website traffic by offering 10% for referring new users)

Working Account Money System (Easily manage all money that is rewarded to users, payouts, etc)

Pay for Premium with Money on Account (Increase revenue by allowing users to buy premium with the money pre-existing on their account)

Pay for Single Download with Money on Account (Increase revenue by allowing users to instantly download files for a small fee from the money pre-existing on their account)

Language Translator (Increase exposure and usage by allowing the users of multiple countries to use the site in their native language)

Maintanence Mode (Locks the site down to allow changes to be made. The admin user is able to access the site as it would normally appear) (Works with the Multi-Server system)

Qooy/PHPmyMirror Mirror Addon (Allows 1000's of webmaster who run or file mirroring sites to upload files directly to FileFx) (large potential traffic)

Admin Backend (Feature-filled interface that allows you to manage: Gateway Callbacks, User Payments, and Email Announcements)

There may have been other features that were not included in this list.



FileFx has already been featured on:



FileFx domain name rating: scored better than 90.216% of 2128541 domain names in the Domometer database.

  1. Length Filefx is a 6 character word. Shorter words make better domain names. At 6 characters should make a good domain name.
  2. Dictionary Words Filefx per-se is not a dictionary word but it contains dictionary words. Domain names with dictionary words generally make better domain names than those without.
  3. Top Level Domain .com is always the best. Full score for TLD factor. People are more likely to type than or or
  4. Distinctivity Distinctivity is the most important factor of all. The domain name has a high distinctivity factor. Users will be able to remember without much effort. Good choice for a domain name.



Regular test account:

user: flippa

pass: flippa


Premium test account:

user: flippapremium

pass: flippapremium

Additional Revenue Details

Revenue from Surveys/Offers

Currently gateways from the following CPA Networks are being used:



Red Fire Network



AdscendMedia is by far the greatest earner with CPALead following behind.


Google Adsense and Chitika Ads are also being used, although they are not nearly as profitable as the CPA Gateway widgets.

Additional Traffic Details

Traffic comes from:

Referrals (Qooy & PHPmyMirror file mirroring sites, forums, and blogs)

Direct (Type in traffic from frequent users)

Search Engine (Indexed for "best paying file sharing site" and "highest paying file sharing site")


Site Info

Site Established ? October 2010
Built With ?
Google Analytics Detected ? No
More info: BuiltWith

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Domain Registered ?
Registrar ?
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? No
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 3
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ? 0
SEOmoz mozRank ? 3.18
Alexa Rank ? 662,877
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


Px48x48 attachment 1314774934.09894e5ddf961822f9.10171607
spreea ( | $1.91K )
Tue, 21 Dec 2010 03:10:58 AEDT

Is this flexshare script?
Was this customized?

Px48x48 avatar 1431071123.5686554c69938acf00.78525851
jiexiluan ( | $6.07K )
Tue, 21 Dec 2010 04:42:39 AEDT

Yes as stated above, this is the flexshare script.
Yes, it is customized. Please read the list of features that have been coded in. Big ones include Multi-Server and Gateway Callbacks.

Px48x48 avatar 1431071123.5686554c69938acf00.78525851
jiexiluan ( | $6.07K )
Tue, 21 Dec 2010 07:48:26 AEDT

A little bit more about the Revenue Model:
1. User uploads file

2. User promotes download link

3. Downloaders visit download page

4. Downloaders complete a survey/offer through 1 of the 4 gateways

5. CPA network callback to FileFx servers once a survey/offer is completed

6. File download is unlocked and Downloader is given access to the file

7. Uploader is given %75 of survey/offer profit and referrer (if any) of the Uploader receives %10 of profit

8. When Uploader reaches $50, he/she can request a payout. At this time you can verify for legitimate traffic before sending money. Payments can be managed through the admin backend
You average %80 of survey/offer profit as most users will not reach the $50 minimum cash out requirement or will spend money on their account to buy premium in order to download other user's files from the site.

calvin ( | $51.4K )
Tue, 21 Dec 2010 16:31:02 AEDT

What happens if the CPA changes their API, etc. who will continualy update the callback, etc. for this script? Can you show me a demo of the admin area.

Px48x48 avatar 1431071123.5686554c69938acf00.78525851
jiexiluan ( | $6.07K )
Tue, 21 Dec 2010 16:39:36 AEDT

API and callback is slightly different. CPA networks don't make frequent updates to API, but thats not important as the gateway code usually does not change or is updated in a way that does not require your attention. Callback systems are usually never changed by CPA networks, and even if they are it's usually only minor changes such as adding another optional variable.
unfortunately I cannot, but i can screenshot other sections of the admin area. Is there a specific category you are interested in?

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